Where’s My Tax Refund? How to Check Your Refund Status

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With refund season well underway and the average tax refund being close to $2,800 last tax season, we are hearing the common tax season question: “Where’s My Refund?”

We know that you work hard for your money and often a tax refund may be the biggest check you get all year, so we’re here to let you know what happens after you hit the e-file button and how to check the status of your tax refund.

Here is a breakdown of IRS processing times, how your tax return will progress through 3 stages with the IRS (“Return Received”, “Return Approved”, and “Refund Sent” once you e-file), and where you can go to check your refund status.

Refund Processing Time

  • E-filed tax returns with direct deposit – E-file with direct deposit is the fastest way to get your federal tax refund. The IRS states that 9 out of 10 e-filed tax returns with direct deposit will be processed within 21 days of IRS e-file acceptance.
  • Mailed paper returns – Refund processing time is 6 to 8 weeks from the date the IRS receives your tax return.

Refund Process

  1. Start checking status 24 – 48 hours after e-file – Once you have e-filed your tax return, you can check status using IRS Where’s My Refund? You will not be able to start checking the status of your tax refund for 4 weeks if you mail a paper tax return.
  2. Return Received Notice within 24 – 48 hours after e-file – The IRS Where’s My Refund tool will show “Return Received” status once they begin processing your tax return.  You will not see a refund date until the IRS finishes processing your tax return and approves your tax refund.
  3. Status change from “Return Received” to “Refund Approved” – Once the IRS finishes processing your tax return and confirms your tax refund is approved, your status will change from “Return Received” to “Refund Approved”. Sometimes the change in status can take a few days, but it could take longer and a date will not be provided in Where’s My Refund? until your tax return is processed and your tax refund is approved.
  4. Where’s My Refund? tool shows refund date – The IRS will provide a personalized refund date once your status moves to “Refund Approved”. The IRS issues 9 out of 10 refunds within 21 days of acceptance if you e-file with direct deposit.
  5. Where’s My Refund? shows “Refund Sent” – If the status in Where’s My Refund? shows “Refund Sent”, the IRS has sent your tax refund to your financial institution for direct deposit. It can take 1 to 5 days for your financial institution to deposit funds into your account. If you requested that your tax refund be mailed, it could take several weeks for your check to arrive.

Here are more answers to your common tax refund questions:

Will I see a date right away when I check status in “Where’s My Refund”? 

Where’s My Refund tool will not give you a date until your tax return is received, processed, and your tax refund is approved by the IRS.

It’s been longer than 21 days since the IRS has received my tax return and I have not received my tax refund.  What’s happening?

Some tax returns take longer than others to process depending on your tax situation. Some of the reasons it may take longer are incomplete information, an error, or the IRS needs to review it further.

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, signed into law in December 2015, requires the IRS to hold tax refunds that include Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) until February 15, 2017 regardless of what method you used to file your taxes.  The IRS began accepting and processing tax returns when they opened for the season on January 23, 2017. Tax refunds for those who claim Earned Income Tax Credit or Additional Child Tax Credit will begin to be issued on February 15, 2017, so there’s no need to wait! The sooner you e-file your return, the sooner you’ll get your tax refund. According to the IRS, taxpayers who claim the EITC or ACTC will likely see refunds the week of February 27.

I requested my money be automatically deposited into my bank account, but I was mailed a check. What happened?

The IRS is limiting the number of direct deposits that go into a single bank account or prepaid debit card to three tax refunds per year. Your limit may have been exceeded.

Haven’t filed your taxes yet? Get that much closer to your tax refund and file today. You may even be able to e-file your federal and state tax returns for absolutely nothing and have your federal tax refund in your pocket within 21 days.

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  1. Still waiting on my refund its been pass 60 days called on the 13th to be told to call back in 2wks if I don’t receive a refund by the 27th which they gave me the date of apr 12th. Smh!

