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#UnidosWeGrow: Meet Digital Entrepreneur, Lissette Calveiro!

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As part of our  Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign, #UnidosWeGrow, we are excited to speak  about the power of community and diversity within the Latino culture, and how perseverance through barriers leads to prosperity, growth, and success. 

Meet our first amazing TurboTax customer from our #UnidosWeGrow video series, Lissette Calveiro.  She is a first-generation Latina, daughter of Cuban and Ecuadorian immigrants and the founder of Influence with Impact, a consultancy company that supports influencers and personal brands in turning their social presence into a balanced business with community impact. She supports her clients through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and a signature 4-month group coaching mastermind. Her consultancy also supports brands in casting community-minded influencers and bringing impactful campaigns to life.

Click on the video below to watch her inspirational story.

Meet Lissette Calveiro

Lissette embodies the theme #UnidosWeGrow by encouraging her community and clients to take the next step in their business, rely on their communities for support, and embrace their Latino heritage.

As part of the business, she shares free, educational content (social posts, newsletters, etc.) that are great resources for people who want to monetize their social platforms or start their own business. She provides resources free of cost, in English and Spanish, which helps others grow their social platforms and small businesses. 

Lissette is currently based in Denver, Colorado, after moving from Miami and New York. She has found a magnificent Hispanic community there which has given her the opportunity to explore and appreciate a different Latino culture outside of her own background. Built on family and its own power of community, it has led her to experience amazing food, meet incredible people, and accomplish many of her professional goals.

Community is especially important to Lissette as it has boosted her personal and professional growth. The support of her family, friends and coworkers who have also become family and have believed in her goals and dreams, is the engine that has led her to where she stands now.

Building a community and sticking together through shared experiences, traumas and beliefs will ultimately result in growth. Being supported when a helping hand is needed and celebrating each other’s successes – even if it is just a little win – can be extremely beneficial for a person’s or business growth. Latinos are winning everywhere and seeing their business come to life or grow stronger serves as an inspiration to other Latinos trying to reach a similar goal. Stay true to your vision and community and take action. It takes a bunch of “little wins” to get to the big result!

TurboTax is proud to recognize these inspiring stories that demonstrate U.S. Hispanics’ determination and the power of community. By celebrating their amazing journeys, we want to uplift and inspire others to reach their financial goals and dreams. 

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