Mobile Filing: The Advantages of Filing on the Go

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Life can become a balancing act when there seem to be a million little things on your to-do list. It’s no wonder that most tasks, from buying your groceries to applying for a job, can now be accessed and completed through an app. If you’re on-the-go and spend most of your time away from your computer, here are some tips and short-cuts to help you file your taxes on the go.

W-2 Snap & Auto-fill

You don’t have to do W-2 data entry! TurboTax offers customers the ability to jump start their taxes by snapping a picture of their W-2 with their phone or tablet. With TurboTax W-2 Snap and Autofill, W-2 information is securely entered into the right tax forms without hassle or worry.

Anytime, Anywhere Filing

You already know you can relax in your pajamas as you start filing your taxes on your computer in the comfort of your own home. But if you need to travel or do your taxes on the go you can continue filing on your mobile phone or tablet right where you left off. TurboTax mobile app allows customers to file anytime and anywhere on any device, making filing your taxes easy and uninterrupted.

Expert Live Help On Demand

Everyone’s tax situation is unique, so you may have some questions while you file your taxes. What happens if I buy a new house? Do I itemize or go with the standard deduction? With TurboTax SmartLook™ you can connect live, via one-way video with TurboTax experts and credentialed CPAs or Enrolled Agents to get your tax questions answered. The TurboTax experts can highlight key fields and next steps on your screen so you can file your taxes with confidence. You can benefit from a second pair of eyes on your return and get personalized real-time answers to your questions when you need it so you’re not alone – at no additional cost. Bilingual experts speaking English and Spanish are also available.

Password Protection

Having a secure password is always a safe choice, especially when it comes to your confidential information. When filing on mobile with TurboTax, you can have confidence that your information is secure through multiple security features to verify your identity, protect your information, and notify you when changes are made to your account as you would when using your computer. No need to worry if you can never remember your password, TurboTax mobile also allows users to have Touch ID login, for easy and secure access when you’re in a rush and need to quickly sign in.

See how easy it can be to file on mobile? The TurboTax mobile app – available for iOS/Android, on both phones and tablets – offers the full line-up of TurboTax products – anytime, anywhere.  Plus using these tips when filing not only saves you time and energy, but it also allows you to get back to other priorities in your life. Even if that means staying at home and treating yourself for one day! Download the TurboTax mobile app today to get started!

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