Early-Bird Taxpayers Gets the Refund

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Infographic by Column Five Media.

Did you know people who file their income tax returns in February are among the most likely to get refunds – and larger ones at that?  A TurboTax survey found that 82 percent of taxpayers who filed before the end of February got money back. In fact, 40 percent of all tax returns are filed before the end of February, according to the IRS.  And not only do most early filers get a refund, their average refund is typically larger: $2,869 compared to $2,753 for returns filed through April 15, according to the IRS. This image reveals some interesting data around the group known as “early filers” – including their demographics, what they do with their refund, their average refund, and statistics around e-Filing.

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10 responses to “Early-Bird Taxpayers Gets the Refund”

  1. I just got a refund from Intuit for my TurboTax purchase in February 2010. Is this a scam? Why would I be getting a refund? They said something about me file before February and my Wisconsin taxes could be messed up. They said they will pay any fees. Well, aren’t they supposed deal with problems if they come up. If I cash this check will that whip their hands clean of any promises made by the purchase of their product? Also, now their websites are all under construction. Something’s up.

  2. @Anony Moose – of course people are going to file early when they want a refund, that is a given and not the point. The graphic shows the demographics of the people that want a refund and thus file early, so that you can see WHO is filing early.

  3. Thats because people who are going to get a refund want the money as soon as possible, and the people that are going to pay want to wait as long as possible.

    This is perhaps the most worthless infographic ever.

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