IRS Announces E-file Open Day, Be the First In Line for Your Tax Refund

The IRS announced today that it will begin processing tax returns on 1/31/14. The good news for you?  TurboTax is open for business and will begin accepting tax returns on January 2, 2014!

You can get started today and file early to be first in line for your maximum tax refund. Last year, the average federal tax refund was almost $3,000. We know how important that money is to you – whether you need to pay off holiday bills or pay your rent.

It’s why we’re encouraging people to file as soon as they can.

Here are 4 great reasons to e-file online with TurboTax:

1.    Early Bird Gets the Tax Refund

  • TurboTax will hold and securely submit your tax return to the IRS when they begin processing returns on a first-in, first-out basis. That means filing as early as possible puts you first in line for your tax refund.

2.   E-file with Direct Deposit, Fastest Way to Get Your Tax Refund

  • E-file with direct deposit is the fastest way to get your tax refund. The IRS doesn’t anticipate any associated tax refund delays once processing by them begins on January 31.  The IRS expects to issue 9 out of 10 tax refunds in 21 days or less as in previous years.

 3.    TurboTax Online is Accurate and Easy to Use

  • TurboTax is up to date with all recent tax law changes. By answering a few simple questions about your life, you can quickly prepare your tax return and get your maximum tax refund. TurboTax searches 350 tax deductions and makes sure your taxes are done right.

 4.    Get Expert Answers to Your Tax Questions

  • If you have tax questions you can get your answer from our community or talk to our credentialed tax experts who are all CPAs, and Enrolled Agents, one-on-one via chat or phone.

There’s no need to wait to file your taxes.  You can get a jump-start on your tax refund on January 2, 2014.


Lisa Lewis is a CPA and the TurboTax Blog Editor. Lisa has 15 years of experience in tax preparation. Her success is attributed to being able to interpret tax laws and help clients better understand them. Lisa also has been a TurboTax product user for many years and understands how the software program works. In addition to extensive tax experience, Lisa also has a very well-rounded professional background. She has held positions as a public auditor, controller, and operations manager. Prior to becoming the TurboTax Blog Editor, she was a Technical Writer for the TurboTax Consumer Group and worked on a project to write new FAQs to help customers better understand tax laws. She could also be seen helping TurboTax customers with tax questions during Lifeline. For Lisa, getting timely and accurate information out to customers to help them is paramount.

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  1. Why when I put my gross from 2012,I’m always getting rejected..I filed on….my gross of 2012 is $14.804….so why I’m getting rejected

  2. Due to lengthy illness i owed back child support that was satisfied by part of my federal refund: how much longer does one have to wait for the balance to be directly deposited or mailed… I E-filed & requested direct deposit…

    • Hi Martha,
      I’m not sure exactly what you want. Are you waiting for your TurboTax product or tax refund?
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  3. I filed yesterday and it came back rejected, that someone else used my SSN. I don’t know how that would be possible. I refilled and am awaiting confirmation. Will I have to pay a penalty for being late?

  4. I filed with TurboTax yesterday and it came back rejected. I re-did it this morning. If I do not get confirmation today does that mean I will have to pay a penalty?

  5. Lisa, the internet confirms that turbo tax has a glitch with the 1041? Is this true? If not…why did turbo tax need my daughter to complete a 1041. She is neither a beneficiary or fiduciary??? This pop up occured when she was completing the retrun just prior to e-filing. It showed up while analizing….showed a “federal error check”. Very difficult to work around this error …AND e-file. Suggestions on the internet were to type in bogus numbers and go back to the Home Page (and or summary page) and then click on the K-1 …and “delete” form. This could not be done with the Free Form. BTW Turbo suggests to filiers that they may just “continue w/out fixing the error if sure return is correct”. Yes, a filer may continue. However, when ready to file the error shows up AGAIN during a 2nd analyze process and tells the filer to file via THE MAIL …OR fix the error. ??? The (real) error is that this shows up erroneously on tax returns without being prompted. My daughter, myself (mother) and grand daughter are ALL living. My daughter is not the executor or anyones estate. What gives?

  6. After I filled out my bank name, routing and account numbers, I did not receive any indication that my payment would be processed. The efile page (where Turbo Tax also asked me to buy protection) Stated $0. How do I know that my payment information has been accepted?

  7. It continues to ask me for a PIN? I called the number and it said that I don’t need one I just need to put 0 where the AGI goes. Each time I have done that my Efile has been disconnected.

  8. I efiled my taxes this morning (4/12) through TurboTax. Within an hour, I received a rejection notice saying that my SSN is being used as a spouse on another tax return. I double checked. I filed Single with only my SSN. Nothing is in a wrong box. Is this a TurboTax glitch?

    • Hi Neal,
      No, sorry unfortunately it sounds like someone used your social security number. You will have to paper file your tax return and contact the IRS. Since its close to the deadline send your tax return certified return and request a signature.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    • Mine had the same problem and I had accidently checked a box (on Federal return)that stated I had previously submitted a return. I thought it meant last year. I went back in (through fix it) under Turbo Tax, and checked the correct box below that and refilled. It is now pending. Good luck!


    • Hi Cilla,
      You did the right thing by printing your taxes and mailing them. Next the IRS will process your tax return and give you a tax refund if they think you are entitled to one. They will also contact you and the other person who filed and claimed your kids to determine who was eligible. You can also contact them as soon as possible and let them know someone claimed your kids on their taxes.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  10. If somebody filed my son on there taxes but they were not accepted can I file my own an carry him or is it too late??

