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Little lift recipient Jose
Little lift recipient Jose

#LittleLifts: A Little Lift for Jose

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From taking on side gigs, to freelancing or launching new businesses, millions of small business owners are finding new ways to make ends meet. This tax season, TurboTax Live gave one dedicated family man and small business owner a little lift, with advice to help him navigate his unique tax situation and a surprise to help him invest in his family’s future!

Small Business Owner Jose Gets a #LittleLift from TurboTax Live

We caught up with Jose for an update on his Little Lift from TurboTax Live.

What are some of the big life changes or challenges that you experienced in the past year? Did they affect your taxes this year?

Jose: First of all, a huge thanks to all the healthcare workers and scientists who have helped us overcome this pandemic. This past year, my work hours got reduced and I had to adapt to the new norm, so I decided to use my 17 years of audio experience and build a mini home studio to help me work from home and be able to provide for my family. 

Since I built a home studio and I work from home, my taxes had a major change this year. I still have my job, but I also became self-employed so this year I’m going to have to include my studio and other self-employed expenses that I may not have had the previous year.

What were some of the key pivots that you made to your business last year to adjust to a virtual world?

Jose: I had to adapt, and I used my skills and knowledge to build a mini home studio to do my writing and audio production. I was also able to use my free time to write a book about podcast and podcast production to help anyone who has questions on how to build a home studio, how to start, and produce a podcast.

What were some of the key questions or concerns you had about filing your taxes this year?

Jose: Since I became a small business owner and an indie writer, I wanted to make sure I knew all the laws so I could maximize my expenses to have the correct return. I work from home for my normal job, my writing, and business so I needed help to differentiate everything and file each of them correctly to the IRS.

How would you describe your experience with TurboTax Live Self-Employed?

Jose: Thanks to the help of a live expert in TurboTax Live, the experience was made simple and easy from the comfort of my home studio.

What were some of the most surprising or helpful things that you learned from your TurboTax Live expert?

Jose: Diana from TurboTax Live made it easy to file and differentiate my job, my writing, and business.

How did it make you feel to be able to file your taxes with a TurboTax Live expert compared to filing on your own?

Jose: Very helpful and correct. Sometimes we may not know all the rules that apply to every situation, so Diana made it simple and easy to file my taxes correctly.

Would you recommend TurboTax Live to your family and friends?

Jose: I already did!

How has the Little Lift from TurboTax Live helped you and others?

Jose: Thanks to the Little Lift that TurboTax Live gave my son, his future already looks brighter! Thank you TurboTax!

Jose Shares His Experience with TurboTax Live Self-Employed

TurboTax Live Self-Employed Has You Covered

If you’re self-employed, like Jose, keep in mind that TurboTax Live Self-Employed is the perfect tax solution for freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners. No matter how you want to get your taxes done (whether that’s just a little help or fully handing your taxes off), you can feel confident your taxes are done right with help from our bilingual TurboTax Live tax experts, who can give you personalized advice in English or Spanish.

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