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  • TurboTax Kicks Off its 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration with Stories of Perseverance and Strength
Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign
Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign

TurboTax Kicks Off its 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration with Stories of Perseverance and Strength

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10/14/21 Update: For a recap of everyone featured for #PerseveranciaLatina this Hispanic Heritage Month, check out the video below!

Hispanic Heritage Month is here, and TurboTax joins the celebration highlighting the Latino community’s spirit of perseverance and strength with its digital and social campaign #PerseveranciaLatina. 

Starting today, TurboTax will feature weekly inspiring stories of Latinos who transformed financial challenges into opportunities while generating a positive impact within their communities, all due to their drive and determination in life.

The resilience of the Latino community was put to the test this past year. Despite challenges, Hispanics actively support the United States pandemic recovery with $2.6 trillion added annually to the American GDP, a group whose contributions grow 72 percent faster than non-Latino GDP every year (source: Latino Donor Collaborative). These unprecedented times led the Latino community to transform challenges into opportunities with a perseverance worthy of recognition through a strong work ethic and adaptability.

#PerseveranciaLatina aims to spotlight the following inspiring stories from Latino leaders, frontline workers, students, and entrepreneurs who accomplished their goals with the integrity, strength, and determination that characterizes the Latino Community:

  • Ana Flores, Salvadoran-American, community shaker: Founder and CEO of #WellAllGrow, the first network of Latina influencers and entrepreneurs, whose mission is to elevate the voices and stories of Latinas through the power of community.
  • Kateryn Ferreira, Dominican-American, frontline worker: helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 – as a Community Engagement Supervisor for NYC Health and Hospitals and Advocate for the Covid Test and Trace Initiative.
  • Noriluz Oscuro, Mexican-American, a college student: learned the importance of education and financial health from an incredibly early age and is now pursuing an accounting degree at the University of Maryland, being the first Latina from her family to obtain a degree in higher education.
  • Julian Silva, Colombian-American, self-employed musician: founder and compositor of La Excelencia Salsa Group, who also holds a Masters degree in Music Therapy. He pursued his passion of music incorporating his Hispanic roots building a business in a very competitive industry.

TurboTax is proud to recognize these inspiring stories that demonstrate the determination and strong will of the Hispanic Community. By celebrating their amazing journeys, we want to uplift and inspire others in their path to reach their goals and dreams. 

Join the celebration on social media by following and sharing #PerseveranciaLatina profiles of other exemplary Latinos!

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