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#RefundGlowUp Winners Announcement
#RefundGlowUp Winners Announcement

Celebrate Tax Refund Season with Our #RefundGlowUp Contest Winners!

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With the tax season now behind us, our favorite time of the year has passed. The good news? It’s now our second favorite time of the year – #RefundGlowUp season! 

Did you know that close to 75% of taxpayers received a federal direct deposit tax refund close to $3,000 last year? In honor of taxpayers across the country getting their #TaxesDone and seeing those tax refunds roll in, we asked people to show us how they plan to use their refunds to glow up this summer, to enter for the chance to win $10,000. 

Glow up plans ranged from sweet summer adventures with family to funding small business startups (and everything in between). Keep on reading to see thoughts from the grand prize winner as well as entries from the two first prize #RefundGlowUp contest winners who are on their way to making this the summer of the glow up!

Grand Prize Winner – Meghan

My husband and I will use the generous #RefundGlowUp prize toward purchasing a new home. In August 2020, a catastrophic derecho storm decimated my hometown of Cedar Rapids, IA, causing extensive water damage to our condo. We decided to sell our condo shortly afterward and have been living with family in Illinois ever since. 

For the past nine months, we haven’t had a place to call our own and have been relying on the kindness of our family. A couple months ago, I asked my toddler what he wanted for a gift and he said “a new home.” We are so beyond grateful to TurboTax and Intuit for helping speed up the process of giving our little guy his own room and getting a place for the three of us to #GlowUp as a family.

This year, we received a small refund that went straight to our savings for our house fund! Normally, we use our refund toward everyday expenses since our budget is tight, but this year, we’ve continued to tighten our belts in whatever ways we can so that it could be diverted toward savings. 

My husband used TurboTax for a few years and was always happy with the experience. It was easy, convenient and he never had any issues with it.

First Prize Winner – Jennifer

First Prize Winner – Michelle


A Little Something Special For a Few More Entries

While we could only select three #RefundGlowUp contest winners, we also surprised a few people who participated in the contest with submissions that we especially loved. Here are three entrants who received a special shout out from celebrities courtesy of Cameo.

Nicole: Nicole wants to plan the wedding she always desired with the man of her dreams instead of focusing on the problems the pandemic brought. We sent Nicole a video from Ben Higgins of The Bachelor who shared a special message of admiration and congratulations for her big day coming up.

Tamra: Tamra is a huge baseball fan and wants season tickets to fuel her passion for the game this summer, so we sent a video from Tommy Edman of the St. Louis Cardinals who gave Tamra a shout out for her die-hard support of the team.

Kathy: Last but not least, Kathy wants to throw a Christmas-themed bash for her family this summer, so we sent her a warm message of love and cheer from Santa himself who shared his holiday expertise to inspire her party! Homemade cookies from scratch anyone?

Glow Up Your Way!

Congratulations to all of the #RefundGlowUp contest winners! If you received a tax refund this year, we hope that you’ll use it to glow up your way! That may mean paying your bills, growing your savings, or treating yourself to a little something special. Whatever you decide to do with your tax refund, know that TurboTax is always here to help you get your taxes done right and get your maximum refund, guaranteed.

4 responses to “Celebrate Tax Refund Season with Our #RefundGlowUp Contest Winners!”

  1. If I win the money I would first give 10% to God and then I would help my 2 older sisters and 1 younger get out of debt. They are not getting any younger 66, 74, 75 years young. My oldest sister has battled cancer for the 7th time and is in remission now. Last chemo treatment was 7/16/21. I want her to live her life out free from any worry.

  2. My taxes this year i bought me and my family a Nice vehicle..we usually get used cars which if u know about that ..they usually don’t last that long at all..But this i bought another used car but this one will last a long while I hope fingers crossed..I basically used all my hard working money on it..had little extra..me and my family took a little road trip..in our beautiful state of minnesota..thank u turbo tax..

  3. Congratulations to all the Winners,that’s just so great.!!!!!!

    This was my first time doing taxes with TurboTax,back in February.
    All I am trying to recover is the Stimulus owed to me from 2020.
    I am sure that’s not TurboTax fault, But the IRS has been processing my Return for 3 1/2 months .I have been reading this Blog & I am not alone here. The IRS is very,very busy & maybe short staffed I don’t owe any Taxes, maybe that’s why it’s taking so long.

    • I use turbo tax this year and they aren’t very helpful if I win I will buy a house for my family and grandson will have a yard and pursue my business

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