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Yes, Taxes CAN Be Fun: Host a Tax Party

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On February 7, thousands of Americans across the country will host their own official tax parties, or as we like to call them, TurboTax You Parties.

We know what you’re thinking: “When I think party, I don’t think taxes.” Well, it’s time for you to redefine “party”. The TurboTax You Party is an easy way to help your friends and family save money by empowering them with the skills to take control of their taxes and finances.

It’s also the perfect time to celebrate everything that has happened in their lives over the past year. Whether they had a baby, got married, donated to charity, started a business, or made a move, your tax party is an opportunity to raise a tax-themed cocktail in honor of 2014!

To join the fun, we’ve compiled our favorite tips if you’re hosting your own DIY tax party soon, including essential supplies, tasty recipes and budget-friendly décor ideas.

Read on to learn how you can host your own tax party, and be sure to share your tax party moments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #HappyYouYear hashtag.

Set Up & Supplies

Set up a large table where your guests can spread out their W-2s and other tax forms. Also, make sure the table is near some outlets with extension cords, so everyone can fully charge their device of choice for filing!


True to our TurboTax roots, we’re going with a blue-and-red themed party. No matter what theme you choose, we recommend making your own decorations to save money. Here are a few of our favorite DIY party décor ideas:

Food & Drinks

We’re all about making taxes and finances fun, so why not put a little twist on your party’s refreshments?

Interested in hosting an official TurboTax You Party next year? Sign up today and we’ll let you know when applications are open! Hosts receive themed party supplies plus 100% OFF all TurboTax online products.

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  1. you are out of your mind. Filling out taxes needs to be done alone and in a quiet atmosphere and people do not want others to see how much money they made in the year! It seems that very little intelligent thought has gone into this idea.

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