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#UnidosWeGrow | Tuna Tuñon-Ortiz | TurboTax Blog | 1440x600
#UnidosWeGrow | Tuna Tuñon-Ortiz | TurboTax Blog | 411x600

#UnidosWeGrow: Meet Neuroscientist Arnulfo (Tuna) Tuñon-Ortiz

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As part of our Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign, #UnidosWeGrow, we are excited to talk  about the power of community and diversity within the Latino culture, and how perseverance through barriers leads to prosperity, growth, and success. 

Meet our outstanding second TurboTax customer from the #UnidosWeGrow video series: Arnulfo Tuñon-Ortiz, or as he prefers to go by, Tuna. Adopting the nickname that his friends and peers gave him back in the day when he did competitive swimming, Tuna is a Latino immigrant and neuroscientist researching how brain cells recall and distinguish similar memories. As an immigrant, Tuna knows from first-hand experience how challenging it is for minorities to pursue higher education and achieve their professional goals. For this reason, he is a huge advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM and he is committed to making science accessible for underprivileged and underrepresented communities.

Click on the video below to watch his inspirational story.


Meet Tuna Tuñon-Ortiz

Tuna reminds himself everyday of the people who helped him get where he is now. He describes the support he received from his family and community and how that had a positive impact in his life. He strongly believes in the importance of  uplifting each other to foster growth. To demonstrate his gratitude, Tuna wants to give back to the community that helped him in his journey to succeed, by supporting underrepresented young researchers. He encourages other students to keep pursuing their dreams despite barriers or challenges. 

Tuna and his family embody the true meaning of perseverance. Arriving in the US from Mexico with his mom and little brother at a young age, he had to navigate an entirely new country without speaking the language or knowing anyone. Overcoming these major obstacles, it was extremely challenging for him and his family but that didn’t stop Tuna from working hard to achieve his dreams. Tuna worked long hours, nights and early mornings, to help his mom make ends meet while attending school and taking care of his responsibilities as a student. 

After being selected for U.S. residency via the lottery, his family saw a change for the better. With his mother’s hard work and savings, they were able to move to a new neighborhood, giving him the opportunity to receive a better education and participate in activities, such as swimming.. 

Tuna found his passion in neuroscience when he was a sophomore in college.The brain’s activity and how it affects behaviors completely captivated him and led him to attend the University of Utah to pursue a graduate degree in neuroscience. 

Driven by his own interests and desire to make something of himself, he continues to research neuroscience and give back to his family and community. He believes that the work you invest in your goals and the support of your community ultimately leads you to success, #UnidosWeGrow! 

TurboTax is proud to recognize these inspiring stories that demonstrate U.S. Hispanics’ determination and the power of community. By celebrating their amazing journeys, we want to uplift and inspire others to reach their financial goals and dreams. 

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