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Where’s My Amended Return?

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If you’ve filed an amended tax return, you’re probably already nervous about the fact that you made a mistake. That nervousness may intensify over time as you wonder where your amended return is, especially if you’re waiting for an amended tax return refund.At TurboTax, we know taxes can be stressful, and we know that you want to get any mistakes corrected right away, even if you end up owing money. We’ve assembled everything you need to know about your amended return for you here so you can rest easy.

What Is An Amended Return?

An amended return refers to any tax return you file to correct an error for that year’s taxes. You have three years from filing your taxes to file an amended return. Most Americans worry that making a mistake on their taxes will result in an audit and costly penalties. But, in reality, as long as you are upfront and honest with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about any mistakes you made on a return, you’ll be able to correct them without a problem.For example, if you worked multiple jobs and forgot to include a W-2 in your income total, you would need to file an amended tax return to report the correct income. Once you’ve filed the amended return, the IRS will send you a refund or a bill for payment depending on the situation.

Where’s My Amended Return?

For tax years 2020, 2021, or 2022 Forms 1040 or 1040-SR you can now file an amended return electronically. Additionally, amended Form 1040-NR and amended Form 1040-SS/PR can now be filed electronically for tax year 2021 and 2022. However for tax returns prior to that, they will have to be filed as a paper return. as with any paper return, they take longer to process. According to the IRS, the amended tax return refund timeline is up to 20 weeks to process an amended return. If you mail your amended return, it will take about three weeks for the IRS to receive your return and enter it into the system so you can track it. Once it’s entered into the system, it can take up to 16 weeks for the IRS to process the return and issue your full refund amount or send you a tax bill.

How To Track an Amended Return

While it takes time for the amended tax return to be completed, checking the status of your amended return is relatively easy if you have all the information at hand.

What You’ll Need

To track your amended tax return, you’ll need the following:

  • Your social security number or taxpayer identification number.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your zip code.
  • Ways To Check the Status of Your Amended Return

Once you have that information, you can use IRS’ online service, Where’s My Amended Return, to track your amended return. You can also call the IRS directly at 1-866-464-2050 if you prefer, but expect long wait times, especially during tax season.

When To Check the Status of Your Amended Return

Since it takes three weeks for your return to enter the IRS system, it’s best to wait about a month before you start checking the status of your amended return. If it has been more than 20 weeks since you submitted your return and you’ve already checked the IRS online tool, then you can call the IRS directly at 1-866-464-2050 to enquire about the status of your return.

Amended Tax Return Statuses and What They Mean

When you check the status of your amended return online, you’ll see one of three different statuses: received, adjusted, and completed.If your return is marked as received, that means the IRS has received your return and it is currently being processed. If your return is marked as adjusted, that means the IRS has made the requested change. If your return is marked as completed, that means follow-up information, such as your exact refund amount or a tax bill, is being mailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tax Filing and Information

Amended tax returns can be complicated. Here are some popular Frequently Asked Questions and answers from the TurboTax team.

When do I need to file an amended tax return? 

Generally, you should file an amended return for the following reasons:

  • An error in income reporting, such as forgetting to include income on W-2 or 1099 form.
  • An error in your file status, such as filing jointly when you meant to file singly.
  • Claiming or correcting deductions, such as a child or new spouse.
  • Claiming or correcting a credit, such as a child tax credit or the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Do not file an amended tax return if:

  • You forgot to attach a W-2 to your return when you mailed it in.
  • You made a mathematical error (the IRS will catch it while processing and send you a notice).
  • The IRS rejects your original e-return.
  • The IRS sends you a CP2000 notice.

For more information about when to file an amended tax return, see “How Do I Know If I Should Amend My Tax Return?.”

How Do I File an Amended Tax Return?

To file an amended return, you’ll need to complete form 1040x. In Column A, you’ll need to give the information from your original return. Column B asks you to calculate the difference between the return you filed initially and the amended return. Column C includes all the information for the corrected return.The form will also ask you to explain the reason for your amended return. Be honest yet concise when explaining why you are filing an amended return and you shouldn’t have any issues.When you mail in your amended return, include the original tax return and evidence that supports the changes you made in the amended return, like missing W-2s. If you owe money, include a check for the corrected amount in the envelope and make sure everything is in the correct order outlined on the back of the 1040x form.

What Happens if the IRS Rejects My Amended Return?

In some situations, the IRS may reject your amended return, in which case they will send you a notice of claim disallowance, a formal denial letter. At this point, you can accept their rejection, file an appeal, or file a claim in federal court.

Do I Need To File an Amended State Tax Return?

If you notice an error in your federal tax return, you likely made the same mistake in your state return. In that case, you would need to also file an amended tax return with your local government.Discovering you’ve made a mistake on a tax return can be scary, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. TurboTax Live tax experts are available 24/7 to help you identify the mistake and file an amended tax return quickly and accurately. They can also help you better understand your notice of claim disallowance, which are notoriously vague, and guide you through the appeal process to ensure you get any money you are due.

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