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Intuit Fixes Minnesota State Consumer and Professional Tax Products

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UPDATE – March 19, 2013 – The Minnesota Department of Revenue has reinstated TurboTax to it’s approved vendor list. In doing so, the state has acknowledged that all known issues affecting the Minnesota state product have been fully resolved.

Intuit released fixes today to resolve programming errors in our consumer and professional tax products and is communicating directly with affected customers who file returns in the state of Minnesota. We’ve had all hands on deck to address these issues and reassure the state and our customers that our Minnesota state products are accurate and complete.
Intuit is continuing to work closely with the Minnesota State Department of Revenue to fully resolve any remaining impact to customers’ returns. We remain committed to ongoing and transparent communication in service to Minnesota taxpayers
Intuit will issue refunds to affected Minnesota state TurboTax customers for the full amount of their tax preparation fees.
“We’re sorry for the inconvenience and delays this caused our customers,” said Bob Meighan, vice president at Intuit. “Nothing is more important than delivering an accurate return to our customers and building the trust and confidence professional preparers and taxpayers have in Intuit.”
TurboTax online products are automatically updated; desktop users will need to download the fixes when using the product.

For additional information on specific issues:

Click to access 20130311_Intuit_Updates.pdf

23 responses to “Intuit Fixes Minnesota State Consumer and Professional Tax Products”

  1. I did file my federal taxes 2 months ago and then and have received a refund but owed 580+ to state. When I updated the turbo tax software I am now getting money back. I received a 1099 for income i did not know to include on my federal taxes. How do I handle this?

    • Hi Brad.
      If I understand your question, you filed your federal return and got your refund, and filed and paid your state taxes. Since then you updated your tax return adding another Form 1099. Please clarify if I didn’t understand your question.
      As your tax returns are already filed, you will need to amend both original tax returns. But you will need to do two things to straighten this out:
      First, and importantly, restore your TurboTax tax return contents to as close to exactly how you filed your tax returns. The amended tax return must start with the returns As They Were Filed!
      Then start an amended tax return, which must use IRS Form 1040X. For more info, see this amend article, https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1894381
      An amended return shows your original numbers in one column, and the added/changed items in a second columm. Be sure to verify everything is correct. When you finish making your changes, the amended tax returns must be mailed into the IRS and your state.
      If you are sure the amended returns do not result in additional taxes, or they owe you money, it won’t matter if the amended returns are completed after April 15th.

  2. I am trying to enter info from a schedule of form into my MN M1M form, but there is no way to enter..specifically into m1m line 4 and line 8. I am thinking that I will have to prepare mn taxes by hand rather than using turbotax.

  3. Today 3/24 the state just changed the tax laws for 2013 – How fast can Turbo Tax update the new deductions/changes?

    • Hi Kathy,
      We have been keeping in close contact with the Department of Revenue and know that on Friday, March 21st Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill that cuts taxes for Minnesotans. Our product updates will be available as soon as possible the week of 3/31 and we are currently working with the Minnesota Department of Revenue to work out timing of their systems going live and our product releases, as well as ensuring we have fully integrated legislative changes into our tax software.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  4. We’ll I completed both federal and MN state but after a cancelled debt I still get a huge federal refund but have to pay to the state. Is this part of the issue? And after the update it’s solve. It’s seems the software don’t recognize insolvency form in the state.

  5. I have not started my taxes yet this year because of this issue, though I bought the TurboTax CD from Costco a couple months ago. Can I do my taxes with the Turbo Tax CD I bought a couple months ago before this issue surfaced or do I need to buy a more up to date copy of Turbo Tax in order to ensure no problems with my return?

    • Hi – All known Minnesota issues have been resolved. Once you install your CD-ROM version of TurboTax, the program will automatically download any needed updates. You don’t need to exchange your purchase. (Just make sure you have an Internet connection.) Hope that clarifies! –Christopher

      • What about me?? I filed on the 9th of April..So far i was suppose to get back 728 from Federal and I’;m getting 248…What is State going to do to me…This is just BS..Some people count on there refunds you certainly screwed that up…I want a refund..And NO nothing was suppose to come out of my Federal..I owe state 1792 which i paid and have heard nothing..Can’t wait for the letter..

      • Forgot one thing..I had the taxes made out and ready to go in February..I wait until april to send because i usually owe state..

  6. we used the online version for Minnesota 4 weeks ago but did not efile yet. do we need to re-enter our figures before we do efile??

    • Hi Al – You should not need to re-enter you data. Simply log in to TurboTax Online and pick up where you left off — or visit “File” if you were finished. The website is fully updated and ready to go! Hope that clarifies. –Christopher

  7. Is there any way we can check to make sure we were not on the list of consumers that were effected.I would like to make sure that we did not miss an email that may have been sent.

  8. I started my Minnesota State return (about 99% complete) but did not submit it yet because things didn’t seem right compared to last year and how the numbers were coming out. Then I saw the story about TurboTax having issues with MN returns. Now that the issue is resolved, should I resubmit all of my numbers from the beginning and see if things come out the same or will the corrections that were made automatically fix any mistakes that were made when it does its final checks?

    • Hi – TurboTax has been fully updated and MN returns are being prepared correctly. You don’t need to re-enter you information. Just make sure your program is updated (if using desktop version). We apologize again for the delay and inconvenience. –Christopher

  9. Today is 3/15 if I download today the Minnesota State Tax from Turbo Tax will that version of Turbo Tax now meet Minnesota State approval for filing?

  10. Have there been any changes to our Tax forms that have already been filed. If so, how do we get a copy of our updated forms. This State of Minnesota mess solution is not very clear to us and whay we need to do.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Theodore,
      There were only a small number of taxpayers from the State of Minnesota that were impacted by any changes. We have emailed the small number of customers that may have been impacted so if you did not receive a letter then your tax return is fine.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  11. 1. Do you have problems with Federal returns or is this isolated to Minnesota?
    2. How do I obtain a refund? How much is the refund?

    • Hi Michael,
      No there are no issues with Federal Tax Returns this is only isolated to a small number of customers in the state of Minnesota. We have emailed any customers that may have been impacted. If you did not receive an email your taxes are fine.
      If you were impacted and used a TurboTax individual product and e-filed you will receive a automatic credit to your account for federal and state tax prep fees paid. If you purchased a retail product or paper filed you can contact us at (866)888-4609 for a refund.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

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