  2. Hi everyone need help this is my first time and am worry really need that money so I filed 2/12/was received check IRS website where’s my refund no answer still in process I finally called IRS and it when thru IRS rep advised me there was a letter send out and I should receive it by now nothing yet she said the answer will be in the letter she said she could not tell me anything I think its weird !

    1. Hi, I finally got a hold of someone from Department of Taxation (808-587-4242), they just got a memo sayings the refunds will take 10 to 14 weeks vice 8 weeks, even if you efiled. Today is my 9th week, I hope I get it next week.

  3. Received a letter yesterday afternoon from the IRS saying they are in the process of conducting a thorough review of my tax return information to insure the accuracy of my return information. Also in this letter they told me to do nothing in response of this letter since I had already filed my taxes back on Jan. 28. Sooooo this letter was them buying more time to hold on to my return and pretty much telling me to “shut up and eat it!” This is beyond absurd! I’m not that dumb to try and commit tax fraud! I mean if they had no problems putting Lauryn Hill in jail, they’d throw me in in a second. I’m not even trying to go that route.

    1. I filed my taxes Feb 2 and was accepted same day. 2 weeks later received that same letter. Thorough review and at this time do nothing more then sign and send back the “I got it and understand and am complying” letter. But here I am 70 days later no second letter. Called IRS and they said no 2nd letter had been sent and they had till this Monday April 13th to decide. Well here I am no update online and no letter. Been trying to call irs since Monday but they changed their phone and now I have to enter my social and shortly after I do so…Boom no call volume and hung up on?!?! What is going on this year!!

    PROCESSING DATE Apr. 06, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20151105 04-06-2015 $76.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$4,440.00
    570 Additional account action pending 04-06-2015 $0.00 I got this on mine and still where’s my refund says we received your tax return its being processed which the same refund amount of 4364 and I don’t know what’s going on all I know is I should have received my refund I did the identity and I test duh I did my identity over the phone and the lady said I don’t receive my refund no later than 5 weeks and that was done in the beginning of March anybody know what this means above on my transcripts

    1. I filed at the end of Jan., did the IRS ID verify and here it is April 13th and I’m still waiting. So to answer your question…..I’d be surprised if you got it when they say you’ll get it.

    2. I filed my taxes Feb 2 and was accepted same day. 2 weeks later received that same letter. Thorough review and at this time do nothing more then sign and send back the “I got it and understand and am complying” letter. But here I am 70 days later no second letter. Called IRS and they said no 2nd letter had been sent and they had till this Monday April 13th to decide. Well here I am no update online and no letter. Been trying to call irs since Monday but they changed their phone and now I have to enter my social and shortly after I do so…Boom no call volume and hung up on?!?! What is going on this year!!

  5. I filed March 12, 2015. Every time I check where’s my refund, all it says is that my return is still being processed and a refund date will be available when provided. What does this mean?

  6. Filed end of February and still nothing. Says my return is being processed and everytime I attempt to call I get a recording saying they are unable to take my call. Tried multiple times calling and always get the same thing. This is ridiculous I just want to at least talk to an actual person and see what is going on. Never had an issue with this in previous years what is the issue this year?

  7. Update. I filled my refund on 01/27/2015. Was told to wait the 21 days. Called on my 21st days and was told that it was under review and to allow 6-8 weeks. Waited 7 weeks, called back and someone eles told me that since it had been 7 weeks that he would submitt a referral to have my funds released. Moral of the story…the IRS is really messing up this year. Everytime I call, reps tell me the same thing. ” they have no idea why i havent recieved them, everything was accepted and approved and they will send it up. This is very frustrating. Anyone else have the same problem as mine ?

    1. Yes, I filed Jan 24, getting told the same thing. Nothing, yet. Looks like I filed before anyone on this thread. I’ve been commenting since Feb. I’m really worried.

    2. I just the same thing happen to me except its been 9 weeks since they first told me 6 to 8 weeks i called today they also said they are sending up a referral to that department and that it could take up to 6 more weeks for me to either recieve my tax refund or recieve some sort of information as to when i will recieve it fingers crossed it doesnt take that long and actually recieve my money instead of a letter

    3. I check the refund status and they said my check was mailed out on March 20th, 3 weeks ago and still no check. When I call they tell me I can’t call to inquire about it until April 17th, that’s messed up. I am thinking my check is lost or stolen, can anyone tell me something to do I am worried that it’s not here.

