How to Save Money on Halloween with DIY

Income and Investments Stock Photo by Sean Locke

One of the scariest things about Halloween is how much Americans spend – more than $8.4 billion in 2016, to be exact. Most people spent an average of about $82 on candy and costumes and Halloween decorations in 2016, but you don’t have to follow that trend. Here are some great tips to trick your Halloween budget while still treating yourself.

  1. Spend less on candy. Sure, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without lots of candy. Instead of buying several smaller bags of candy, buy in bulk at your discount warehouse store. You’ll be able to hand out more candy at the door without feeling guilty for what you’ve spent.
  2. Don’t buy costumes, make them. Take the kids to the store and have them pick out a scary mask, buy some cloth for a cape, sew some Halloween-themed cutouts on it, and you’ll have a Halloween costume fast as you can say “Boo”! For other ideas, go online and look for DIY Halloween costumes to spark some new ideas.
  3. Look for inexpensive decorations. If you have a surplus or dollar store in your town, drop in to see what they have. You may find a little here and a little elsewhere – Halloween decorations are everywhere this time of year, so keep your eyes open for the best deal. On November 1, go shopping for next year’s decorations. Halloween is one holiday that won’t go out of style!
  4. Use pumpkins as double-duty decorations. Don’t be the first one on your block to buy your Halloween pumpkins, be the last. Buy pumpkins the day before Halloween, use them uncarved as decorations, and they are likely to last long enough to grace your Thanksgiving table as well.
  5. Scare up some free events. Many schools and community centers host parties for the kids, and many merchants sponsor trick or treat in their shopping centers. Look for flyers posted around town, or search online for Halloween gatherings in your community. Kids naturally love Halloween, and schools and organizations are happy to help kids have a great time with their friends.

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