  11. I efiled on 2/22, accepted by IRS the same date, then it indicated “changed state to SUCCEEDED AGENCY”, what is that? I requested a money card but when I checked further, the update says that my refund was direct deposited in my bank on 3/5. Never gave my bank info, and printed my return to find a routing number and bank acct # inserted! Not mine, what is going on? Anyone?

  12. I filed my taxes with efiled on the 27 of febuary 2014 and its been two weeks and it says processing how long will it take till I get approved?

  13. My tax person put the wrong age for one of my son’s and the wrong sex for the other. Will this be problem for me? Can I just contact the Irs to fix it?

  14. I filed my taxes with someone other than Turbo Tax before the end of January 2014. It is March and I just found out that my return was rejected due to not having a Filing Pin number on my return.
    So I refiled with Turbo Tax on 3/10/14. It is now 3/13 14 and I still have not received the confirmation number that Turbo Tax promised me. I do however have the Filing Pin number.
    This has been a nightmare!!! I have never had so much trouble filing my tax return or receiving my refund. Needless to say, I am currently NOT a happy camper. I hope to hear from Turbo Tax that my income tax return has now been accepted and I will receive my refund shortly.

  15. Janet, our taxes were prepared by an accountant. The accountant placed XXXXXXXX on both spaces where the routing and account number were to go. Can I write in our account numbers on the paper that’s being returned back to the IRS. The prepared papers are nicely printed. Didn’t know if that would be acceptable.

  16. I filed on feb 22 its veen tqo weeks nd two dats ionly have 4-5 dats left till 21 days I didnt have these problems last year so whats the deal now everytime i check it says still processing it hasnt bern approved or anything yet nd Im getting really fustrated I need this money wats the hold up…

  17. Filed on feb 2. It was accepted same day. Have not received my taxes yet. I e-filed. It’s been over 21 days. Irs site says it’s still being processed. I checked my forms and nothing is incorrect. Please help. I have called every number possible and still no answer. And I haven’t been able to speak to an actual person. Please someone help me. My family and I really need this.

    • I am having the exact problem I filed 2/21 accepted 2/28 and still have not received mines but I did get to talk to someone.Heres how::::

      Call 18003291040
      Press 1 (For english)
      Then 2 Then 2 Then 4 Then 1

      Youll be directed to speak to someone .Be ready to hear elevator music for at LEAST 30mins .Charge your phone !

      They did tell me I have to wait an additional 6-8 wks to get my refund.The irs is ridiculous!

    • The first person that answers tell them you’ve been waiting more than twenty one days and they’ll have you hold and sent to Accounts where you can explain in detail and have someone actually look up your file =) Hope I helped. Sorry for the length of this.Hope u get your money soon

  18. I filed my taxes on Feb 2 and it was accepted Feb 3 for both federal and state. The following week I got my state refund but I have yet to get my federal refund. .your website said expect it after the 24th of Feb and now it is march 7th and still nothing! This has never happen to me and I know people who filed the same time and got all of there money..I Called IRS and they said it is still processing? ?? Can u please tell me what the H is going on cause I’m really annoyed and I don’t think I should get charged for using your service or having it put in my account since it has been over 30days..

  19. I filed my return and accidentally have my CARD # instead of my ACCOUNT #. What should I do? Will I get the return Anyways or will it be rejected?

  20. I filed early and irs received jan 28 still waiting all it says us syill processing no date given I know people that filed 2 weeks ago and already direct deposited ??… not too happy I did mine early and now its been over 30 days

  21. I filed my federal and it said excepted on Feb 14,2014 but all I keep getting whe I check my status is “still proccessing”. Why is that, should I have a date of when I should get it by now?? Tomorrow will be 21 days!! Please help

  22. I have filed Taxes on Feb 8th and its more than 21 days, but they is no information on what is the problem for my tax retuns

    • Omg me to on Feb 27 its been ova 21 days it is still pros sing omg nervous o boy what’s the problem

  23. i accidently gave my old bank acount number to irs now they say its gonna be five to six weeks before they send me a check could i posibly give them my right account number so i dont have to wait so long

  24. Can you cancel your tax returns even after its been efiled and excepted by IRS? There was an error and need to redo them.

  25. I filed my taxes it was amongst the ones accepted early. I had it directed deposited onto a card Bt knowing that being that my info was not on the card that it would reject it. My refund was sent Feb.6,2014 back to irs. How long will it be before I get my refund?

  26. Hey this is kawanna bascomb I hate 3 weeks or 21 days took long from taxes incomes in February I never have taxes before so this my first time taxes in February but im wait For my account deposit card didn’t show up but I need help….thank you

    • Of coutse like everything else! Theres ur Obama government. In action! U can bsrely live and Irs All coincide to keep getting worse til we get a president who stop.making it hard For the USA! Bring back Clinton, kennedy, or Hilary

      • Sorry for your trouble, but please don’t blame Obama. You are swallowing the poison of republicans who are to blame for cutting funding to the IRS . Mthis is what “small” govt means…no money to get things done.

