IRS Update: The Government Shutdown and Your Taxes

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The government shutdown that took place on October 1 left everyone with questions about how the shutdown will impact them.

If you are one of the taxpayers that filed an extension, you may be wondering if the shutdown impacts filing your taxes.

Don’t worry.  We have you covered and have answers to your burning questions:

Should I still file my extended tax return in light of the shutdown?

Yes, you still need to file your tax return by the October 15th extended deadline.  E-filing your return is the fastest way to have your tax return processed.  Returns filed by mail will not be processed until after the shutdown is over.  Acknowledgements will be issued by the IRS for e-filed accepted tax returns.

You said paper filed returns will not be processed, but I have to mail mine.  Will it be considered timely filed?

Yes, although paper tax returns will not be processed until after the shut down is over, the postal service will still post mark your paper filed return.  Any tax return postmarked by the due date will be considered filed on time by the IRS.

Will the IRS shutdown exclude me from late filing penalties if I don’t file by October 15?

No, the IRS still requires that you file your tax return by the extended deadline.

I owe money on my 2012 taxes, what should I do?

You should submit the balance owed electronically when you e-file your taxes.  Payments received will still be posted to your account.

If you have a previous balance due, you should submit the payment as you normally do.

Will the government shutdown affect my tax refund?

If you e-file your tax return, the IRS will still process your tax return as it normally would.  If you are due a tax refund, it will be issued when the shutdown is over.

Can I still check the status of my tax refund?

If your tax return was processed before the shutdown, you can use “IRS Where’s My Refund?” to check the status of your tax refund.  If you e-filed your tax return after the shutdown your e-filed tax return will be processed, however you will not be able to check the status of your refund until after the shutdown is over.

I need to contact the IRS, but I can’t get through, what should I do?

During the government shut down, IRS agents will not be there to take your call.  At TurboTax we have you covered and are up to date with the latest tax laws.  Our tax experts are available to answer your questions.

For more information please view the IRS Announcement.

116 responses to “IRS Update: The Government Shutdown and Your Taxes”

  1. I filed my taxes jan. 20. 2 wks later I got a letter n the mail day saying in getting a desk audit for proof od eic for my gf and son that live with me.they need a c0py of there ss#. Any idea how long I xan expect ti wait to receive my taxes?? -thank you

  2. I got acepeted on january 30 now it says i have an appeal 151 what does that mean i called my tax prepared she dont want to help me out

  3. When I go to where’s my refund it tell me to check my information it the right information but it can’t tell me where my refund is

    • I have the same issue. I e-filed Feb 5th however it says no information available on the WMR site and the hotline #. Don’t know if this is a matter of the info not being put into the program or if they just haven’t processed mine yet. Thinking about calling tomorrow just to make sure they have it. My tax preparer said it was accepted yet according to the site, they have nothing.

      • Same here, however when I called, they said that they could not give any information until 21 days have passed. They said they did not start processing until the 31st. Your best bet is to call this week or next week, and be prepared for a long wait as this is the same info that give everyone. They will gets tons of calls about refunds after the 21 day period so I hope they are ready for the surge of callers….Oh and I filed on 1/23/2014 and still no return date or refund. My 21 days are almost over this week.

  4. Hi I did my taxes on turbo tax and i am supposed to receive 9669.00 , but I got a deposit in my bank for only 1606 three days ago is something wrong or is it just a partial payment because I do not owe money anywhere and I received they correct amount for my state in my bank account. I look on wheres my refund but it does not tell me anything

  5. I filed my paper 2012 taxes in November of 2013. I believe the shutdown was in progress. I am owed money. I haven’t seen it yet. What now? Is it valid, can I check it in any way?

    • Hi James,
      You should call the IRS and make sure they received your 2012 taxes and are processing it.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • I tried calling, and the options are a nightmare. What is the best way to get a live person to talk to me? They make it extremely difficult for those that are owed money to get information.

  6. I had got audit in 2012 but I sent my information in and they sent a letter saying how much I was going to get back but case isn’t close if I file my 2013 tax now will they audit it to or not since im in the process of getting my money for 2012

  7. Hi
    My boyfriend went to this tax preparer, i have mi itin number that my mom was to used for her taxes but she hasnt used it since 2011.. I gave it to him so he can add me as a dependent!! The tax preparer didnt ask anything and when she printed the papers the amount of the refund was lower!! Why did this happen? Maybe is the tax preparer hidding something or this could be posible to happen?

  8. I filed for an injured spouse received letter stating how much I would get back but no one at the irs can tell me when anyone know how long it takes to get injured spouse refund

  9. Hi I have a dilemma and can’t seem to find an answer for what I’m looking for back in 2012 I filed my taxes mailed them out certified and have proof that they were received on 3/26. Deadline was April 17 2012 however they were sent back because the signature was missing. Received on 4/20 and I overnight end them on 4/23 they rec on 4/24 so now they sent me a letter stating that they won’t give me a refund because they were filed after the dead line. Can I appeal and win this or should I just give up?

  10. Greetings:
    I filed my 2012 fed return as an extension on October 12, 2013 by paper… I cannot get a status of my refund via irs site, phone app or phone #. What should I do or what can I expect. Thanks,

  11. I filed my paper 2012 return before April 15, 2013 and included a tax payment. I called in May as I was going abroad, and there were no issues (demands, notices, requests for info etc.) I did receive a notice in Sept. stating my refund amt. had been adjusted, no amt. given. I called at the end of November, and as told the payment had been received, and the return was still being processed. I sadly assumed all was OK in May and made financial decisions as a result of that. Any Ideas?

  12. Hello!
    I have a question reguarding my 2011 tax return. I still have yet to file it, as it is a paper return, and was wondering if i have time left in the year to send it in so i am able to get my refund? If they recieve it before the end of december, will i get a refund or will it not get processed in time? I havent been able to send it in as i didnt have a job to pay for the filling fees. I would hate to lose out on the money im owed.

  13. I am just wondering since the government shut down meaning they didnt offer us any government services that out taxes pay for is there some way for all of us to get a tax credit for the time they shut down? If we were being taxed for a service we are not receiving shouldnt we get a refund for that period of time?

  14. How long does a mailed return take to be processed? I sent my 2011 & 2012 returns in on the 30th of Oct.I check WMR last week & ironically TY2011 is showing up but not TY2012. Spoke to IRS rep today said that they were received on NOV 20th and are being processed but 2012 is still saying No record found.He also stated 4 to 6 weeks form the day they recieved them is this true will I be waiting another month for my refund?

      • Zking Thank you for the reply!Finally someone who has the same scenario. Have you had any luck calling?If so what have you been told? I called and spoke to several reps last week& was told that my 2011 & 2012 were both received on Nov 20th. The 2011 return has been processed completely but they informed me that they have a hold on 2011 refund & none of them could give me a reason as to why. The last rep informed me iIf they needing anything they would send me a letter requesting information but they had 8 weeks from the day they recieved it to do so. CRAZY.I guess 2012 is just setting there on someones desk..From the horror stories on other blogs, it doesn’t look to promising. People have been waiting since Feb for 2012.Refunds that have no reasons for holds. So if you could keep me updated on your returns it would be greatly appreciated.

  15. I was wondering if tax refunds for returns filed electronically during the shutdown are being processed within the expected 10-21 days or if they have been delayed. if anyone knows, please comment. thanks!

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