    4. Yes, I filed on 2/11/15. I am trying to get a hold of them, but the phones are not working. Been calling since April 8, I either get hanged up or it says to call later. I paid with Turbo tax for e-file and have not gotten my State yet.

    5. Yes! I filed the same day and haven’t received anything yet But everytime I call its the weekend or they tell me to call on certain days…… I haven’t tried calling on those certain days

    6. Return filed electronically 2/28/15 with direct deposit. As of 3/14/15 nothing. Have been out to
      IRS office 3 times to no avail. Same thing return up for review, but no one can tell me the reason it is up for review.
      At wits end where do go from here (can’t get thru on phone & after 2 to 2 1/2 hrs waiting at office still no answers.
      Any suggestions what next step would be?????????

      1. I call an tax advocate she explain to me that all those who had id theft in the past this year there were going to be verify one by one manually so supposedly thats the reason of why is taking so long

    7. Yup. I filed mine on 1/28/2015, did the ID verify in early March and still have nothing. Even the WMR says “can’t tell you anything about the refund.”

  8. Update: I finally recieved my refund. I filed February 7th. I was flagged for identity theft last year and was not aware of that. I was stuck waiting and waiting. I got a tax advocate who was very helpful and honest with me. She tried to have it pushed through the processing for me since it was under review. It took a few weeks, but it was much better then the date in May they were giving me as a “possible” date. If you need your refund and have no answers get a tax advocate. All the answers I kept getting from the irs help line were not accurate, I don’t think they always know what they are looking at.

      1. I called the Denver Tax Advocate, since I live in CO, and the advocate should call me by the 15th so I’m hoping things will start moving along. I called the IRS again this morning and got the same run-around I have been getting for months. Now, the date of April 10 that they promised isn’t correct anymore (according to them). I should expect it by the 27th of this month. I’ve had it with empty promises. I don’t think they know what they are doing, which is why I’m getting the advocate. Done with this!

    1. Congrats! Thanks for letting us know. If ours doesn’t come along in a week or two, I’ll head on over for an advocate, too! Thanks!

  9. Filed my tax on Feb 3 was told I’m under review and to wait 6 weeks called back they told me im still processing I should be released on the 2nd that date done came and left still no refund so I called back the rep said my 60 days up on the 12th of April I told her the person I spoke with said the 2nd baby they tells you anything just to get you off the phone smh!

    1. We really need straight forward answer
      This never happen to me before Is april 9 on february 6 i was accepted and still processing what the heg is going on

      1. Just finish talking to irs this is what they say i have to wait until april 17 so my case can get close so they can release my funds

    2. Hi Michelle, read my post above. They are doing the same thing to me! I filed on Jan 24. I’m getting the run-around, too. It’s ridiculous. Call your state tax advocate.

  10. Thought I’d leave an update just saying that I have not received anything, either and I filed Jan. 24th so a lot of us are in the same boat. Yes, I have called several times, went through the ID verify thing, keep getting told “it was be blah, blah weeks”. They are saying I should have it by April 10. Yeah, right. When pigs fly. I can’t believe they are getting away with this.

    1. It took 10 days to reach an actual person after I received the letter to verify my identity. It’s been four weeks from that and again I am getting a recording to try back next business day. I filed Jan 30th.

      1.  same here got the letter like 2 months after I filed  called to verify been waiting and waiting. wheres my refund shows the same old crap. I filed jan.15th. some one knows something and there sure not telling us. and of course turbo tax still took out there fees imagine that?? trust me I am done with turbo tax.

      2. Hi Donovan, sorry you’re going through this. It’s hell, isn’t it? If I have not received anything by this Friday (the 10th) I will call every IRS number there is and speak to different people until I get the answer I deserve. So you don’t have to wait days to get a hold of a live person, try this when you call the number. It’s worked for me every time. Sure, I’ve had to wait on hold for 30 min – an hour but at least you can talk to someone, although I have no idea how TRUTHFUL they are being.

