Tax Refund Realities and How Americans Spend and Save Their Tax Refunds [Infographic]

Tax Refunds

Refund season is officially here and considering last tax season the average tax refund was close to $3,000, now is a good time to get this tax filing party started and also plan what you are going to do with your tax refund.  For many Americans, the tax refund is the biggest paycheck of the year, however our data shows that most people spend it within 21 days.  We as a company are rethinking what tax refunds can be for our customers and how we can help our customers look at refunds as an opportunity to improve finances.  To kick off refund season, check out our infographic based on our survey, that reveals some interesting findings on taxpayers’ Tax Refund Realities and how they spend, save, or splurge their tax refunds.


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