Budget Friendly Ways to Make DIY Holiday Cards

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Holidays, breaks, and vacations are coming up. You may love to connect with your friends and family. However, while going home for a visit is a wonderful way to catch up with your relatives, it might not be possible this year. Your situation may call for another way to stay in touch.

A phone call to say hello or to give updates about what’s happened is a welcomed option, but you can also send a card with a heartfelt message. If you want to personalize even more, you can make your own holiday card.

Creating cards yourself either by hand or with the computer is a fantastic way to tell your loved ones just how special they are to you. They’re also budget friendly which makes it even sweeter.

Lovely Handmade Cards

Homemade cards can be even more special when your kids create them. Let them show off their talents and make custom cards for family and friends.

Need ideas for your cards? Here are a few of my favorite resources:

  • 25+ beautiful handmade cards: I’m amazed how people can create such beautiful cards using what they have around the house, including scraps. It’s creative and resourceful art.
  • 16 Creative Card-Making Ideas: Wonderful ideas on simple and elegant card designs; especially useful for those just starting out.

Digitally Designed Cards

If you’re nervous about making something with your own hands (I highly recommend it – it’s fun!), then you can use your laptop to make some cards for your loved ones. If you’re not so good with design, there are some free and affordable templates you can pick up. Sites like CreativeMarket offer up free goodies which can include some seasonal themed designs as well.

You can also grab some freebies throughout the year from The Balance, including holiday cards. One clever and frugal way to make your holiday cards special without breaking the bank is to use business postcards.  Sounds unconventional and a bit odd, but if you have a large family it can be a money saver.

Just like wedding supplies can be more expensive than other comparable supplies, you can get a better deal thinking outside the box. You can customize and adjust the postcard so all traces of business are gone. Make it personal and professional with pictures of you and the family along your greetings.

Thoughts on DIY cards? I’d love to hear from you. Have you made your own cards? What tips or tricks do you have?

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