        Call the 800-829-1040 number. When the recording comes on you can hit 1, then wait until it starts talking, hit 5 and then wait again, and hit 3. This will get you to a live person.

  11. I filed on february 6 was accepted same day and still nothing how much longer do we have to wait to get our money if it was us owning irs i bet you we would be lock up already for not paying on time

    1. Best way to an agent is call 800-829-1040 then go with options 1, 2, 2, 4, then 1.) I filed Feb 2nd and called March 2nd and got thru to a live person who said there was some processing issue or They waited for me to verify my identity which could be the truth because I had to answer a series of personal questions but that could be just to verify my account – I got my return April 1, 2015 which in the past 6-7 years of using Turbo Tax is the longest! last year it took 2 weeks.

      1. Thanks for the number spoke to a rep who informed me the return did not post and had to be manually proccessed. To check on 04/13/2015 to see if closed if not a referral would be sent to uave return closed and refund released.

      2. Hi, I just used the phone number you provided and actually talked to someone, hope I get good news

  12. I filed electronically feb.17 and can’t get any word. The phone number I got has a busy signal 24/7. All I get from where’s my refund is still being processed.What to do??

  13. I filed my taxes feb.4 2015 ,and since then my WMR said still processing ,it wasn’t until April 3 that it changed to return received and today april 4 it says return approved and I have a date for April 8 for a deposit.you can’t imagine how happy and relieved I was to see that after months of checking the site and worried something was wrong,if your in the same situation make sure you call the irs and make sure everything’s accurate to save time ,for me they just said nothing’s wrong it’s just taking a while to process,and I would say it’s because I went through turbotax ,since they have a higher instance of fraud I believe the irs took longer to process their e files. Be patient it’s coming

    1. Congrats! Hope you do get it – please let us know! As far as the delay being due to TurboTax, I doubt it. We filed via our CPA (same one we’ve used for over a decade) and this is the first year ours has ever been late like this. We’re like you – filed beginning of Feb, but we’re about a week after you, so you give me hope! Thanks!

  14. I have already efiled my state and federal for 2014 and received my state before my federal. Both where direct deposit. I also filed my 2013 but had to mail them in. The irs has received and approved and said it will be mailed by the third. Today is the 3rd and it still has not been sent. I asked for direct deposit but they mailed it. Worried

  15. I filed my taxes on Jan. 20th. Received a letter from the IRS on Jan. 28 indicating that they are “in the process of conducting a thorough review of my return information”. The next week I received 2 separate letters from the IRS, both were the same thing, the 5071C requesting an identity verification. I called on Feb. 25th and after being on hold for 1 1/2 hours, I was finally able to speak with an agent and compete the ID Verify. 2 weeks later, I received a THIRD 5071C letter, called the number, and repeated the process of holding for over an hour before I got through. This time, the agent advised that my ID Verify had been completed already and was unsure why I received another 5071C letter. She told me to wait 90 days and call back if I hadn’t seen my refund yet. So for those of you who filed in Feb or March and still haven’t received anything, trust me it could be worse. The icing on the cake: TurboTax drafted $68 from my bank account last week since they were unable to pull the fees from my return. I have been using TurboTax since 2006 and this will be the last time.

    1. Best way to an agent is call 800-829-1040 then go with options 1, 2, 2, 4, then 1.) I filed Feb 2nd and called March 2nd and got thru to a live person who said there was some processing issue or They waited for me to verify my identity which could be the truth because I had to answer a series of personal questions but that could be just to verify my account – I got my return April 1, 2015 which in the past 6-7 years of using Turbo Tax is the longest! last year it took 2 weeks.

    2. this is what is happening to me as well. I filed on Jan. 26th and got a letter asking me to verify my identity and then a letter stating my refund was going through a thorough review.. its April 7th and I still haven’t got my return… I will NOT use turbo tax again.. maybe I will get it by next tax time..

