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little lifts hero

Little Lifts Go A Long Way

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The past year has been taxing… to say the least. The changes we’ve experienced — and the challenges that we’ve faced along the way — have provided plenty of life lessons and a renewed appreciation for the moments that brighten our days. Through it all, moments of connection and kindness, like heartfelt conversations with family or helping hands from friends, proved that “little lifts” can go a long way.

This tax season, we’re celebrating the people who uplifted their friends, families, and communities by sharing some of their stories and giving them “little lifts” of their own, with help from TurboTax Live

Join the conversation and “lift it forward” by celebrating the people that gave you #LittleLifts this year. Share your own story and enter the #LittleLifts sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000 for yourself and $1,000 for a person that lifted your spirits or helped you reach your goals. Click here to see the official rules and details. 

TurboTax Live Experts Are Here to Help

If you had a life change last year, like welcoming a new baby, moving to a new state, starting a side hustle, or investing in stocks, you may not know what that means for your taxes. TurboTax Live experts are here to help! They’ll listen to understand your unique situation, give you personalized tax advice and answer your questions so you can be 100% confident your return is done right. They can even help take taxes off your to-do list, by doing your taxes for you — from start to finish.

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