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File Today! The IRS is Now Accepting Tax Returns for the 2015 Tax Season

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Today the IRS kicked off the opening of the 2015 tax season and will now begin accepting e-filed tax returns.

You may have already filed your taxes and your tax return is in line ready to be processed when the IRS opens today.  If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you can go online now and easily and accurately file your taxes with TurboTax to get the biggest tax refund you deserve.

7 Ways TurboTax Helps You Get Your Biggest Tax Refund

  • Go online and file with TurboTax and save – 60 million taxpayers have relatively simple tax returns (1040 EZ/1040A) and are paying too much to get their taxes prepared at a tax store.  If you have a relatively simple tax return, right now you can go online and easily and accurately prepare your taxes while saving money versus going to a tax store.
  • New mobile app allows you to file your taxes on any device – You can file your taxes easily and conveniently when and where you want.  TurboTax new mobile app allows you to seamlessly move across devices so you can start your taxes on your mobile phone or tablet and finish online on your computer.
  • Automatically import your W-2 – Don’t have your W-2 yet? Don’t worry, TurboTax Form Finder allows you to easily import your W-2 from over 1 million companies so you can get closer to your tax refund sooner.
  • Easier to file your taxes – If you are new customer you will be asked simple questions related to your tax situation so that you get every dollar you deserve. If you are a returning customer and you transfer your previous tax information into this year’s tax return, you may find your tax return is almost done after transferring your tax information.
  • More money beyond your tax refund: Like last tax season, TurboTax is the only tax preparation service working with Amazon.com to give you extra money on top of your federal tax refund when you use your tax refund to buy Amazon.com e-gift cards. You can choose to use part of your federal tax refund, from $100 on up, to purchase Amazon.com e-gift cards and TurboTax will add an extra 5% or 10% on top of it, depending on the product you’re using. This exclusive bonus is just another way TurboTax helps you make your hard-earned dollars go even further.
  •  Double checks tax deductions and credits – To make sure you get every dollar you deserve, TurboTax automatically double-checks your tax return as you go, searching for every tax deduction and credit you’re eligible for.
  •  Get your questions answered by credentialed tax experts – When you file your taxes with TurboTax online or on your mobile device, you are never alone. You can get your questions answered by credentialed tax experts, who are CPAs and enrolled agents available via phone or chat.

About 75% of taxpayers received a tax refund last tax season and the average tax refund was close to $2,800 last year so there’s no reason to wait to file.  According to the IRS, 9 out of 10 taxpayers will be issued their tax refunds within 21 days after acceptance of their e-filed tax return.


214 responses to “File Today! The IRS is Now Accepting Tax Returns for the 2015 Tax Season”

  1. I absolutely love turbo tax I have never had any problems with them, I love how they walk me through everything it’s a great deal!! I have been filing with them for the past 6 years ! And will continue Thank you turbo tax your the best!

  2. Lisa,

    My daughter is a graduate student, who has a taxable income of about $6000. But Turbo tax keeps calculating that she needs to pay federal taxes of of $1600. She clearly should be in the 10% tax bracket. I dont get it.

    • More info. She worked a job which made $10000. This was paid by the University for working in a lab. It was reported on 1099-misc. Turbo tax catagories this income as a small business self employed. Is this part of the problem. she made 2000 from another job and got a W-2. The 1099 misc seems to be the problem.

      She had total of about 900 withheld and turbotax says she owes additonal 800.

      • Michael, the problem is that taxes are not taken out of income reported on a 1099. It’s the gross amount earned minus nothing. A certain percentage of that money has to be put aside to pay taxes and social security, too, but nobody at the school apparently told your granddaughter. She probably really does owe that money and Turbo Tax is correct.

  3. TurboTax Lisa- I have turbo tax/ intuit taken directly from my checking acct each year & a CD is mailed to me. Money was taken out of my acct but a CD never arrived. We downloaded turbo tax online and did our taxes. Now that we want to file the federal return, we’re being charged $104 to file. It’s usually free. We only pay to file State. Is there a coupon code we can use to get this for free? With the money we’ve paid so far, plus what we have to pay to file, we could have hired someone to do it for us.

  4. Hey. So I filed my taxes through Turbo Taxes 2/3/15 and received mine 2/10/15. My card came right on time and I received an email from NetSpend as soon as my funds were deposited. My boyfriend on the other hand went to H&R Block to file his taxes 2/13/15 and we are STILL waiting for his return. So I don’t believe your problems have anything to do with Turbo Tax. There’s something going on with the IRS that’s causing the delay. I googled, “maximum wait for income tax return” and stumbled here. It sucks, I know… but what can you do. Not even “Where’s my Refund” can locate his taxes. Does anyone know how long the wait can last?

  5. I filled on Feb 27. I know its only been 2 weeks but on the site sheets my refund days wrong info. Iknow my social amd the exact amount,, had anyone have this problem! Its fine on turbo tax days it went through same day, have checked to make sure was no rejection on turbo tax, but still very concerned, as I am counting on the money as I’m sure most are, Tom me longer to file cause this was second year with turbo and didn’t Leo last year’s info. So that was a hassle to even file, but why its telling me on irs site that info is incorrect had really having me worried

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  7. I filed my taxes on January 28th..It was accepted on January 29th…I got my state refund already..I’m still waiting for my federal refund…it’s now almost the middle of march..what is taking so long? Feeling frustrated.