      1. It’s definitely not TurboTax – it’s the IRS. We filed through a CPA and we’re stuck, too. Our return was accepted Feb 10. He has called 2x checking and they give him the same song and dance.

  16. My federal and state taxes were accepted on march 30th when go to check Where’s my refund it states there still no info at this time to check with in 24 hours. Ok its been more than 24 hours!!! What’s going on????

    1. We filed Feb 9, accepted Feb 10, and are still in “processing” stage. CPA prepared our taxes. Looked it over, found no errors. They even called the IRS. Was told by IRS last week it may be a month for us, but again, we filed back in Feb. Below are many, many people in the same boat. Good luck!

  17. I filed my taxes on Jan. 28th. 4 weeks later, no refund. I proceed to call the IRS and they gave me the identity verification number to call. 2 weeks after that, I finally received my 5071c letter (first week of March). After calling the 1-800 number numerous times, I finally got through. The guy verified it was me and told me 4-6 weeks until I get my refund. 2 weeks after that call, I even verified through the identity website just incase that guy messed something up. Well here it is April 1st and still no refund. I’m starting to think I’ll never see it. Don’t know what else to do. Seems like everyone else in this situation is getting the run around.

    1. You are not the only one I assure you. It took me 10 days to connect with an actual person via the telephone to verify my identity . I received that letter in the mail 5 WEEKS after I filed. WOW. If this isn’t a flagrant example of Uncle Scam then I don’t know what is. It seems the IRS is having a real hard time in handing that $12,345 check. I wonder how this would go if I owed them that amount?

      1. This is a first for us, too. Never had a beef with IRS until this year. The new commissioner needs to be canned. Filed Feb 9/accepted Feb 10 – still nothing. No letter, either. Just nothing.

    2. I also received that letter and it was on march 17 i filed my taxes on feb 3 so after me replying back to them i haven’t heard anything from them.

    3. This same thing happened to me 2 years in a row… 2012 I didnt receive my refund til june 25th and filed in January. 2013 I filed in February and didn’t recieve my refund til December 25th of 2013. In 2013 I was audited and that year the government shut down the day after I sent in all my paperwork. Someone contacted me in September that they received it after I had gotten 2 letters stating it was never received. I faxed and mailed everything to be on the safe side for the third time. Finally received my refund on Christmas morning which was nice but long over due.

  18. I filed 1/31 waited 21 days was then told to wait six to eights weeks in my 7th week I was told everything was being finished up so look for a date in about a week. Then spoke with my tax advocate she said there is no need to contact the irs first she said she would contact me on the 2nd and then the 7th. Long story short no job, no vehicle to get one

  19. I filed February 11th and still don’t have my refund. My husband and I desperately need that money asap or we’ll lose everything! I can’t get a hold of live person and don’t know what to do! Help!

  20. I filed my taxes on Jan.20 and it was accepted the next day. My WMR bars disappeared. I called an they said my refund had been pulled to do by hand. They said it should take 6-8 weeks. 8 weeks was yesterday. I called and they “say” they put on a referral for it to be pulled. No wait you first told me it would be done by 8 weeks. Now they’re saying the referral can take up to a month. Which is where they’re probably just going to ask for additional info. Why couldn’t they do this in the 8 weeks. This tax season is utter bullcrap.

  21. I filed on Jan 21 got a letter on Jan 29 saying I’m under review wait 60 days my 60 days are up called the IRS the lady told me Feb 19 started my 45 days and to call back on mar 5 and she said that she doesn’t see a release date yet but if I don’t receive anything by march 5 call back. There not asking me to send anything to the irs

    1. This is the exact thing they told me. Feb 19 started 45 day hold and that if I haven’t recvd refund by mar 5 to call back. Today is friday. The irs dont update transcripts on weekends right?

  22. i filed 1/22, it went into review 1/30. Been calling since my 21 days and nothing. Finally called yesterday and a nice lady told me she see they are finish reviewing and has closed it. She also said she see I am due a refund now so when should I be receiving my refund?

