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Government Shutdown 2019 Update: You Can File Now With TurboTax

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Updated Feb. 15, 2019 – Today, the President signed a spending bill that will prevent another shutdown.  You can continue to file your taxes with TurboTax Today!

Original article dated Jan. 25, 2019

Today, the President announced plans for a temporary end to the Government Shutdown until February 15. Although the IRS previously confirmed the Government Shutdown would not impact processing tax returns, with filing season beginning on Monday, January 28, 2019, and that they would provide tax refunds as scheduled, you may have delayed filing your taxes.

There is no reason to delay filing. The average federal direct deposit tax refund was about $3,000 last tax season. You can get started now with TurboTax and be first in line for your tax refund!

TurboTax has been accepting tax returns and will securely hold them for transmission to the IRS and States once they begin accepting e-file on Monday. TurboTax and TurboTax Live assisted tax preparation with TurboTax Live CPAs and Enrolled Agents are open and ready for taxpayers to prepare their returns.

The IRS encourages all taxpayers to file as soon as possible. Combined with e-filing, direct deposit is the fastest way to get your tax refund. The IRS anticipates issuing more than nine out of 10 federal tax refunds within 21 days from acceptance.

Don’t worry about knowing these tax rules. TurboTax will ask you simple questions about you and give you the tax deductions and credits you’re eligible for. If you have tax questions, you can connect live via one-way video to a TurboTax Live CPA or Enrolled Agent with an average of 15 years experience and get your tax questions answered. A TurboTax Live CPA or Enrolled Agent can even review, sign, and file your tax return.

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  1. Taxes accepted feb 1st and on the WHERES MY REFUND show accepted nothing change. People got theirs accepted middle of Feb gotten their refund already

  2. i have returned Premier 2018 twice now and cannot get the disc to work after it is installed and updates are obtained. Very frustrated. Is this the disc or is there a different issue? have used TurboTax since 2000 and disc not working has happened several times before

  3. I used Turbo tax last year and filed electronically but when I tried to use this year turbo tax had no record of me using turbo tax….it’s a joke .. I even gave them my email and ssno but they do not have any record…I don’t trust turbo tax anymore

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