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Congrats to this year’s #LeadingConEducación program scholarship recipients
Congrats to this year’s #LeadingConEducación program scholarship recipients

Meet the 20 Latino Students who Received the 2021 #LeadingConEducación Program Scholarship

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Early this year, TurboTax launched its #LeadingConEducación program in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to support Latino high school seniors and college students around the US who are seeking a higher education diploma or are completing their college degree with educational grants and scholarships.

We are happy to announce that a total of 20 Latino students were selected from over 1,000 applications and will receive a $2,500 grant that will be used towards their higher education in the upcoming fall semester. We are proud of these students for their contributions to their communities and for choosing the education path that will lead them to a prosperous future. 

The official scholarship awards ceremony was hosted virtually on Monday, July 19th presented by Intuit TurboTax and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

Meet our Intuit TurboTax 2021 #LeadingConEducación scholarship recipients. Felicidades and congrats to each of them!

  • Jade Galilea Baez
  • Jazmin Chavez
  • Juan Jose Duran
  • Emilia Feria
  • Alberto Cesar Arienza Fernandez
  • Giselle Garcia
  • Nayeli Govantes Alcantar
  • Tyler Vick Gupton
  • Jennifer Hernandez Mora
  • Noriluz Oscuro Jimenez
  • Elena Pauker
  • Lilibeth Ramirez
  • Joel Enrique Ramirez
  • Jessica Panela Roa
  • Jessie Angel Salinas
  • Jorge Angel Sanchez
  • Lauren Elizabeth Skidmore
  • Abigail Torres
  • Alexandra Cristina Vela
  • Mei von Kaenel

This multi-year educational program financially empowered students by teaching the basics of personal finances, including entrepreneurship, tax planning and budgeting. More than 1,000 students who applied to the program received tools and resources to become more financially prepared, participated in tax preparation simulation exercises, and attended a webinar led by Intuit experts: CPA and TurboTax Live expert Miguel Burgos and CFP, Elaine King.

Outside of our walls, Intuit TurboTax is addressing inequities by investing in job creation and education programs like #LeadingConEducación, which is part of our Job Readiness Program that invests in the financial success of the next generation.

Our educational programs use tools to help students learn how to file taxes, create budgets, analyze spending habits, build strong credit scores and much more. As a result, we’ve seen 89% of students become more confident in managing their personal finances after going through our training.

From bringing our real-world tools into the classroom, TurboTax, Mint, Credit Karma and Quickbooks, to developing the right financial habits, we believe a strong understanding of personal finance and business builds the foundation for students to own their future financial success.

To learn more about this Intuit TurboTax Corporate Responsibility program, you can also visit #LeadingConEducación – Hispanic Heritage Foundation page. Stay tuned for the 2022 Scholarship Program and application! 

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