  23. After the IRS has closed your account from the investigation and there’s now a balance showing up, how long does it take for them to update WMR?

  24. I filled on Feb 6, got state back no Fed. When I call the -1040 number I just get automotive system how do I get to a live person?

    1. Call 800-829-0582 ex 652 you will get a live agent but you will be on hols at least 60 minutes I called this morning just told mine is still on hold with no release date but they do not need anything from me, I filed Jan 31st

      1. I can’t seem to get up with no one I received a letter saying to do my idverfiy but everything says the same on wmr nothing has changed

  25. I filed 1/22…got a 4883c form in the mail…verified my identity 3/6…wmr is still saying take action…n when i called the irs all they can say is everything looks good its processing dont call back until after 4/17 if you havent recieved your refund.im starting to wonder if they really got it processing especially if wmris still telling me to take action and after i already did almost a month ago!..is anyone having this problem?..why am i having this problem?

    1. Naomi I’m having the same problem I verified my Identity on mar 5 on the phone and they told me everything was good, but when u check WMR it’s still processing and I gotta wait til April 16 to call back if I haven’t receive it by then..

      1. Tamika do u know why they keep telling me its processing.i know they give u less info as possible over the phone.i decided to go into an irs office in the a.m

    2. I failed on jan 27 in it was accepted on the jan 27 as well i got my sate back on feb 4 still waiting on my federal i called the irs in they told me at first to they need extra time to process in they told it can take up too 6 are 8 weeks it’s been 8 in the half weeks so they said a other department has to look into it in it may take 6 werks for them to contact me back ir may be sooner but that’s the max all this is bull iam useing TurboTax again i never had this type of problem before in TurboTax

    3. I’m in the same situation , the only difference I never received a form in the mail. How did you verify your identity?

      1. I didn’t receive nothing in the mail neither… I call 8008291040 dats the number I was given to verify my identity… So they ask me 4 question and then told me I was good to go and I will receive mines in 6 weeks dat was mar 5, so April 16 is when I pose to get it… So when ever u verify it’s gone take up to 6 weeks to get it

    4. I understand that I file on the 1-28 did all there step was told one rep I would have it by april 4 the next one said april 24th great right but last sat the WMR change to say I am getting my dd on April 1st so there is hope just hang in

    5. I don’t know why Naomi mines saying that too.. But I haven’t call them bck since I was told everything was good to go…and to expect my refund by 4-16… When u go to d office please let me know what they say, cause we n d same boat..

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      Since it has been beyond 21 days you can call the IRS to find out status (800)829-1040.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      1. They havent been able to tell me anything. If i need to verify i need to know.

    2. Same here filed January 30th and still processing with generic code 152, I called and they said if I do not get it by April 27th then I can call back and they can try an expedite.. yeah whatever

      1. I DID call and they gave me the run around about getting it later that the site or turbo tax said but they had it, this was back in February. I still have nothing.

    3. Just be patient if you have all in to the IRS and done everything you will get it I file on 1-28-15 and they are sending me mine on 4-1-15 if you haven’t call IRS call today

      1. Stephanie please let us know if u receive it tomorrw cause I been waitin for 4 weeks.. But I been doin a lot of research n other people was sayin they got there’s bck in 3 weeks after verifying.. So my figures cross to get mines bck bfore the 6 weeks

    4. Me too. I never had this happen before. I can’t even reach someone to talk to at the IRS. All I get are automated services this is so frustrating! It’s almost April, 2 months have passed. This is ridiculous.

      1. Been on hole for refund since January 31st, you can call 800-829-0582 extra 652 to get a live person I was on hold for 65 minutes to be told it is still on hold status with no release date, they said I should be getting a letter telling me that but they do not need any additional info from me, this is crazy

  26. I really hope turbo tax wasn’t a wrong moved or me.. I filed on the 7th, for approved the very next day and I’m not exceeding their estimate delivery time. It’s been now 22 days. Turbo tax is putting me in a financial rut… I didn’t expect to have to wait passed the limit putting me in situations I can’t afford to handle right now let alone on time. Please. Does turbo tax ever screw up and lose money? This is my first time using it and I already question my decision. Please fill me in on some help.

