Ways to Save When Doing DIY Arts/Crafts

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Looking to expand your skills with DIY art projects, but you’re on a budget? If you do a lot of crafts either for your own home, as a hobby, or as a side business, supplies and equipment can quickly add up. Here are some tips that can help you get the best deals on materials you need to create your next project.

Be a Savvy Shopper

First off, see if your local art store offers discounts for a being a loyal customer. If you’re not sure, ask them! You may be able to shave off a bit of your purchases each visit. I’m all for bargain hunting, but recognize where to save and where to spend. Some items can be bought at a great price, but still have quality while others are cheap because they’re cheap.
Grab your coupons either off-line from local papers or online with sites like RetailMeNot or Groupon. You can save big and get everything on your list. If your budget permits, buy some of your supplies in bulk. You can grab some for your more essential and regular supplies.

Making the Most Out of What You Have

Don’t waste any of your precious paint in the tube! For a few bucks you can pick up a paint tube wringer that will squeeze out the last drop. Be meticulous with caring for your current brushes and other items. Whether you have a home studio or a small nook where you do crafts, keep things organized. It’ll help you when you have to resupply and you can make sure your items last longer.

Finding Out of The Box Uses for Supplies

Artist and author Lee Hammond claimed that you can save big by getting a fisherman’s tackle box instead of a storage box from art stores! She also noted that suitable paint pallets can be found at the dollar store (they’re sold as condiment trays). Test out which tricks and tips work for your projects and budgets. You may discover that it’s worth spending the extra money on certain equipment.
Getting creative is all in the spirit of crafts so next time you’re looking at a new project, try to see if you can get some good deals on your supplies. You may be able to level up your skills and make this labor of love into a business you enjoy!
How many of you have a dedicated area for your crafts? What have been some of your favorite projects? What are your favorite ways to save on supplies?

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