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#LeadingConEducación Scholarship Program

Need Financial Help for School? TurboTax Launches 2nd Year of the #LeadingConEducación Scholarship Program

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For the second consecutive year, we launched the #LeadingConEducación program designed to empower students to become the next generation of Latino professionals. We will partner with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to provide educational grants to 40 high school seniors and college students seeking financial support to pursue a higher education diploma or complete their college degree.

As part of our commitment to and support of the next generation of Latinos professionals, we  recognize the role of education and financial literacy in helping Latinos tear down the barriers that keep them from economic growth. This year, #LeadingConEducación will double the number of scholarships from 20 to 40.

What is the #LeadingconEducación Program?

It is a multi-year educational program that helps prepare young Latinos to take control of their finances through educational content, webinars, and hands-on experience through Intuit TurboTax simulation, a tax preparation exercise in Spanish and English provided by EverFi

Currently, only one in 13 students in underserved schools have a personal finance curriculum in the U.S. Of those that do, the curriculum often found in many of today’s schools lacks the latest real-world, financial tools available for informed personal finance decision making. This limited access to personal finance knowledge impacts Latino students disproportionately.

Why Should You Apply? 

We’re helping students develop the durable skills needed for jobs in a constantly changing economy. Intuit does this through its personal finance, entrepreneurship and career exploration programs which utilize products including TurboTax, Mint and QuickBooks. Through Intuit’s Job Readiness Program, Latino students have free access to tools and resources to overcome the fear of personal finances, prepare them to file taxes for the first time, and introduce them to additional tax information and tax simulations including gig-economy, crypto and other investment scenarios that will ensure they get the refund they deserve and the best tax outcome.

How Can You Apply?

To learn more about our educational program or to apply for a grant or scholarship, visit the #LeadingConEducación page. The 2022 educational grants application process is currently open and will run through May 8th.

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