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Little Lift recipient Alana
Little Lift recipient Alana

#LittleLifts: A Little Lift for Alana

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From navigating life with newborns, to adjusting to homeschool, 2020 was hard for parents. This tax season, TurboTax Live gave one new mom a little lift, with advice to help her navigate her unique tax situation and a surprise to help jump start her dream of launching a business!

New Mom Alana Gets a #LittleLift from TurboTax Live

We caught up with Alana for an update on her Little Lift from TurboTax Live.

What are some of the big life changes or challenges that you experienced in the past year? Did they affect your taxes this year?

Alana: Having a baby during Covid was the most major life change and challenge I’ve experienced this year. I also went through a phase of trying to figure out businesses I could start since the job market went downhill for me. I’m grateful that I’ll be able to launch my first business this year! I’m working on setting up my second one (video editing) right now as well. 

This hasn’t affected my taxes for 2020 since I couldn’t launch until 2021, but I find it necessary to learn as much as I can about doing taxes as a business owner so I am prepared for next year. Not having a job for most of 2020, however, has affected my taxes because I’ve never had to file them while being unemployed before.

What were some of the key questions or concerns you had about filing your taxes this year?

Alana: I asked a lot of questions about things to know as a first time business owner. I also asked about if you are still required to file taxes if you don’t have much income.

How would you describe your experience with TurboTax Live?

Alana: Amazing! Diana was so friendly and eager to help. I didn’t feel judged or as if my questions were stupid. I was comfortable to ask anything that was on my mind, and I am so happy with what I was able to learn.

What were some of the most surprising or helpful things that you learned from your TurboTax Live expert?

Alana: The best thing I learned was to keep all of my business receipts. I’ve been keeping track of all my receipts and expenses because I was able to gain this knowledge. I also learned that you should file taxes every year regardless of if you have a low income, and that was a very important clarification for me to get.

How did it make you feel to be able to file your taxes with a TurboTax Live expert compared to filing on your own?

Alana: I feel way more at ease. I know nothing about taxes so having support there for me is essential.

Would you recommend TurboTax Live to your family and friends?

Alana: Absolutely! It’s the only tax preparation service I’ve ever used for a reason. I also have good results.

How has the Little Lift from TurboTax helped you or others?

Alana: It’s helped my family and I so much. I got my mom a plane ticket to finally be able to meet [my daughter] for her 1st birthday on April 2nd! I also was able to get a new computer and have been back to learning about video editing, and I was even able to invest in my affirmation card business as well, so I am insanely grateful.

Alana Shares Her Experience with TurboTax Live

TurboTax Live Has You Covered

If you’ve had big life changes like Alana, keep in mind that TurboTax Live is the perfect tax solution no matter how you want to get your taxes done (whether that’s just a little help or fully handing your taxes off). You’ll have a dedicated tax expert at your fingertips, who will listen to understand your unique situation and answer your questions. And you can get expert help from the comfort of your couch! You don’t even need to leave your home office, change out of your pajamas, or schedule a babysitter. Get a little lift from TurboTax Live experts who will help you get every dollar you deserve.

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