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Now Accepted: You Can File Your 2014 Tax Return with TurboTax Today!

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The IRS announced this week that they are opening the 2015 tax filing season on January 20, 2014, but why wait to file your 2014 taxes? TurboTax is accepting tax returns today so that you can get closer to your maximum tax refund. Last tax season about 75% of taxpayers received a tax refund close to $3,000.

Here are 6 quick tips to help you get a jump-start on your tax refund:

  1. Get Your Tax Refund as Fast as Possible with TurboTax W-2 Form Finder
  • If you didn’t receive your W-2 yet, you can still start your tax return now and get your tax refund as fast as possible by importing your W-2 with TurboTax W-2 Form Finder. We can import your W-2 electronically from over one million participating employers and financial institutions so you can finish your taxes sooner.
  1. Don’t Forget What You Did in 2014
  • I’m sure you won’t forget the big things like getting married or having a baby, but our lives are busy and some of the little expenses can add up to big tax deductions.       Don’t forget that your 2014 expenses related to your job search, day camp for the kids, charitable donations, and medical expenses to name a few, may help you get a bigger tax refund.  Make sure you have those receipts in hand when you go online to prepare your taxes.
  1. Get Organized
  • Take time to gather your necessary paperwork, forms, receipts, and checklist for your 2014 taxes.  TurboTax asks simple questions specific to you, but having your documents ready to go will save you time.
  • Keep an empty folder next to where you keep your mail.  When your W-2s and 1099s start to roll in you can keep them all together in one folder.
  1. Double Check Social Security Numbers
  • Make sure you have your correct social security numbers before sitting down to file your taxes.  Incorrect social security numbers for you, your spouse, and dependents will cause you to miss out on valuable tax deductions and credits.
  1. Take One More Available Tax Deduction
  • Even though it’s already 2015 there is still time to contribute to your IRA, putting more money in your nest egg and increasing your tax refund.  You have up until the day you file your taxes to make a contribution for 2014 and lower your taxes.
  1. Don’t wait to file.
  • Last year about 75% of taxpayers received a tax refund and the average tax refund was close to $3,000, so there is no reason to wait!
  1. Don’t Forget TurboTax has Valuable Tools to Help You Accurately File Your Taxes– Whether you have a tax question or would like to track your tax refund, TurboTax has a suite of tools and personalized help so you are never left alone. Here are a few of them:
  • We’re here to answer your questions – Help is on hand when you need it. Talk to credentialed CPAs and EAs live via phone or chat or visit TurboTax AnswerXchange to get your questions answered.
  • Get answers to health care questionsTurboTax Health is here to answer your questions about the new health care law and whether it impacts your taxes.
  • File your taxes across devices – The new TurboTax Mobile App includes the full TurboTax product line up and allows you to move seamlessly across devices so you can start on your tablet or phone and finish online.
  • Check your e-file status and track your tax refund – Once your tax return is e-filed you can track your e-file status and your tax refund on the go with TurboTax MyTaxRefund.

TurboTax is up to date with all the latest tax laws, including the new health care law and you can easily and accurately file your taxes with confidence when you use TurboTax.


56 responses to “Now Accepted: You Can File Your 2014 Tax Return with TurboTax Today!”

  1. Can i file 2014 and 2012 on the 2015 turbotax? I know i have to do the years seperate. Just want to know if i can file the old ones on there still

  2. Will all parts of turbotax b ready by the 19th which is opening date to efile because I’m still seeing later dates for some forms to b ready.

  3. Why do i keep getting rejected for incorrect pin- This is so stupid its 5 numbers and i have not entered it wrong- i even rechecked with irs for additional pin and they gave me the same ones. What is the point in e-file when it never works.. last year mine kept getting rejected for my ssn being already files on another return- Never did get a answer for that one.. so i guess i just have to print them out and submit.

  4. It keeps asking me for a bank account number to direct deposit my money but I don’t have a bank account last year I got them on the money network card how do I fix this

  5. I filed my taxes on Feb 28 how do.I know if it was sent properly. And how long for tax return

  6. I tried to do my taxes today, TT says I cant file because they gov’t hasn’t released the forms I need yet.
    What is going on?

    • Hi Joanie,
      Can you please let me know what forms they are so I can check for you.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  7. I wasaccepted on jan 12 and have been waiting. I had two 570 codes and now there is a 424 code… uuugh help, what does this even mean?