  27. I efiled on feb 11 2014 it was rejected from bank an had acc numb wright but put my check numbers with it i made mistake well it was sent back an said irs will cut me check when do they cut thm an what day they mail them how long do you think frm wen they got it back do they let it sit or get it out one more thing i check dd date is feb 11 but wen will it show when check sent or does it change help me please…

  28. I checked my transcripts last night and they were finally there. Instead of a $2698 return I am only getting an $880 return. I knew I had an old debt from 2007 of $1016. My transcript says I had one from 2008 of $880. In 2008 I only filed a W2 for $1199. How do I owe $880 from that year? Someone please help me. I thought my return was going to be $1986 and I was counting on that.

  29. question, my husband always filed our taxes jointly until we got divorce, so this year I file my taxes myself online, but at the end of the appl they ask for PIN number or AGI, I dont have it because he is the one filed taxes for me, there are 2 question to choose, 1-I filed taxes with irs 2012 or 2-did not file taxes on 2012
    so should I click on ! did not file taxes on 2012!!??

    • If a return was filed jointly with your husband in 2012 then you filed a return and get a pin. go to irs,gov and request pin

  30. My childs father took my social security number and my daughter’s social security number and filed under his taxes without asking me… I always claim me and my child what can I do about this?

    • If u not married nothing , until divorce is final with documentation,and if you and ur childs father have a joint custody order,or if he is on child birth certificate he can go to social security office and get a copy of the child social for the rest of the childs life if he wants,if y werenever married u shouldnt have shared ur social with him, even if he is not on childs social security card if he took care ofher for 6 months out the year he has a right by law to carry child especialy if father has supporting documents to prove so, also they have i believe a 60/40 to were both u guys can carry child but it has to befilled that certain way……withurs contact Irs …if u are married u are in a jam paper work will be involved …..a lot and ur return will have tobe mailed in, fathers have legal rights be ware it can be a out going process

    • This happened to me, I called the IRS and they told me to file like normal, I had to mail it in though, I could not file electronically. My brother in law had claimed my kids (i found out much later)– I am not even sure how he got their socials. .
      You may need to call them and get the information local to your state. I had to send in a dispute after it was rejected. It took 18months for the investigation. Almost 2years to get my refund back.

    • File yours adding you & your child one of you will get a notice that social was used twice one of you will get a letter to show proof who child lives with as long as you can show you are living on your own & child with you You have the right to claim & most likely he will be audit . I know it happen to me.

    • File by mail and send in any custody papers that show you can file for the child. You can also look up # for IRS advocate serv and try to get hold of someone there.

  31. I just efile my tax return 02/17/14. I changed my last name when I became a citizen last year in March 2013. I forgot to change my last name on the form. Would this be a problem? Or they only go by SS#.

  32. same here, my return was rejected my pin and adjusted income was accurate but not accepted I want answers!turbo
    got my fees and I’m pissed!

  33. I filed my tax return on 2/8 and I got an email this morning that my state return was rejected, I had help from my dad because my tax return this year was confusing he said it was a problem with turbo tax and that I needed to refile it on 2/13. I was wondering if I would get money for federal return before my state return or if it all came in at once? and if I had re-put my w2s in if it would mess up my taxes, I had rechecked it this morning after I got the email saying state was rejected so I went back in to fix whatever I could find was wrong and I noticed that all my federal information had disappeared from my account.

    • i filed with efile 3 times and they keep being rejected over a pin number i put in the agi number still wrong ok so now i want the irs to fix it how long will that take i am so angry this turbo tax was suppose to been the easy way

      • If u filed last year you should have a PIN number. If you can’t find your PIN number u can call this number and they can give it to u:1-866-704-7388. This number is basically like an electronic signature, it’s a safety feature to secure your identity. If u did not file a return for last year you will not have a PIN number! You have to put a zero in, and they will issue you a pin for the following year. You will recieve your PIN number via mail/e mail. Always ask questions or be sure when filing taxes yourself otherwise your return will be delayed due to errors. And I’m sure after you’ve made errors they probably flag it so then they have to thurally review it :-/ hope this helps!

      • Gives you the link below asking to request ur pin from previous tax return if u click on link will ask for ur full info ssn and full home address. Once u have submitted the request gives you 5 digit pin. Its also good to pay for the Odit upgrade for that and tells you exactly what is being inputed incorrectly. Its not that bad if you use walk through/ step by step.

  34. I filed 2/1 and it has been on pending status ever since! I’ve never had to wait this long! 8 days pending is a long time and I usually get my State refund within 3 days.. I wish I had some answers.

  35. If my mail by date is by feb 12,2014 when can I expect a check ? I heard irs only mails checks on Friday so would it have been mailed feb 7,2014?

  36. I got the following message when I tried to e-file my tax returns with TurboTax but have not been able to get an explanation from the list of questions offered or the 2 live chat operators, who seemed to not know anything about the program: “You have a tax situation in your federal return(s) that requires you to file that return by mail. Click Continue to file and we’ll help you with the filing process or visit the Review section for more details.”

    Does anyone know what this could mean?

    I am also wondering why I am not given the option to have the cost of the TurboTax program taken out of my tax refund, like I have in previous years.

  37. I filed my taxes with turbotax on the 31st it is now the 7th and website still has my return under pending . Why is it taking so long for it to be accepted ? Is it going to be rejcted or why is it taking so long for anything to happen?

  38. My return was accepted on 1-24-13 and is still in process. I have already received my state on 2/04/14. Why is it taking so long for fed? Last year, I received my refund for fed on 2/05/13. This is just ridculous. Does anyone know if they do deposits in the afternoon or just mornings?