    1. I’m still waiting on my refund however TurboTax has demanded their fee and has forcefully drawn it out of my account even though it was supposed to come out of the refund. Never again will I use them. Read the fine print people. I didn’t even have the funds available to cover it at the time so I have an extra fee from my bank. WOW way to be cut throat with your customers. They also notified me that my refund was was taken for past debts and there is not enough left to cover the fee. That’s an outright lie. The IRS informed me I had a hold to verify identity and then they would finish processing. How did the IRS inform TutboTax my refund was take when it wasn’t even processed? I’m sure it’s perfectly legal for the IRS to disclose that info to TurboTax. Whatever. Like I said never again and I’ve used ZturboTax for the past 8 years.

      1. All you had to do was call intuit and explain them your situation. They are extremely understanding and will waive it. They did mine.

  27. Hi I was accepted through TT on March 16 after calling needing to get a new 6 digit identification code. I entered the code and was accepted. The next day wmr said accepted on the first bar. Ever since then no bars and no info can be provided please wait 24 hours. It has said this for 2 weeks no change. Also can not order transcript. I
    Nothing is there for 2014 just a blank spot. I am wondering what is going on and why wmr says no info wait 24 hours, when it has been 2 weeks?

  28. I did my taxes on March 9 2015.. my refund was approved and said it will ve sent to my bank on the 25th of march. I check irs.gov and it said your check was sent deposited into my bank account if its not credited by march 30th check with my bank.. my funds aren’t there in my account nor is it pending its the 28th. Me and my spouse have the same bank she got her refund the same day it was sent I still haven’t revieve it nor is it no where on file

  29. My taxes was mailed out on the 25th , due to it been returned by the bank, so how long will it take to make it to Arkansas

  30. I am at a loss,,maybe I am being impatient but who isn’t when it comes to getting their refund. My question is the IRS WMR site indicates that I was accepted, approved and refund sent March 2nd,,paper check ,,today is March 26th surely to god it shouldn’t be taking this long for it to come in the mail,, or should it? I have no idea how long the mail wait is? Cannot call the IRS until March 31, anyone have any insight for me? Thanks!

    1. Hi, I had to wait for my check to be mailed to me as well, turned out that it was delivered somewhere else, returned to the irs then mailed to me again. It took a few weeks but I finally got it.

  31. I did my tax feb 4 it was accepted on the 9 th I had a date to receive mines on d 24 th, when I went to check my account it wasn’t there so I call d irs on Mar5. Had to verified my ID… So d rep told me everything looked good to wait 6 weeks, so it will be April 16.. But when I check WMR it’s still processing.. Hoping I don’t have to wait d hold 6 weeks..

    1. I filed with turbo tax my estimated due date was March 15 still haven’t received anything said it’s still pending

  32. I did turbo tax online about over a month ago and I wanted to receive a check instead of direct deposit, and I haven’t got anything yet. Do I need to Mail something in or I have to wait because it’s taking a lot of time and everyone I know has there’s.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      If it has been over 21 days, you can check status with the IRS at (800)829-1040. Call as soon as they open at 7:00 am. Also remember that checks do take longer than direct deposit.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  33. Turbo Tax- Families purchase and rely on your product to keep them updated with the newest laws. It would have been nice to know that the IRS is limiting the number of refunds that can go into one account. My family has more employed members than the three refund limit. NOTHING on Turbo Tax points this new law out. Everything encourages filing electronically and direct deposit. We have been using Turbo Tax for many years. I am highly disappointed in this over site on the part of Turbo Tax.

