Government Shutdown is Over: IRS Will be Back to Work

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Last night Congress passed a bill to reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling through February 7, now thousands of government employees, including IRS personnel will be returning to work.

We don’t have IRS guidance regarding IRS operations yet, but we are closely monitoring for guidance and will let you know as soon as we find out.

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Lisa Greene-Lewis

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6 responses to “Government Shutdown is Over: IRS Will be Back to Work”

    • Gov funded until tax time over.Look out here comes the King of Obamanation. PS.file ASAP to keep him out of your refund.

  1. I was accepted right before the shut down 09/27 and my refund could not get processed until after the shutdown. Now that the shutdown is over my refund went into 21 days on the 18th an now the wmr bar are gone. Did the 21days count while the shut down was going on?

  2. Will the IRS begin to process tax returns and issue refunds automatically? Or do I need to contact them or anything of the sort? I submitted my tax return in the first week of October while the Govt was shutdown and I am due a refund.

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