  39. Anybody got a due date for Monday February 10th 2014? Submitted taxes on January 29th, received January 30th and accepted February 6th and ddd February 10th.

  40. How is it that the IRS did not start processing the income tax refund until January 31 but on January 28 turbo tax sent me an email saying that my e-file was accepted on that date?

    • When u get accepted then approved by IRS will they release money earlier than the 10th i got approved on the 6th of February , i don’t want to wait til Monday to get my money will they release it tomorrow?

  41. I filed mine 1/31 and mine was rejected resent mine Feb 1 and got a accepted date Feb 2 and I got my Direct Deposit Feb 6th at 3am. WMR never showed a deposit utnil 4am this morning and it said the 10th. This is the fastest I have gotten my money back.

    • I filed Feb 1 got rejected refiled and now as of the 10th is says received being processed. So does that mean it should be fine now

  42. Did my return on 1\31 and I got accepted on 2/2 today I got an approval from IRS
    Thanks Turbo Tax!!!!

      • That’s the reason why I wait until the day the IRS opened because it had happened to me , if I do it before the opening date for some reason it takes more time

  43. I am confused, I typed an EIN incorrectly and my file was rejected at the federal and state level. I fixed it through turbo tax. It said because of the error I would need to mail in the return, but then on the next screen, the system said my e-file went through and was pending approval from the government. So do I need to mail the returns in or not?

  44. IND-689-01 – The year of the ‘PrimarySignatureDt’ in the Return Header must be equal to the processing year

    whats this mean?

    • I had this happen too. It means you typed in the wrong year when you provided your e-signature (the section where you type in a PIN and your AGI from last year). I put 2013 instead of 2014 by mistake. All you need to do is go back and change the date to whatever the date is that you file and be sure to put 2014 as the year.

  45. i filled thru turbo tax, my husband and i got married at the begining of last year and he hasnt filed taxes in over 6 years, we tried to do the e filing but it rejected us. I have tried to get ahold of turbo tax many times to resolve this and no answer ever, i have put my name on the call back list and never get called back. Can i remove my filling from turbo tax and go somewhere else even though i already paid.

    • If he hasn’t filed in 6 years, you won’t be able to file online for him. You will need to submit each of the years hard copy including this year. Once they have been processed, you should be able to file online the following year.

  46. I keep receiving a “come back in late January to file” message and it is Feb 5. Will this ever work!? Kind of disappointing considering how easy this app worked last year.

  47. I filed the 27th of January and got notice my taxes were accepted early but will not begin processing till the 31st. I’m still waiting for my return.

  48. Was checking to see if and when the irs have or expect my return I haven’t gotten a reply. My brother in law and I done ours at the same time and his has already been excepted and is suposse to receive his on the 7th my says pendi

  49. I filed my return on 01/31 now the status says pending and the details say changed to in_agency It has passed the 48 hour time frame given on your site when can I expect them to move past the pending stage.

    • Thursday, weekends are not business days…….y filed Friday ….then u have Monday- Tuesday and wed..u should know something hopefully in Jesus name

  50. Hi I filed with turbo tax on 01/11 and was sent a message and email on 01/24 that it was accepted. i also checked on the site and it was showing in process. When will i receive a refund. Everyone that filed after me that i reccommended turbo tax have a date for direct deposit. I do not have one.

      • Hi lisa. I understand everyone is different but at the sametime I had no problem over the years filing early but of course I didn’t use turbo tax none of those times either. I don’t understand y this year would be different except the fact that I used turbo.

      • Lisa, I filed my taxes early in Jan because TT said they were ready. Now my taxes were flagged for early submittal and has to be reviewed for identify theft. You should warn customers not to file early! This is extremely misleading first in first out. The IRS said do not file early again!!
        TT just wanted to lock in my business. Now I have to wait another 6-8 weeks! Thanks a lot!!!

  51. My tax return has been in the pending status far longer than it should. My state was rejected because it said my federal was rejected, however I’ve not hearid any reply from my federal return.

  52. My return was accepted by the irs on January 31st and then today Feb 2 i go to check my return and it now says it’s locked will that delay my return

    • U cant change did u owe money before childsupport,garnishments,are did u owe the irs, u will not be able to change it until irs audit it lastly it does that if something fraudulent on your taxes

  53. I filed with you all on 1-31 and received a rejection 5 time for wrong SSN the ss has not changed, you all did that last year. I have resubmited it again and again, what it the problem??

      • yes you can I have mines deposited to my moms one year my bro’s another and the last couple of years to my girls and we aren’t married and me and my mom don’t have the same last name nor does my brother. You can do it to bank account just not those pre-paid debit cards those have to be in your name to get your tax return other than that any actual bank account can be used

  54. I forgot to put a dash and a number for my refund to go into my checkings account. I contacted my bank and asked if my money will still deposited and they said it wont go into my checkings it would go into my savings account. But I marked checkings account on my taxes. Will it be rejected? Or will my refund still go through to my savings account even though I put checkings.. my account number and routing number were correct, just missed a number for the checkings so it goes to my savings….

  55. My state got approved right away but the federal haven’t been accepted. I filed on Jan 31 is there a problem or is the IRS just behind?

