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TurboTax Celebrates #LatinXCulturepreneurs During Hispanic Heritage Month

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Meet Susie Jaramillo


LatinXCulturepreneur Susie Jaramillo is President and Chief Creative Officer of Encantos Media Studios, a family-owned, kids-focused media company that designs, develops and distributes animated bilingual films, mobile apps, books, toys, and other play experiences. Originally from Venezuela, Susie moved to New York where she went to art school and found job opportunities in the animation and fashion industry, but ultimately, fell in love with advertising.

After becoming a mother, Susie noticed a lack of Hispanic representation in animated films as there were no nursery rhymes or characters from her childhood that she could share with her children. Today, she states that “as an artist, it is my responsibility to be a storyteller who is true to my roots and represents Hispanic culture the way it should be portrayed.”

Susie noticed the craving for content that targeted multicultural families in the United States which mainstream brands were ignoring. After realizing her knowledge and culture were all she needed to address this market gap, she founded Encantos Media Studios along with her husband and three other Hispanic partners. The business merges raw, educational content with entertainment and also offers books, videos, apps, and products. The products are not only created for Hispanic communities but also for Americans who understand the importance of exposing their children to a second language and other cultures. After four years in business, Encantos Media Studios now has three culture-inspired brands: Canticos, Tiny Travelers and Skeletitos which can be found in big retailers, online platforms, and TV outlets.

Susie understands the importance of passing on culture and traditions to future generations. As a Latina and business professional, she is surprised at how much her culture affects what she does for a living today. She defines her business initiative as an opportunity to help Hispanic children be proud of their heritage and instill strong values in society. As a result, she created characters that had crossover appeal but were reflective of her Hispanic heritage. Her passion for culture and storytelling aligned perfectly with a business platform to showcase this at a global level.

This content creator considers herself both American and Latina. She believes Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to reflect on what it means to be a Latino in this country. A month in which those with influence must take on the responsibility of honoring their heritage and support others. Encantos Media Studios is proud to be a public benefit corporation that allocates its efforts and donations to help families in need through associations like Save the Children.

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of work and courage. The founder of Encantos shared the following advice for those who are looking to start their own business:

  • Choose partners carefully and choose the people you believe in. Pick business partners who align with your values, who complement your skillset, and who are willing to put in the work.
  • Plan every single day but expect the unexpected. Plan for Murphy’s Law because Murphy’s Law happens. That way you’ll have solutions for any problems that arise.
  • Get ahead of cashflow issues early. Know what’s coming your way and what’s not. Plan accordingly and be a creative problem-solver.
  • Your network is your capital. Take care of people, they matter more than their titles or their job at any given moment.
  • Don’t fear failure. This is a luxury that entrepreneurs cannot afford. Do what needs to get done and don’t be afraid to fail a few times along the way.

To learn more about LatinxCultureprenour Susie Jaramillo’s business venture, visit Encantos Media. To shop Canticos’ bilingual products, visit: https://shop.canticosworld.com.

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