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Getting Married This June? Here’s How to Save with Budget Friendly Wedding Ideas

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Throwing a budget saving wedding is not only smart for your finances, but a savvy move for your marriage. The money you two save can be used for the goals and dreams you want to achieve together.

Don’t think you can have a beautiful wedding day on a budget? Tell that to Sandy from Yes, I am Cheap – she had a gorgeous wedding just as she wanted it with a $5,000 budget.

In New York City.

It can be done and thankfully you don’t have to be a wedding maestro to pull it off.

Wedding Venue and Reception

Where you get married can be incredibly meaningful so you may want to allocate money for the place you want.

Venues can be pricey (popular venue in a big city) or it can be free (park or beach-side wedding).

If you want a religious service for the wedding, check with your place of worship.

Depending on your venue, you may want to ask if they have any wedding decor on hand (perhaps from a recent one).

You can also check out Craigslist to see if any brides or grooms are unloading their reception centerpieces and decor for free or cheaply.

You may be able to save some money so you can reallocate it to some of the more important and personal details that matter to you two.

Flowers, Music, and Photography

Flowers are a huge part with many weddings. During the wedding season (summer and very early fall) they can be quite expensive.

If you aren’t already, consider becoming a warehouse club member. You can buy in bulk – getting the flowers you love at a discounted price.

For those who have their hearts set on live music, check on Craigslist, Thumbtack, and local campuses to find an affordable band. Make sure they fit your wedding by asking for references and check them out at one of their shows.

You can go the DIY route and use your favorite music player and load up a playlist.

The same places you used for music can help you snag a fantastic deal on a photographer. You may also want to look at Groupon. Just make sure you’ve seen their previous work to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

Wedding Dress

Many brides want to look a million dollars on their big day (but no one I know wants to spend that much).

For some brides renting a dress from a site like Rent the Runway is the perfect solution.

You can also buy off the rack at a steal and then have a professional adjust it to your measurements.

Depending on your wedding style, you may be able to grab your dress by exploring outside the wedding section.

Finally you could look at Etsy shops for your prefect dress.

Budget Friendly Wedding – Money Well Spent

I want to finish things up by reminding you that money is just a tool. It can help you two build up your marriage or it can be a source of contention.

Let your wedding day set the tone and let it be a celebration of not just one day, but the beginning of your lives together.

I’d love to hear from you – what were some ways you are able to save on your wedding expenses?

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