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Guide to Filing Taxes on Mobile Phone or Tablet

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Did you know that you can file your taxes from your phone or iPad with TurboTax? In the last minute tax deadline crunch, TurboTax can help you easily make it across the finish line and file your taxes using your mobile device in four easy steps.

It’s really simple, and as easy as 1, 2, 3 …file!

  1. Download the TurboTax Mobile app.
  2. Take a photo of your W-2 with your smartphone or iPad. With the app, TurboTax will automatically put your information from your W-2 directly into the correct forms. Or if you like, you can use the app to import your W-2 information directly from your employer. For many taxpayers, they can snap a photo of their W-2, verify their information, answer a few questions and they’re done.
  3. Before you file, if you have questions you can get help via one-way video with the SmartLook feature to get one-on-one answers, on demand. Your TurboTax specialist will answer your questions and guide you by drawing on your screen.
  4. Lastly, e-file from your mobile device and make it before the tax deadline.

So there you have it – mobile filing in it three easy steps and you’re done filing your taxes. Now it’s time to decide what you’ll do with your tax refund when it arrives!

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