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Tax Deductions and Credits

Maximize your tax refund by learning about the different tax deductions and credits that you may be able to qualify for.

Donate Your Wedding Dress for a Tax Deduction

7 Wedding Expenses That Are Tax Deductible


So You’re Living Together?

Divorce & Taxes (411 × 600 px)

Divorce & Taxes 101: Filing Taxes After a Divorce

Can I Claim My Parent as a Dependent

Can I Claim My Parent as a Dependent?

What is the Expanded Child and Dependent Care Credit

What is the Expanded Child and Dependent Care Credit?

Back-to-School: Education Tax Benefits to Offset Educat…

opting out of ctc payments

Who Should Opt Out of the Monthly Child Tax Credit Paym…

When Will the 2021 Child Tax Credit Payments Start Under Stimulus Relief (411 × 600 px)

When Will the 2021 Child Tax Credit Payments Start Unde…

Are Medical Expenses Tax Deductible?

ppe and deductions

Is PPE like Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer Tax Deductibl…

Learn what a recovery rebate tax credit is

What is a Recovery Rebate Tax Credit?

woman wrapping a gift

5 Ways to Celebrate The Holidays Without Blowing Your B…

box of donations

Charity Tax Deductions (What Counts as a Contribution?)

Grandma drawing with daughter and grandson

4 Tax Benefits If You’re Taking Care of Children …

Tax Implications of Having a Nanny or Housekeeper (411 × 600 px)

Nanny Tax Rules

Funny tax deductions

7 Crazy Things People Have Deducted

Unknown Tax Deductions for Bloggers

3 Family Tax Credits for Your Dependents

School’s Out for the Holidays! 6 Ways to Save On …

I Bought a Home Last Year. Do I Get a Tax Deduction?

Give the Gift of Charitable Donations on Giving Tuesday

Daylight Savings Countdown: Energy Tips to Brave the C…

Fall Family Activities That Fit In Any Budget

Is a Dog Your Tax Refund’s Best Friend?

What Parts of My House Payment are Tax Deductible?

How You Can Save Up To $2,100 on Summer Day Camp

What Your Summer Home Renovations Mean for Your Taxes

Tax Considerations for Cancer Patients

3 Tax Tips for Millennials to Own Their Personal Financ…

No Fooling Us: 5 Tax Benefits to Boost Your Tax Refund

What Happens to Employees When a Company Goes Public?

I Claimed Exempt, Can I Still Get a Tax Refund?

Get Refund Lucky with These Top 7 Tax Deductions & …

Have Your Pi and Eat it Too: Five Mistakes to Avoid and…

10 Popular Tax Myths Busted by Actress Jenny Lorenzo

What Does My Relationship Status Mean for My Taxes?

Treat Your Single Self With These Tax Benefits

Myth Busted! 8 Common Tax Misconceptions Debunked

4 Little Known Tips to Help You Pay School Tuition

Happy National Teacher Day! Five Tax Tips to Educate Y…

Who Should Take Education Tax Breaks: Parents or Studen…

Las Deducciones de Impuestos Más Ignoradas

Most Overlooked Tax Deductions [VIDEO]

Tres Créditos Tributarios para tu Familia

¿A quién puedo declarar como dependiente?

Is Mello-Roos Tax Deductible?

6 Ways to Help Secure Your Personal Identity

Save with a New Tax Relief Donation Law and Holiday Giv…

4 Things You Should Know About Dependents Before Tax Ti…

Is an RV Considered a Home or Primary Residence?

Can You Write off Solar Panels?

How Do Online Classes Affect My Taxes?

Tax Tips for Last Minute Filers

Is This Deductible? My Volunteer Work

You Can Deduct That? 6 Surprising Tax Deduction Tips fo…

Beneficios Fiscales por Tener Dependientes

5 Tips to Save for College Tuition

Real Talk: I Recently Lost My Job. Am I Able to Deduct …

Real Talk Series: My daughter needs to take out student…

What is the Standard Tax Deduction?

Income Tax Filing Requirements

Mobile Filing: The Advantages of Filing on the Go

Should I Itemize Tax Deductions on My Taxes?

FSA 101 – FSA Basics

Is This Tax Deductible? Student Loans

What is a 1099 Form?

Tax Credits and Deductions for Families

Your New Baby Can Bring You Joy and Savings

Don’t Miss These Commonly Missed Tax Deductions a…

Do I Qualify for Absolute Zero?

The IRS Announces 2017 Standard Mileage Rates 

How Does Volunteering for a Charity Affect My Taxes?

How to Track Your Charitable Contributions

Moving Up? How this Real Estate Transaction Impacts Yo…

Tax Implications of Getting Married

Goodbye Shorts and T-Shirts, Hello Boots and Sweaters! …

Real Talk Series: Do My Cancer Treatments Affect My Tax…

NYC Uber Riders Can Now Use Pre-Tax Dollars to Pay for …

Moving? Let Uncle Sam Help Pay for Your Move

Early 401(k) Withdrawal Considerations for Early Cashin…

5 Tax-Deductible Items You Can Donate – Other Than Cl…

Five Rules to Deduct Your Home Office

The Tax Benefits of Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Cashing in Your 529 Plan to Send Your Kids to College

Your Guide to Vacations and Taxes

Girl holding giving heart

It’s National American Red Cross Founder’s …

Is This Deductible? Biking, Driving, and Busing to Work…

How to Lower Your Property Taxes

TurboTax Education Credits and Deductions Calculator

TurboTax Education Credits and Deductions Calculator

Education Tax Deductions and Credits to Maximize Your T…

The Saver’s Credit Explained: Tips and Info You Need …

What is the Personal Exemption?

Tax Benefits for Military Families

Your Quick & Easy Guide to 1095 Health Insurance Fo…

TurboTax Dependents Credits and Deductions Calculator

TurboTax Dependents Credits and Deductions Calculator

Savor and Save with 3-Ingredient Holiday Desserts

Welcoming a New Addition? Tax Deductions Available When…

Is This Tax Deductible? Care-taking for a Parent

Happy National Dog Day! How Finding Your New Best Frien…