How Much Does It Cost to Attend the World Series?

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With tickets to the game ranging from $600 to over $2,000, airline flight tickets averaging $1,000 round-trip and hotel prices at a $200 minimum each night, making a trip for the big game could end up costing you $2,000 or more!

Whether you are sitting behind third base snacking on some peanuts or relaxing on your couch with your friends, here are a few ways to save while you watch the 2019 World Series:

Cheap Seats: Tickets will be ranging from at least $600 to over $2,000. Generally, seats will be cheaper the higher you go up in the stadium, so snagging a seat at a higher level may be your best and cheapest option!

Skip the Snacks: Peanuts and baseball have always been the world’s best-known pairing, however, you may want to skip the treats this time around. With a 12 oz. beer, bags of chips and one hotdog totaling to over $20, it’s a better plan to eat a hearty meal at home or even tailgate beforehand to get the full World Series experience, and not miss out on any fun. If you just can’t cut the craving for peanuts, split the cost with a friend or two to make the total a little cheaper for everyone.

Pass on Parking: Not only can stadium parking be a hassle, but for almost $20 a spot, sometimes it’s worth it to find alternative parking that can help you save. Consider parking off-site at a local parking structure that only requires $5-$10 dollars for parking! Or better yet, take public transportation or a ridesharing service such as Uber or Lyft and nix the parking fees and hassle! Both options can be cheaper than driving your own car and paying for parking.

Make it an At-Home Affair: Instead of making a trip or buying tickets to your local stadium, throw your own viewing party. No need to get fancy with decorations, just head over to the Dollar Store for materials like paper plates, plastic utensils and foam cups for less than $10! Cheaper costs, fewer dishes and more money to spend on decorations such as flags and banners or colored streamers to match your favorite team.

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