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TurboTax Brings Back Absolute Zero – Start Filing Your Taxes Today!

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Updated 3/16 – TurboTax Absolute Zero is no longer available, but you can still file your federal tax return for free with TurboTax Federal Free Edition. Get started today!

Just in time for tax season, TurboTax is once again offering TurboTax Absolute Zero, giving the 60 million Americans with simple tax returns the ability to file their federal and state taxes for free. Last year, TurboTax was the first and only tax service to give taxpayers this no-strings-attached offer and almost five million people took advantage of it, filing their taxes for absolutely $0.

Why we’re doing this

TurboTax Absolute Zero is designed for value-conscious taxpayers who have simple and straightforward tax returns, many of whom are living paycheck to paycheck. These taxpayers often make the least, but pay the most, to have their taxes prepared for them. As your tax partner, we understand how important it is to get every penny you deserve, so we’re alleviating the burden of tax-filing fees for the people that need it the most.

What the offer is, really

For the 2016 tax season, TurboTax is once again giving taxpayers the ability to easily and accurately file their federal 1040EZ or 1040A tax returns, as well as their state tax returns, for absolutely $0 with TurboTax Free Edition – $0 federal, $0 state and $0 to file.

No hidden costs

People filing a 1040EZ or 1040A can do their federal and state taxes with complete confidence knowing there is absolutely no better value available. TurboTax customers will not pay extra to comply with health care laws or to claim their Earned Income Tax Credit. Whether they choose to file online or on their phone, TurboTax delivers an effortless, worry-free experience that is personalized to help customers get their biggest tax refund possible.

Who qualifies?

To take advantage of TurboTax Absolute Zero, you must be one of the 60 million Americans who file a 1040EZ or 1040A. That means you have a taxable income of $100,000 or less and you claim the standard deduction rather than itemizing deductions. That’s 60 million taxpayers that could qualify! A few examples of people who won’t qualify: homeowners, independent contractors, or those with medical expenses.

Next steps

Simply go online to TurboTax Absolute Zero and take advantage of filing early to get the tax refund you deserve.

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  1. Can I qualify for the “absolute zero” return if I have 1099-int forms from my savings accounts and online stock broker account?

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