  8. I filed and was accepted on the 14th of feb its now march 5th and i still have not bn approved what do i need to do it says processing

  9. I filed my daughters taxes on Jan 24th and it was accepted the same day — it is now March 2nd and we have yet to receive her check- has anyone heard what the hang ups are this year– where’s my refund only says being processed… Or do you know a number we can call to talk to someone their website is not helpful

  10. My husband & I efiled on 1/28, it was accepted that same day, then approved 1/29. It is now 3/2 & WMR is still saying “being processed”. I called IRS, finally got a person & she found out they had to correct something on the return but did not know what. Is this something Turbo Tax did wrong? I thought TT guaranteed correct returns. Now IRS is saying another 6-8 weeks.

  11. I filed with TT on January 25th and it said it was accepted within 30 min.but now its Feb 9th and still nothing. What taking it so long to approve me?

  12. I did my taxes on jan 31 and still have not gotten an email saying it was accepted. Last year I got an email in 20 min. im cincerned

  13. I filed with TT on January 5th . Got an email saying I was one of the “lucky ones” because the irs accepted my return early on jan 12th . Well today is jan 30th and it still has not been approved in fact it just says it has been accepted and is being processed but it doesn’t even say when it was accepted . I know people who filed on the 20th who already got DDD’s does this mean there is a problem with my return ? I thought accepted early meant processed early . I also thought lucky was a good thing too but I’m not feeling very lucky after this . How do I know if there is an issue ?

  14. Do you get your state refund sooner than federal when you use turbo tax for both or is about the same time?

  15. Well when i filed last year, It took about a week and a half to finally get approved which was filling 2/19 then got approved 3/1 so I hope this helps any

  16. TT sent me an email stating the IRS accepted my return on the 20th. When I use the WMR tool, IRS says it’s still processing. Why am I getting 2 different answers?

  17. Here it is the 2nd of January 2015 and Turbo Tax Freedom Addition is still not available. It says come back mid-January. It is almost the END of January. What is the holdup???

  18. I filed my W2 Jan.16 and received an email it was accepted today(Jan.20),and it would be dd anywhere between Jan.21 and Feb.10th

  19. I went through Efile and got a email on the 13th that my return was ACCEPTED by the irs, but here we are on the 20th an still not saying approved? When they accept it early an (some did last yr) does that mean they will be refunded early as well? Or do the test batches still have to wait for the 20th to get processed ?

    • I’m in the exact same boat you are. I efiled on 12th, was accepted on 13th. Today’s the 22nd and it hasn’t been approved yet. Was yours?

  20. I filed on the 14th with turbotax and mines still says pending but others have gotten accepted why is that

  21. I filed with turbo tax on the 14th and it hasn’t said anything but pending and many others where accepted already why??

  22. Hi, I filed with free tax usa and I was one of the ones who got excepted early on 1/12/15. Just my opinion but I believe those of us who got excepted early will get a date tomorrow 1/20/15.

  23. “If you didn’t receive your W-2 yet, you can still start your tax return now and get your tax refund as fast as possible by importing your W-2 with TurboTax W-2 Form Finder. We can import your W-2 electronically from over one million participating employers and financial institutions so you can finish your taxes sooner.”

    …as long as you know all the info that is going to be printed on said W-2. It asks for your Box 01 info in order to import it. I don’t know that info because I don’t have it yet. You should probably remove that aforementioned line.

  24. How long after it has been accepted will you receive a refund? Does it has to be after the 20th to get the refund also?

  25. I filed January 8th and mines were submitted January 12th. Just awaiting the email stating it was accepted.

  26. So are they being accepted or not? I received a notice that ours was accepted but yet along we were led to believe that they didn’t start processing until the 20th. Checking on the IRS website confirms that it is ‘being processed’. Now, on the news tonight, they are saying that the tax season is now delayed another 21-30 days. So, what gives? It seems no one has any answers. Is it on time? Delayed? Early? Come’on!

  27. Now a day we can file the tax online, anyone can register online and file the tax online. But if we can talk about the future of filing the tax, so, what is the next level of filing the tax? As everybody knows technology is playing great role in everything whether it’s an automobile, Infrastructure, Construction, Hand Phones and other gadgets etc. If we talk about the Hand phone due to the advancement in technology almost everybody is using Smartphone and next level of filing the tax is Smart filing. In 2014-15 onwards anyone who is using smart phone can file the tax using his or her Smartphone.

  28. I do my taxes through turbo tax every year and i love it. Its fast convenient and easy. I avoid large fees every year through turbo tax. I have a? When will the irs start accepting tax returns for 2014.