  56. Well I’m a single mother on just one wonderful little boy . And getting my taxes back ASAP and I kept putting in the wrong aig number from last year because my mother replaced my last years papers but she was doing a spring clean. But my son and I really need this money for things he really needs . So I want to let everyone know how blessed me and my son is and thankful that someone told me about this. God is Good All The Time AMEN!!!

  57. my state was rejected because there was an error on my federal… but my federal hasn’t shown up rejected yet. how do i fix this and will this delay my return????

  58. The app still will not let me file. Says for me to come back in late January. If it doesn’t let me file by tomorrow, I will use another app that will allow me to file.

    • Hi,
      Sorry you are still having problems. I will check into the message you are seeing.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  59. My state taxes say rejected because my federal taxes was rejected but on your site it still says that my federal is pending. What am I to do because I don’t know what is wrong.

  60. I received a notice last night that my efile was rejected and there’s something wrong with the fix it button. When logging into my turbo tax to fix problem the status of still pending is it pending or rejected? I checked Where’s my refund still not showing anything. Please help?

    • Hi Marshall,
      Returns get rejected by IRS for different reasons – and because the IRS opened yesterday, lots of customers are getting notices to make updates to their returns and resubmit. If you don’t yet see the option to fix your reject in your account, please wait two hours and check back. We’re working to sync up our systems and it takes a bit of time for all the information to populate and sync up. We appreciate your patience!
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  61. My taxes were rejected. I got an email from turbo tax but it’s taking me to the sign in homepage and it’s not telling me how to file them again. I NEED HELP!!

    • Hi Adam,
      Returns get rejected by IRS for different reasons – and because the IRS opened yesterday, lots of customers are getting notices to make updates to their returns and resubmit. If you don’t yet see the option to fix your reject in your account, please wait two hours and check back. We’re working to sync up our systems and it takes a bit of time for all the information to populate and sync up. We appreciate your patience!
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  62. Hi, I got an email saying that states were rejected and when I go to fix it, T.T say’s it’s still pending. Was it rejected? Do I have to wait a bit to fix it? If it was rejected, how do I change/fix the problem. Every time I click to amend, it say’s pending.

    • Hi Brittany,
      You should see a fix it button. Do not click on amend. If you don’t see the fix it button check back in two hours and see if the fix it button is there.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • TT you respond over and over again to the same question…a refund. I several questions about the State not going thru..the Federal went right thru no problem. The state says nothing but wont go thru…how about answering this question

  63. My State Return was rejected. I’ve tried repeatedly to log on and fix it, but your site keeps freezing up when I click on the button to do so…

    • Hi Craig
      Returns get rejected by IRS for different reasons – and because the IRS opened yesterday, lots of customers are getting notices to make updates to their returns and resubmit. If you don’t yet see the option to fix your reject in your account, please wait two hours and check back. We’re working to sync up our systems and it takes a bit of time for all the information to populate and sync up. We appreciate your patience!
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  64. hello, I filed my taxes on the 31st and I haven’t heard if it was rejected or accepted. I had a friend who filed them today and she already heard they were accepted. When am I supposed to wait for mine and why hers were review first than mine?
    Thank you for your help.

  65. I’ve been accepted since 1/26/2014. How long does it take to be processed? It’s my first year filing so I really don’t know what to expect.

  66. I filed a return on 1/26/2014 and when i returned to turbo tax it what not found…I went through the entire process including pins etc…I have been using TT for the past 6 years. Any suggestions

  67. Can I fix an error that I noticed before the IRS rejects my return or I have to wait until they reject it.

  68. HI HAVE A QUESTION , MY STATUS TIME STATES I SHALL KNOW IF IM ACCEPTED BY 2/2/2014, how can my tax info. Be accepted on the 2/2/14 its a Sunday but when check the e file status i SHALL KNOW by 2/2/14 is that so? Will get a email from turbo on a Sunday?

  69. this is the 1st time ive used turbo so far i dont like it…last year i went some where an had them done….ive been rejected 4 times now..i keep fixxing what they say to fix .ive called all the numbers its told me to call an still nothing.ive got no where with doing them on here….its telling i wasnt born in year an day ive put on here i no its the right date an year lol ive had the same bday for 27years! …if i get rejected again can i just clear this out an drive a hr away n go back to where i had them done last year seeing i had no prob. doing them there..haveing done them on here is just to much stress for me …plz let me no if i can go somewhere else thank you

  70. One question …. Today ( 02/01/2014) I do my Incontax with TurboTax …how many time is the averrage for deposit in my Checking account ?

      • we need ti take the Accepted off of turbos e-mails and site, received should be used… make everyone think deposit on its way when it only means there are no info errors, ect: SSAN EMP Nunber, personal data. must process to complete.

      • hello. i filed with h&r block. they have not submitted my return can i submit it with turbotax before they process? r when they submit will there be an issue?

      • Hi,
        You will not be able to resubmit your return unless it is rejected by the IRS. If you try and resubmit before rejection or acceptance it will come up as someone filing a duplicate tax return with the same social security number.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  71. I file with TT 1/30 my return is still pending should I be worried. Every other year its accepted or rejected in min.

  72. Why would it take a few days for the IRS to accept or reject? Is it a bad thing if it is still pending after 3 days?

  73. My friend filed their we on a different site shortly before I did & theirs got rejected then after corrections, accepted. Why is mine taking so long?

  74. I filed with tt 1/30 and it is still pending. It has been over 24 hours almost 48. I live in Mo and see other people are being accepted in less than an hour by the IRS but no go for me. I paid my fees out of pocket and getting worried. Is anyone else having this problem?