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thank you for your feedback. We put breaking news and tax information out on our blog daily as we did in this article, which you can sign up to receive daily through our RSS feed to help you.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    1. Hi Tommy,
      That service is not available, but the IRS states that it is issuing 9 out of 10 tax refunds within 21 days if you e-file with direct deposit.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  34. I have everyone beat with the nightmare I am involved with…I filed on Jan 21 w Turbo..my state was accepted however Federal rejected because I was dead…after checking for a pulse I called IRS and was told SS had forwarded that info to them and to contact SS. WHICH I DID.
    SS said they had no info on my death and that it was IRS Issue…Irs blamed Turbo Tax and round and round..so got a new ss card so info would be updated to Irs…that was corrected Jan 30..My return was pulled out and reviewed and was considered postable Feb 10th..I received nothing and called IRS all is fine with refund just waiting on a date for DD..keep checking online..needless to say NOTHING…called again no issues but there is a 6 week point that must pass before it can be looked at..call in two weeks…I call in two weeks and guess what?? Have to wait 6 weeks more..call again on Friday the 20th all good should be date availible call tuesday if nothing…called today and guess what there is an issue..they cant tell you what it is..because why??? Because you have to wait six weeks..

    1. Wow Tricia, yeah your issue definitely beats most. That is utterly ridiculous! I am nearing my 10th week of waiting and I haven’t heard anything for the past week. Today the IRS says my Bankruptcy Trustee should get the check, which btw the Trustee no longer needs because they figured they are not entitled to any of my refund. I filed Jan. 23, and it was accepted the same day. I waited 2 weeks, nothing. I always do my own taxes using TT. So after the 3rd week I decided to visit the IRS bldg. They told me my bankruptcy is what’s holding it up. Ok, I thought that would be an easy fix. Ha, yeah right. Feb 13th, the documents from the IRS were supposed to be signed off on and sent to the new Trustee (the original Trustee passed away). They told me it would take UP TO 30 days. Well, nearing the 30 day mark I call the IRS for the 3rd time and they tell me a Manager never signed off on the paperwork and now I had to wait another 30 days-wth? So during this time, I decide to call a 4th and 5th time. By this time a person actually decided to do their job. They found that they didn’t even have the new Trustee’s information. So how can you send something if you don’t even have their address? My goodness. So I was told wait another 30 days. The last call was a week or so ago where I was told in 10 days (today) the Trustee will receive it. Yeah, we’ll see. It would be nice since my birthday is Sat. but I won’t hold my breath! Good luck.

    2. Tricia – that is truly the saddest one yet. Of course, I keep putting off calling again, bc I suspect I will become aggravated (more aggravated) and disappointed. I called twice yesterday and couldn’t get through – but that is it since their very tall tale to me earlier this month.

  35. I finally was able to speak with my tax advocate. She informed me that my delay is due to my 2013 return being flagged for identity theft. I was not aware there was an issue until today. So my 2014 taxes are on hold and need to be hand processed. No one at the IRS informed me of this and I have identified myself many times. I was even yelled at by one worker for calling the identity theft hotline after I was prompted too. So if you are still waiting with no answers and it has been over 21 days it is worth the call. If they have no answers for you or a real reason as to why things are moving slow request a referral to a tax advocate. I got honest answers and she was extremely caring and explained things to me. I would rather be told why I am waiting and an honest answer as to how long it will take rather then a vague answer and another date that would get my hopes up.

  36. I file on March 9, 2015. My WMR keeps saying processing. I am approaching the 21 days mark. When can I except an approve date?

  37. Ok, I filed my taxes online through TurboTax on Feb. 4th and, despite getting all the confirmations stating that my return was accepted, I still have yet to receive it. I have called to check the status and checked online; on both occasions, I always get the same response “we are unable to give you that information at this time.” I have been checking on a weekly basis for the past month…what should I do?

  38. I efiled January 28th and it’s still saying my refund is being processed. I haven’t received a letter stating I need to do anything. Should I call the IRS to see what’s going on? I’m erring worried it’s never taken this long ever!!!!

  39. I’ve been waiting since January 30th WMR finally says approved refund on 25th but I still can’t order a transcript, should I worry or just see if money hits or as long as it shows a date I’m good?

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