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Little lift recipient Ricky
Little lift recipient Ricky

#LittleLifts: A Little Lift for Ricky

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2020 changed the lives of small business owners, requiring them to adapt to new challenges by transitioning to virtual services and finding new ways to give back to their communities. This tax season, TurboTax Live gave one passionate youth motivational speaker a little lift, with advice to help him navigate his unique tax situation and a surprise to help him uplift others!

Youth Motivational Speaker Ricky Gets a #LittleLift from TurboTax Live

We caught up with Ricky for an update on his Little Lift from TurboTax Live.

What are some of the big life changes or challenges that you experienced in the past year? Did they affect your taxes this year?

Ricky: In 2019, I got married and we moved into a new place going into 2020. I’m a Youth Motivational Speaker and when COVID-19 hit, it altered my ability to travel and visit schools in person. Schools moved to fully virtual or hybrid models. A key pivot we made was to begin offering virtual small group workshops for student leadership groups at middle and high schools. This allowed us to work with student leaders to plan how they would continue making a positive impact on their school community during the pandemic and also when they return to school on ground.

What were some of the key questions or concerns you had about filing your taxes this year?

Ricky: A big question for me was how the pandemic and working virtually would impact the taxes of my business.

How would you describe your experience with TurboTax Live Self-Employed?

Ricky: Working with my TurboTax Live expert helped me feel confident in navigating the process of filing my taxes. It was helpful to have a professional guiding me through that process. They were able to answer all of the questions I had regarding my taxes.

What were some of the most surprising or helpful things that you learned from your TurboTax Live expert?

Ricky: I had a great experience with TurboTax Live Self-Employed. It was easy to use, and the expert was very helpful throughout the full process. It was awesome to know that my TurboTax Live expert would work with me throughout the full process of filing my taxes, and also the video chat feature was very helpful in the step by step process.

How did it make you feel to be able to file your taxes with a TurboTax Live expert compared to filing on your own?

Ricky: I felt confident and assured in the process of filing my taxes knowing that I had an expert working with me. There were things my expert knew that I would not have considered when filing on my own.

How has the Little Lift from TurboTax Live helped you or others?

Ricky: The Little Lift from TurboTax Live has been a major blessing! There will be multiple schools and student groups from across the country that I can hold leadership workshops with to empower them with the tools to be inspirational leaders in their school, community, and world.

Ricky Shares His Experience with TurboTax Live Self-Employed

TurboTax Live Self-Employed Has You Covered

If you’re self employed, like Ricky, keep in mind that TurboTax Live Self-Employed is the perfect tax solution for freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners. You’ll have a dedicated tax expert at your fingertips, who will listen to understand your unique situation and answer your questions. They can even do your taxes for you, from start to finish! Get a little lift from TurboTax Live experts who will help you get every dollar you deserve.

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