Hear From 2022 #LeadingConEducación Scholarship Recipients

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For the third consecutive year, TurboTax is proud to launch the #LeadingConEducación program created to empower students to pursue higher education and become the next generation of Latino professionals.

Here’s the story of one of the scholarship recipients out of the forty that received a scholarship grant in 2022, and highlight how this program has helped them in their education journey. This year in partnership with Everfi, we will provide 40 educational grants to high school seniors and college students seeking financial support. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Meet Kailey!

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Kailey was involved with the National Hispanic Institute throughout her high school years.  There she developed her talent and passion for helping others which the senior staff noticed. They recommended she apply to the #LeadingConEducacion grant for additional financial support while pursuing her higher education. This year, she has used the grant for a study abroad program in Barcelona and is very excited about this next step in her educational journey. Kailey hopes to continue serving her community and to become an exceptional Latina professional.

Kailey strongly encourages Latino students around the USA to apply to grants like the #LeadingConEducación program. 

“To all the students that don’t know what your future plans are going to hold, keep doing your best, apply for scholarships like these and BE EAGER TO LEARN!” – Kailey Kessler

Meet Julissa!

From a very small town across the border from Mexico in Donna Texas, Julissa Castillo continues to excel in her educational journey.  Since a little kid, Julissa was a devoted student and encouraged her siblings to appreciate the importance of having an education. Julissa embraces cultural diversity with dedication and truly knows the meaning of seizing opportunities. She was part of the Latino Student Alliance and Association of Black Collegians and many other activities while a student at Maryville University in Missouri. 

After an exciting call from her aunt Mery about the #LeadingConEducación grant program for students, she decided to apply – not so sure about her odds at winning.  She was surprised to know she was one of the selected recipients. The 2022 grant helped her finish her master’s degree and has encouraged her to continue to grow her educational knowledge. 

“Take a minute to apply now! Take the opportunity; you’ve got nothing to lose. Whether you are a high school student, undergrad or a graduate student like I am. Apply and lead con educación!” – Julissa Castillo

Why Should You Apply? 

We’re helping students develop the durable skills needed for jobs in a constantly changing economy. Intuit does this through its personal finance, entrepreneurship and career exploration programs which utilize products including TurboTax, Mint and QuickBooks. Through Intuit’s Job Readiness Program, Latino students have free access to tools and resources to overcome the fear of personal finances, prepare them to file taxes for the first time, and introduce them to additional tax information and tax simulations including gig-economy, crypto and other investment scenarios that will ensure they get the refund they deserve and the best tax outcome.

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How Can You Apply?

To learn more about our educational program or to apply for a grant or scholarship, visit the #LeadingConEducación page. The 2023 educational grants application process is currently open and will run through April 30, 2023. Apply now!

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