So You’re Living Together?

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Moving in together is an exciting time in a relationship – it’s a huge step that is often veiled with rose-colored glasses. But when you live together or, even more so, get married, you are now hitching your wagon to another person’s money choices, habits and lifestyle. For instance – even if you keep your finances completely separate, there are nine states (Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin) where your partner’s debt becomes your debt if you’re married in those states.

What are the big money questions you and your partner talked about when you started living together? Did you disclose your debt? Did you create a shared budget? How do you split your rent and utilities? These are all the big questions that many people don’t want to ask or tackle. But the repercussions of not being on the same money page could be great.

Our Friends with Tax Benefits have been through it, and they’re sharing with you advice they followed, observations they’ve made and what their big red flags are when it comes to life partners.

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