  75. My return was rejected for my pin n it was rejected twice n I fixed it in now it’s saying pending in haven’t updated n I’m getting frustrated cause turbotax don’t have a contact

  76. I have used TurboTax for the last 11 years. My wife and I have had no issues. Cool to see IRS accepted my return, just have to wait in line to be processed. THANKS TURBOTAX!!!

  77. I submitted my return on the 30th. My mother submitted her return on 31st. Hers was accepted and mine is still pending. I wonder why??

  78. this is the 1st time ive used turbo so far i dont like it…last year i went some where an had them done….ive been rejected 4 times now..i keep fixxing what they say to fix .ive called all the numbers its told me to call an still nothing.ive got no where with doing them on here….its telling i wasnt born in year an day ive put on here i no its the right date an year lol ive had the same bday for 27years! …if i get rejected again can i just clear this out an drive a hr away n go back to where i had them done last year seeing i had no prob. doing them there..haveing done them on here is just to much stress for me …plz let me no if i can go somewhere else thank you

  79. I efiled on Jan 18, and according to an email I did not see until today, my return was rejected on the 19th of Jan because of my sons year of birth being wrong. I panicked for a while, but composed myself and corrected then resubmitted my return. As of now I still do not have confirmation of my return being accepted and I’m worried my mistake will delay my return or cause me to be audited. So I would like to know how the irs handles a return that is rejected, corrected and then resubmitted, and if my corrected return was re-e-filed around noon today (1-31-14) when will my return be submitted, and finally accepted by the irs. The original submission, my family members who have efiled with turbo tax all received an irs acception (or in my case rejection) within minutes. Is my return being rejected and now resubmitted the reason I still have not been accepted/rejected by the irs?

    • It does not affect it at all. Initially the irs just matches the social security number with what social security has on file. They make sure the name and birthday matches. If it does not you simply resubmit it and it gets processed as if it was never rejected. You will hear back either today orthis weekend for sure. Nothing to worry about. I have a ton of experience with this

    • This shouldn’t have any affect on your taxes, I have done this plenty of times on my taxes and family members taxes as well. I did my today and I haven’t received a approved or rejected status as of yet.

      • Laura have you received an approved or rejected status yet? I e-filed on January 31st at 11:45PM and mine is still pending…..

  80. I e-filed my return w turbo tax on 1-19-2014, and since I had been told that IRS would not open for returns until 1-31-2014, I did not check my status or watch for emails or updates. This morning 1-31-2014, I went to turbotax online site and found out that my return was rejected on the day I e-filed. After panicking for a while, I found the error (sons year of birth was incorrect) I resubmitted it. Will I be processed as if today’s submission is new, or will I have to wait longer because I was rejected earlier? Basically I would like to know if being rejected and refilling a corrected return will cause delays in being re-accepted and will my rejection cause me to have to go through an audit or some other process to get my return?

    • Not at all I was rejected on the 27th I resubmitted mines shortly thereafter. I was accepted on the 29th. Seems like things are moving pretty smooth this year.

  81. My husband and I were very pleased with Turbo Tax. Not only was the software easy to use; we had a an issue and needed to call customer service. We called and spoke to a representative named Anto. He made very detailed notes about our situation and gave us a case number. He not only fixed our issue; he went above and beyond what we asked for. He ended up transferring me to a representative named Shabora. Although I was on hold for a long time, it was well worth it. My issue was resolved and an additional credit was posted to my account as well, which I wanted, but didn’t expect that it would be so easy. Most companies argue with customers about fees, charges, etc… Turbo Tax is awesome in every aspect. They definitely have us for a customer for life! I also have a very large family; some of which I do their taxes for; so Turbo Tax will be receiving a lot more new customers than they realize; just for going above and beyond for a customer! Awesome company!!

  82. My husband and I were very pleased with Turbo Tax. Not only was it easy to use; we had a customer service issue that we needed to resolve prior to filing. We called customer service. We explained everything to a representative named Anto. He gave us a case number, made very detailed notes,

    • Refunds aren’t going to start being issued until around 2/12/14 today was just the first day they started accepting returns. You can go to and they have a refund chart that shows when you can expect your moolah :)

    • Refunds aren’t going to start being issued until around 2/12/14 today was just the first day they started accepting returns. You can go to and they have a refund chart that shows when you can expect your moolah :)

  83. I’ve used Turbotax for the last six yrs.I spent lots of money with accountants,H.R.Block
    etc,etc.I never thought i could do it myself.I’ll spend 29.95 anytime to make 1500.00.

  84. My bank routing and account numbers are correct on my return; but, I mistakenly marked the checking box instead of the savings box. Since I only have a savings account at the bank but the routing and account numbers are correct, will my refund still be deposited?

    • It depends on whether your bank accepts the deposit or not. Most banks will accept deposits directed to your account if the name, address, and other account info matches.

  85. I am trying to file using the SnapTax app this morning, and there is still a message saying “There is an IRS nationwide delay for all returns, no matter who prepares them. Come back in late January to file your returns with SnapTax.” It’s January 31st, the IRS is going, but this message hasn’t disappeared since I initially did my taxes. Help!

