Some States Delaying Tax Refunds

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Several states have recently notified residents that state tax refunds will be delayed. Hawaii will not begin distributing refunds until July 1, 2010. North Carolina has warned taxpayers that state refunds will be overdue.

The state of New York is also considering holding tax refund money in an effort to help relieve the state’s $1.4 billion budget deficit.

In all cases, states are advising taxpayers to go ahead and file early since refunds will be processed on a first in-first out basis. E-filing with direct deposit is still the quickest and easiest way to get your tax refund back.

You can check back here to see if other states are expecting similar delays.

States Delaying Refunds:


North Carolina

New York






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  1. Every year pa owes me money and they always adjust so they dont owe me anything. How and why are they doing this? I do my taxes on Turbo tax. I dont get it

  2. Filed my taxes at the end of March, just got the refund today (after sending the state copies of our W2s) and only got half of what was owed. So is there some new tax law that says the state can steal from you when they cant budget their own finances??? What a crock.

  3. I filed back right before Easter and I still haven’t gotten my state refund. I live in Rhode Island. The online “service” says they either don’t have my information or I need to call the department. When I call they always say no one is taking calls and to call back later. It’s completely frustrating and I would like to know what is going on!!!!!!

  4. Just a note – unless you’re filing for the first time and don’t know how much money you get back, or you have had a change in the number of dependents or a significant change in income, you really should adjust your withholding so that you don’t get much back on your taxes.

    By getting a big refund, it means you are having too much money taken out of your paycheck. The government uses your money that it receives throughout the year, earns interest on it, etc. I know it’s fun to get a big honking check once a year, but wouldn’t you rather take home more money in your paycheck every time you get paid? My husband and I have finally gotten ours down to where we get almost nothing back each year, but we’re able to do more (and deal with the increased cost of groceries, etc.) because our paychecks are bigger throughout the year.

  5. I’m supposed to get a PA tax refund. It’s been almost 8 weeks since it was received by the state and the website says it is “being processed.” I sent my fiance’s tax return and a check for the amount he owes the state. They deposited it the same week I mailed it. So, one has to wonder, if they can process a return fast enough to accept a payment, why does it take them so long to process a return where they owe money? This state sucks! I better get my refund this week or I’m going to start calling and harassing them every day.

  6. Since the State of New York is using my tax money to bail themselves out of another one of their brilliant skeems, am I going to receive interest for the delay & usage of my tax return money? Because if it was the other way around we would be paying very heavily.

  7. I filed my PA state taxes with TurboTax on 2/27, was accepted on 2/28 by PA. FINALY says on state refund website, allow 3-4 weeks for refund. Typically other states I’ve filed are 8 days. PA is keeping the money 4 weeks. it’s 3/14,and I still don’t have them. This is week 4!!!

  8. filed my taxes with turbotax(never doing that again) state was excepted in feb 2011 february almost gone and now im still waiting i have bills to pay

  9. August13Th,2010 I still haven’t recieved my N.J.

    state tax refund yet.It was mailed on April4th.

    Are there any delays for New Jersey? If there is how long? Where can I go or call to get imfomation

    on my statis?

  10. filed taxes in jan 2010 its now aug 2010. where is state tax? if u owed money they would be sure to get it! got back federal in no time. If u call irs says it s not been processed yet. whats the deal?!

  11. I filed my california tax in march and as of july 13 i haven’t received my tax return yet. what’s going on? does anyone know what number to call?

  12. i live in virginia and e-filed my state taxes back in march for direct deposit and now it is june where is my money. my husband and i work hard for our money that is owed to us.

  13. why haven’t I received my taxes, I did them in Turbotax, yet I filed them on march 31 2010. and now its june 20, something is definetly wrong didnt miss something I asked to be mailed. I printed the sheets out and evreything. I just dont know whats going one.

  14. Filed back in the first part of April- still no state return for PA. But, after reading some of the comments ; it seems others have been waiting longer!

  15. I filed my California return back in Feb… it’s now the third of June and have yet to receive my State Tax refund… Funny thing is I used turbo tax, got my federal back fairly quick. But California was never listed in this warning they put out, seems most states are just following suit.

  16. I did my taxes back in Jan. and here it May 18 and I have yet to get my state refund back. I have a question to the people who is reading my comment. If we owed the federal or state wouldn’t we have to pay interest on what we owe after the 15th of April? Just a thought. The government has a way of getting money out of us some way shape or form.

  17. It’s been a few days since I filed and I still haven’t received notification that my SC State is accepted. The Feds approved in just a few hours. What’s wrong SC? Maybe you need to help the unemployment rate and hire some help.

  18. I e-filed on Feb 2nd and did direct deposit and here it is April 14th and I STILL have not gotten my state refund back…whats the hold up..Give me my money LOL

  19. i efiled w/ liberty tax service 2-05-10 and its been 12 weeks and still nothing .i’ve called irs every week and they still aren’t able to let me know when i will receive my in texas

  20. I’m waiting on my state refund money, my son filed for his and he recieved his less than a month. Mine it’s been more than that. I live in Pennsylvania. is there a reason why I haven’t receive mine even thouth I filed way before my son? Please let me know what to do. Thank you.

  21. Major delay with N.C. tax refund. I received federal within 3 weeks, it’s been over 7 weeks and still waiting on state return. Choose direct deposit, there are no advantages from choosing the turbotax card. I’ve paid two monthly fees for the card and still haven’t received all my money.

  22. i rcvd my federal in 2 weeks which was the 5th but still awaiting ny tax return by direct deposit. Did not rcvd any notification of any delay until i came across this blog.

    • filed 3 months ago..federal came quick but havent got state yet…website says its been recueved but no more info…did u get urs yet

  23. still didn’t get my federal tax got them done on 1 23 2010. said they mailed out on feb 3 nothing in mail called irs they sid can’t help u intell march 3 went 2 H&R block not much help

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