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Intuit Confirms Information Requests From Government

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Over the past weeks, there have been numerous media articles addressing the important subject of the integrity of the tax system. Intuit today shared that, with the continued focus on the growing industrywide challenge of cyberfraud during this tax season, it expected to be and has been contacted by regulatory authorities, including Congress, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Justice.

Intuit looks forward to cooperating with all such inquiries, including formal requests for information it has received from the DOJ. Intuit intends to demonstrate to those authorities the company’s role in seeking to offer legitimate taxpayers the best, most convenient and secure tax products in the industry.

“Cybersecurity and the integrity of the tax system have never been more important than they are in this tax season,” said Dave Williams, Intuit’s chief tax officer. “We understand our important role in this issue as a market leader. We take it very seriously. So too do the various government authorities who have a stake in the tax prep process. We welcome the opportunity to share information and cooperate with their inquiries.

“We are committed to fighting tax fraud, responding appropriately to that fast-evolving challenge, and striving to do the right thing by our customers in providing tax compliance products and services anchored in principles of accuracy, fairness and security,” concluded Williams.

Intuit will not provide additional details on the regulatory inquiries until those inquiries are complete.

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