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IRS Update: They Will Begin Accepting Tax Returns with Education Credits and Depreciation

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The IRS began accepting tax returns for a vast majority of taxpayers on January 30.  However, the IRS stated that they were not processing tax returns for a small number of taxpayers filing certain tax forms, including certain Education Credits and Depreciation and Amortization.  For taxpayers claiming those forms, there is some good news today!

The IRS announced today that on February 14, they will begin processing tax returns that contain form 8863 with Education Credits.  Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits — the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.


They also announced that on February 10, they will begin processing tax returns that contain Form 4562, Depreciation and Amortization.

The IRS will begin accepting all other tax forms that are not yet being accepted due to late tax law changes the first week in March.  We will update the blog with the exact date as soon as the IRS announces what date that will be. Not sure if your file one of these forms?  Here is the full list of the forms that will be accepted the first week of March.

TurboTax is up to date with all tax law changes, so you can file today and feel confident that your will get every deduction and credit you deserve.  And remember, if you have any questions, only TurboTax lets you talk to CPAs, enrolled agents and tax attorneys as often as you like while you prepare your return, free.

You can read the IRS full announcement here.

129 responses to “IRS Update: They Will Begin Accepting Tax Returns with Education Credits and Depreciation”

  1. I filed mine with turbo tax a couple a week and a friend of mine file her a couple of weeks after me and she is already approved.

  2. I filed my taxes with Turbo Tax on Jan. 29. It shows as it has been accepted by Irs and State. Irs Wheres my refund shows only accepted. My State Wheres My Refund does not even recognize my information. Why are some people who filed after me already getting their refund and we have not even being approved or even recognized?

  3. i was accepted on july 30th and got a DD between 7-9 of aug. well that passed and got a message saying oops were sorry we did not deliver your refund when estimated.. but good news i should get it between now and the 19th of aug.. now its saying you should have your money by now do you? NO I DO NOT.. what is ging on?

  4. I talked with someone last week who told me that mine was pulled because I claimed the education credit with no wages and that was one of the tactics used for fraud. I told him plenty of people attend school and don’t work…he agreed but states that is why it’s being held and I just have to wait till the agent who has been assigned my case gets to it and verifies it.

  5. I discovered your blog site on google and check a couple of of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the rather beneficial operate. I just additional up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to reading a lot more from you later on!

  6. I submitted my return mid-January. I was audited and had to confirm my identity and spoke with the I.R.S. mid-March, the lady said she re-entered it for processing. It will have been approximately three weeks as of tomorrow, yet there is still no update! What are the delays? I know a fellow student who took her taxes to Jackson Hewitt and received hers months ago which is why I will not be a returning Turbo-Tax customer and absolutely will not be paying for what has been a nightmare. You’re Welcome!

  7. Got a notification my refund was received my the IRS on Feb. 19th. I still don’t have a date and where’s my refund has been saying it is still being processed and a date will be provided when available. It has been saying that for a few weeks now. I filed with the student credit. I know it is taking longer for students, but how long should it take? It is getting pretty ridiculous.

  8. Hi Lisa, I am a full time college student who filed a 1098T form, on Feb. 17th with Turbo Tax online… it was accepted & I was notified it would arrive NO LATER than March 10th, well the 10th came & went & I have not received any updates of any kind since. I even went into a pro tax place to make sure I did everything correctly…I did & still nothing….Do you know why, or what happened or how long this maybe for? I really appreciate your time~Warm Regards,

  9. I did not know about the two college credits and my son has been going to college full time for three years can I amend I owed the IRS does that mean they may have to pay me back.

  10. I filed on 2-7 have not heard a thing until today when I called the IRS they are telling me it may be as late as 4-21 before I get mine!!! Can we startcharging iinterest and fees since they would do the same??

  11. Same thing going on with a friend of mine Ridiculas no letter before now but fingers crossed it is sooner then a month

  12. I efiled the 15 with an education credit and was excepted the 16th. It’s clearly been over 21 days and the only update I received was still being processed, a refund date will be given when available. I called the IRS as of today and spoke with someone who claimed my return had an error that needed to be corrected, then changed to not needing to be corrected. She said it will be another 4 weeks till I recieve my refund. Does any one know why this happends. On the 19th day of waiting I called the company I filed with to ask why it was still processing, she said the education credit was backed up. I asked if there were any mistakes on my return and she said no. Has anyone had this happened to them? If there had been an error why did I not recieve anything from anyone?

    • I filed on January 28 and the irs accepted my return on Feb 14 and is still processing as well and is saying the same refund date will be available and I called the irs on Feb 7 amd the guy said that that was the last day for education credit to be processed that my return should be approved by that Sat well it wuznt and I called the irs back on Mon 11 and the lady told me I was gettin the run around and she didn’t know why ppl were tellin me that

    • Is there a number that you called, every time I call I only get the automated message and no matter what I do, I can’t get through to talk to a real person. Is so frustrating! I filed Feb 11, accepted Feb 14 and still no DD. refund states just shows it is still processing and refund date will be provided when available.

      • I understand your frustration…but talking to someone usually doesn’t get any answers either…

    • Hi…I filed in January and it kicked it out on the 31st. I refiled and it was accepted on 02/15 and pulled on 02/26. All I had was education credit, no wages, etc. I know someone else did the same and rec’d theirs back in 2 weeks. They don’t know why it’s being held and I haven’t rec’d any rejection codes..just still processing.

  13. Does anyone know what the number is to call . Everytime my husband or I call we get an automated person and can not talk to a real person. Anyone that can tell us how to do this so we can find out when we will receive ours we would apperciate it

    • I filed on Feb 11, federal return was accepted on the 14th and I am still waiting for my DD!! Is anyone experiencing this problem still? I am stressing out!!!!

      • I have heard many are sitting in errors that its changed format of a few questions and did not notify tax software people until after they were filed. A friend was told next month and has a form to fax back . I am sorry for all of you -:(

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