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HOLA! TurboTax Blog is NOW Bilingual

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TurboTax is thrilled to kick-off tax year 2018 with a special announcement: Our award-winning TurboTax blog relaunched to become fully BILINGUAL!

Bienvenidos! Welcome!

The new bilingual TurboTax Blog will offer consumers hundreds of pieces of content, videos and free tools designed to educate and empower them to plan and save more money in English and Spanish. The content categories include:

In addition to our new bilingual blog content, TurboTax will also continue to provide product support and bilingual tax advice from experienced CPAs and Enrolled Agents to help taxpayers through their filing experience through TurboTax Live assisted tax preparation.

We invite you to navigate and explore our Spanish blog site by visiting: https://blog.turbotax.intuit.com/es/

Hasta luego y nos vemos!

One response to “HOLA! TurboTax Blog is NOW Bilingual”

  1. Bien Arrancanos 2019 con TurboTax. Espero que me llegue el billete de impuestos.. Que vola los ingresos ya estan. Como agaro el ale?
    No way carnal no es hale..son dollares. Excuse me compa, como. Meto impuestos. Con quien hablo.

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