    • Hi,
      I have not heard about anyone having a problem. The IRS began processing tax returns at 6:00 AM and we have been accepting tax returns since January 2.
      Can you please log in and try again. Let us know if you see this again. Hopefully you’ll be able to file within 10 minutes.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • I’m having the same problem! I’m so pissed because I spent the time to do it on the app, and now it won’t let me file…can you please fix?

      • Hi Pedro,
        Please see our new post regarding IRS processing times.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

  86. I don’t want to be a “wet blanket”,.. but why use Turbo Tax when AARP has free filing sites and the IRS has their “File Free” site too. On the other hand….. sit tight and don’t rush into the maze. YOUR money isn’t going anywhere

  87. Here is some information that may help some of you understand the IRS process. Let me start by saying this:
    First of all, everyones tax situation is different. Just because you submitted your forms on Jan 20 and Jane Doe did too, doesnt mean you will both be accepted.

    Second, there is s process that happens when you hit the “submit” button. it has to be received, accepted/rejected, processed and then the refund can be issued (which is a whole other process)

    Third, If you have mortgage interest, student loan interest, EIC, and other deductions or credits, the forms for submitting those or the guidelines for getting those credits may not be updated yet. Example: Last year the IRS forms for mortgage interest were not going to be available and updated until March 15th (if I remember correctly) because of some changes that were being made at the federal level. Therefore, people who were claiming mortgage interest had to wait to file or not receive that credit (trust me when I say that is a credit you want to wait for).
    Fourth, There is a difference between proccessing your return and accepting your return. if you are getting an “accepted” message that just means that it has been recieved by the IRS. “Processing” means they are actually doing something with it.

    My recommendation to those of you that are doing your own taxes is to go to the website and educate yourselves. This could get you even more money in your return.

    PS. There are special rules for a child turning age 17 on or before December 31st of that filing year can still be claimed as a dependent. Students attending a post secondary accredited educational facility can be claimed as a dependent or they can claim themselves, if you claim that child as a dependent and they also need to file a tax return they cannot claim themselves or any tuition credit.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment. There’s no need for people to read through IRS publications, that’s what TurboTax is here for. We are up to date with all of the latest tax laws and we give taxpayers the tax deductions and credits they’re eligible for when they answer simple questions about themselves.
      Regarding people not being able to claim mortgage interest, that was last tax season and doesn’t have to do with this tax season. Last tax season was delayed due to Congress voting on the American Taxpayer Relief Act, which is not the case this tax season.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  88. Hi, I have problem with fixing the Federal tax returns this year as I had ITIN for my spouse for 2012 and using SSN this year.

    Filed with prior PIN and wrong DOB of my spouse. —- Rejected with status codes

    IND-032-01 – ‘SpousePriorYearPIN’ or ‘SpouseElectronicFilingPIN’ or ‘SpousePriorYearAGIAmt’ in the Return Header must match the e-File database.
    F1040-526-01 – If ‘PINTypeCd’ in the Return Header has the value “Self-Select On-Line” and Form 1040, Line 2 checkbox “Married filing jointly” is checked (element ‘IndividualReturnFilingStatusCd’ has the value 2), and ‘SpecialProcessingLiteralCd’ does not have a value and ‘SpecialProcessingLiteralCd2′ does not have a value and ‘SpecialProcessingCodeTxt’ does not have a value and ‘SpouseDateOfDeath’ does not have a value, then ‘SpouseBirthDt’ in the Return Header must match the e-File database

    Re-entered the Correct DOB with the 2012 electronic PIN . —-> Rejected

    But only with this error code
    IND-032-01 – ‘SpousePriorYearPIN’ or ‘SpouseElectronicFilingPIN’ or ‘SpousePriorYearAGIAmt’ in the Return Header must match the e-File database

    After rejection , I selected the alternate option of using 2012 AGI. — Expected result
    Waiting for Acceptance or Rejection.

    After searching the blog and the correct procedure is to :

    If you have never filed before, or if you filed last year using an ITIN and you have a Social Security Number this year, select I am a first-time filer or I did NOT file a 2012 tax return on the prior year information screen.

    My Suggestion is Turbo Tax did not detect the wrong DOB entered for Federal and State tax returns.

    since I used the ITIN for 2012 and SSN for 2013 , it didn’t matched the SSN and ITIN properly and could not guide the users properly .

    Hope this is useful for other users who are using ITIN for 2012 returns and ssn this year.

  89. I was rejected also on jan 28th I fixed my return and resent then the same day does that mean I go to the back of the line

  90. Did anyone get an APPROVED status on “wheres my refund” last year before the irs offically opened and started proccesing/accepting returns?

    • Bev,
      The way I understand and have experienced the process, is that once you send in your taxes, it will say pending; then when the IRS looks at it to make sure all is ok; such as you don’t owe them money, the return is accurate, etc…, then it will show accepted; then as they are working on it, it will say processing; then when it’s done, it will say either completed or processed. You can set it up so that you get emails and/or text messages when each step happens. You do that through Turbo Tax. It asks you towards the end. I hope this helps. Good luck!


      • The IRS didn’t start processing returns until today, the 31st, so no one will have gotten their refunds yet.

  91. My daughter files a short form income tax return. She has colleg loan interest to deduct of over 1,000. Can she still file the short form? If so, where does she add it? Also if we pay her college loan, can we deduct the loan interest on our return?

