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5 Pieces of Life Advice from TurboTax Live CPAs

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Looking for tax advice? No need to stress, whether you have a specific tax reform question, had a life change, or just want to chat about your tax situation, our TurboTax Live CPAs and Enrolled Agents have you covered.

Our TurboTax Live experts, who have an average of 15 year-experience, not only provide top-notch expertise for your burning tax questions but also are willing to share fun life advice that they would have given to their younger selves! A time machine would be nice! Whether in relation to personal finances or just general life knowledge, our tax experts are there for you.

“Hi younger self – heads up. Don’t spend all of that time watching television. In the future, we have Netflix and Hulu where you can binge a whole season in a few nights on a mobile phone! So go out and have fun and enjoy life.” – Ernie Sadashige, CPA for 13 years 


“Believe in yourself, trust the system, and keep moving forward.” – Claudell Bradby, CPA for 19 years


“Start saving earlier in life, compounded interest in retirement savings is unreal. Believe in yourself and don’t let other people hold you down.” – Dave Shultz, CPA for 26 years


“Follow your dreams and pursue your passion, younger self. When we were young, we were told to settle down and specialize. But the different roads we took eventually came together. You can’t predict the future. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to chase what life has to offer today. Then one day you’ll wake up and see the twisty path you took was actually a spiral to bring you to your true core self.” – Ernie Sadashige, CPA for 13 years 


“First: A soon as you can, contribute to a 401K. Second, remember to enjoy life and have fun but don’t forget there may be consequences. And third, I should have started working for TurboTax sooner.” Miguel Burgos, CPA for 6 years 

3 responses to “5 Pieces of Life Advice from TurboTax Live CPAs”

  1. I need a live person to explain my issues getting no where was charged twice, and filing is incorrect…. I am going on 4th Year with Turbotax Online really loved it till today…. Help? Live person to talk to needed. The automated phone lady has a very nice voice, but not understanding enough. 😉 I was one of the Lucky one’s Grant answered me on FB messaging, but I had to go to work not even 20 minutes later…. :/

  2. Using TurboTax Home and Business because I rented out my converted campervan through GoCampCampervans. Where do I put in business expenses such as all of the camping gear I supply in the van for the renters?

  3. I have been using TurboTax for 7 years but am having difficulty this year because I sold a condo that we lived in for 11 years and then rented for 7 years. When I tried to file using TurboTax, your sw did not use my $61,000+ capital loss carryover to offset my capital gain on the condo nor did it all me to detail additional stock loss from 2018. When I try to ask your experts, I get canned answers. I am so frustrated that I am thinking of just going to a CPA or use HR Block. I also discovered that I can add cash assessments that we paid that increase my original cost but your sw did not ask me about any of this.

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