  8. I can’t even get my transcript, they telling error, lock me out saying I have to wait 24 hr and try again…. What a joke…..turbotax no more

  9. I am still waiting too. I filed on January 21. I can see my transcript. Have a 570 with 2/16/2015 beside it. No answers, no progress. I am beyond upset and so done being patient. No matter how long I scour the net, no one has real answers. I tried to call but wait time is ridiculous. I may just give up on getting a refund 🙁

  10. E-Filed my taxes on Jan 31st through turbo tax, like I do every year. They were accepted on Jan 31st. Same day. IRS website says Processing. It’s now over 21 days. Called IRS 800 number, after 22 minutes of wait time, they told me I’d be transferred, once transferred I got an automated ‘high call volume’ message and was told to try tomorrow and was hung up on. My fiancé filed two days earlier and got his back 2 weeks ago. I don’t get it. Can someone give me some insight to what is going on? Does this happen to a lot of people every year and I was just never one of them? I’m annoyed.

  11. Filed and was accepted on Feb 1st…called the irs today, (the 22nd). Was told my taxes was pulled and being held until April 13th. They said turbo tax had a problem with their security at that time and identities were stolen. I’m sure turbo tax will deny having a problem but if you Google it, there are plenty of stories about it. Also couldn’t e file my state return because of their security breech. Good luck to those of you that are waiting. It’s a roll of the dice if it’s happening to you. I have used turbo tax every year for the last 10 years and never had a problem until now but since they don’t keep up on security issues I will not use them again.

    • Hi Tonia,
      TurboTax did not have a security breach and identity theft happens outside the tax filing process. TurboTax places the utmost importance on customers and keeping their personal information safe and secure. You should have been able to file your state tax return. Has it been filed yet?
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  12. Got my return and no amazon card (which said 1-2 business days last Thursday). Called and talked and got no answer. They did not know. Help please

  13. I am very upset with this tax year delay does it have something to do with me using turbotax?…I have never waited this long for my tax refund ever! and my taxes are exactly the same every year!…this is ridiculous…I filed on 01/25/2015 and I am still showing processing on the irs.gov site…what is really going on?

  14. I filed my taxes every year it never takes this long after I file it takes about a week n half I will never file with TurboTax again I know people that already got theres n it was with in a week of filing

    • Hi Tonya,
      There are people who filed with TurboTax who have received their tax refunds and also those who have posted and used other methods and are still waiting for their tax refunds. Everyone’s situation is different.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  15. I filed my taxes 02/01/2015 and they were accepted the same day I have been waiting since for them to be approved and processed. I know I says 21 days but do it really take this long what’s the estimated time for people that have filed in February?

  16. I filed on February 1st and had it accepted that day, but as of today it is still processing. My friend filed on February 2nd and got his refund today and my sister filed February 6th and gets her refund Friday. Last year I got my refund 7 days after filing, so I don’t understand why after 10 days it’s still processing. What is going on? Is there something wrong with my return? I looked it over again and everything looks fine to me.

  17. It has never taken this long for my refund to be approved. I filed 01/30/1015 and was accepted hours later. For the past two years I have filed around the same time and had a DDD before Valentines Day. A friend of mine filed through another site (which was FREE) and got her DDD for 02/11/2015. Where is my money yo? I will NEVER use TurboTax again. NEVER EVA EVA EVA!!!!

    • Hi Dee,
      TurboTax does not approve and issue your tax refund. There are others that have commented that have filed with other sites and they do not have their tax refunds. Everyone’s situation is different.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I filed with tax act on the first day..Jan 20. Mine is …still processing. I have always received within a week. It’s not turbo tax, there is something up with the IRS process. Maybe the govt is hanging on to the money as long as possible?

      • I called the irs I filed jan 30 and was told got kicked out of system error on there part nothing wrong on my part so it had to be put back in on feb 6 and I would have to wait ,4 to 6 weeks around middle of march it is so frustrating

      • How come there are no replied to any post EXCEPT the ones that state they will never use turbo tax again. You only reply well other people using other sites have delays. Clearly u dont want to answer clients issues only want to deny responibility! I will not only never use this service but will also be going out of my way to tell everyone i can how horrible your customer service is, might even start a fb cause to expose how horrible a company u all are!

  18. I filed on the 20th was excepted and said the date was the 10th today came and went and still nothing? Never have had an issue this is the first time using turbo tax. Also went to the irs website and that site says there is no info of my return until it has been 8 weeks??? I hope that this issue gets resolved soon. Glad to know I’m not the only one was starting to think I did something wrong…

  19. I filled on the 13th got a text saying accepted that same night my orange bars have disappeared it still shows tax topic 152 and still has my refund amount but where my orange bars were its saying being processed a date will be provided when available or something like that now turbo tax calendar marked today the 10th as my 21 days I have not received a letter from the irs that would have at least helped me understand what’s going on here I have used turbo tax for 3 years now and have done my siblings taxes on turbo tax as well everyone who filled after me already has their refund never had a problem with my taxes or using turbo tax until now and it seems like a lot of people who use turbines tax are having this problem I also heard turbo tax had a glitch is this true and how do we contact turbo tax I have never waited 21+days for my return

  20. I did may taxes on Jan 20 and I seen on the bar tax accepted now for 3 wks it say stilling being process what the matter its not even a large amount.

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