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  • #LittleLifts: A Little Lift for Michael
Little Lift recipient Michael
Little Lift recipient Michael

#LittleLifts: A Little Lift for Michael

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Last year, teachers around the country stepped up by going above and beyond to educate and engage students in a virtual world. When Micheal shifted from teaching in the classroom, to teaching online, he had plenty of questions about how working from home would affect his taxes. This tax season, TurboTax Live stepped in to give this dedicated teacher a little lift, with advice to help him uncover more tax deductions and a surprise to help inspire his students.

Dedicated Teacher Michael Gets a #LittleLift from TurboTax Live

We caught up with Michael for an update on his Little Lift from TurboTax Live.

How would you describe your experience with TurboTax Live?

Michael: My TurboTax Live experience was amazing and put me at ease and took a huge weight off my shoulders. So grateful!

What were some of the most surprising or helpful things that you learned from your TurboTax Live expert?

Michael: My expert easily answered both of my concerns with ease. Incredible experience!

How did it make you feel to be able to file your taxes with a TurboTax Live expert compared to filing on your own?

Michael: STRESS FREE! :- )

Would you recommend TurboTax Live to your family and friends?

Michael: I already have. Many of my friends told me they would check out TurboTax Live because of my experience that I shared with them.

How has the Little Lift from TurboTax helped you or others?

Michael: Huge! Beyond what I thought it would! As a teacher, I took the Lift and went big! I created an entire line of classes to offer children all over the country because of the Little Lift! I am officially ‘launching’ five different classes! I would never have taken that leap if not for the Little Lift from TurboTax Live! Now I can truly potentially reach millions of children with my lessons…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I can never thank you enough for how my life has been changed on many levels because of this experience!

Michael Shares His Experience with TurboTax Live

TurboTax Live Has You Covered

If you’ve had to adapt to a new way of working like Michael, keep in mind that TurboTax Live is the perfect tax solution no matter how you want to get your taxes done (whether that’s just a little help or fully handing your taxes off). You’ll have a dedicated tax expert at your fingertips, who will listen to understand your unique situation and answer your questions. And you can get expert help from the comfort of your couch! You don’t even need to leave your home office, change out of your pajamas or schedule a babysitter. Get a little lift from TurboTax Live experts who will help you get every dollar you deserve.

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