  92. The only thing Im dissappointed in is being auto upgraded for no reason. I paid $56 to prep and e-file my fed and state. After I paid the fee, I checked to see how much it cost me last year and it was only $14.99.
    Next year I will check other sites to see what theres fees are. I dont own a home or anything, and nothing has changed since last year so why the change in fees??!!! Just ridiculous.

  93. I did my taxes and received an rejection error due to my priors year pin. I contacted the irs and they stated that they couldn’t give me a pin however I could use my aig from last year. But I keep getting redirected to enter my pin. What should I do?

  94. They have began accepting them men was filed the day before yesterday and it was rejected I resent it and I got a acceptance today and I sent my daughters through and she was also accepted by the irs. It says congratulations you were accepted early by the irs.

  95. It clearly states for ppl who got it accepted early was for testing purposes only and does not mean ur tax return was actually excepted its pretty much a slap to the face.

  96. ND-689-01 – The year of the ‘PrimarySignatureDt’ in the Return Header must be equal to the processing year.
    Any clue what this means?
    got rejected

    • I had this happen too. It means you typed in the wrong year when you provided your e-signature (the section where you type in a PIN and your AGI from last year). I put 2013 instead of 2014 by mistake. All you need to do is go back and change the date to whatever the date is that you file and be sure to put 2014 as the year.

  97. My husband filed his taxes last night and got his notification this morning. I filed mine on the 14th… we both used turbo tax, shouldn’t mine have been accepted first. Wth

  98. I tried filing today but it would not let me pass the State& Wrap it up portion. I did all I needed in that part. What is wrong with it?

  99. I do not use Turbo Tax. I use Tax Act. I did my taxes via Tax Act on 1/28/2014..I received a acceptance from the IRS the same day.
    So IRS is accepting returns at this point..

    Whoever at Turbo Tax saying they are not do not know what there talking about, that is why I do not use them..

  100. Why did I have to pay a $29.99 ‘bank fee’ to have my Free tax return deposited into My bank account???? This is false advertising.

    • because you chose to have your state direct deposited most likely if not it’s because the free version only allows you to file standard tax forms which are a 1040 or 1040a all extra forms you gotta pay for

    • start the reg e-file the 31st… yes a bata was ran to check the sys and some may have their refund-ps check e-mail in morn.

  101. Got a email said my taxes were rejected went back on line they took me through but how do know if its right

    • They will reject them again if not! You can call or text them to see if all is in line with your return! Had the same problem and I was emailed that IRS excepted mine!

  102. rejected code IND-943 – The Spouse SSN in the Return Header has been systemically locked based on IRS information which indicates there is not a filing requirement for this SSN ..what does it mean??

    • Because it’s a test Run by the IRS they have to know there systems will be able to handle the influx of tax return once they fully open on Friday

  103. Just got email that mine return was rejected. So I fixed it but now I will be back on line as it shows my submission date 01/28/14 before I submitted on 01/15/14, does this mean that my refund will be delayed??

    • The IRS didn’t start processing returns until today, Jan 31st, so no one will have gotten their refunds yet.

  104. It says you have to wait o get accepted. What happens if you get denied? Can you file your taxes again? Or make changed to it if u have to

  105. Mine was accepted 1/25/2014. How do we know if we are first in line and what exactly does it meant that it is accepted?

  106. I received a rejection today due to wrong number for Employer EIN made the correction and it was successful. Do anyone know when they will be received by IRS?

  107. I have been filing with Turbo Tax for about 5-6 years now. I recommend them highly. I prepare my taxes, my children’s taxes and my mom’s taxes. One year I used a competitor and was quite dissatisfied. Thanks Turbo Tax, you’re worth every penny!

  108. I filed with TurboTax on Jan. 25th. This is my first year that I’ve filed with Turbo. I pray that I am not disappointed. I normally allow H&R Block, but the fees are ridiculous.

  109. Those that will be first in line for their Tax Money are those that don’t pay taxes and we know who they are. The same ones with the Food Coupons, Welfare Checks and Obama phones.

  110. I used to use TurboTax every year until this year. Seems they have an issue with auto upgrading your account to the basic and chage you at the end. Talk to customer rep, and she gave me a code to reduce the charges, but could not tell me why I was being charged in the first place. After a quick internet search This problem has not only effected me but ALOT of people complaining about auto upgrading this year. Completed taxes with TaxAct this year, no problems and only paid 14.99 for submission of state. Oh and my refund was like 4 dollars more, not a big deal but I will take it.

    • Hi,
      Individuals with relatively simple tax returns are able to file their federal tax returns for free and file their state tax returns for $14.99. In addition, to that TurboTax may give you an additional 5% on top of your refund if you’re able to use free or Basic, If you use Deluxe, Premier or Home and Business you may be able to get an extra 10%. We want to make sure you get every tax deduction and credit you’re eligible for so we put you in the product that is related to your tax situation.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Love, love, love Turbo Tax. I am 70 and found it easy to use. Just a note…if you file in Michigan and income is under $30,000…your state tax is also free! Need to come in under the website in order to get it, but, hey, $15 bucks is $15 bucks! Thanks Turbo Tax…see ya next year!

      • I am very confused by your statement. Turbo tax gives you an additional 5% of what? Shouldn’t your taxes be the same amount back no matter what company you use as long as you put in the exact same information into each program? Turbo tax didn’t state anything about an extra 5% when I filed my taxes

      • TurboTaxLisa,
        I was a little disappointed about being told I would get an extra 5%. It makes it look to consumers that it’s an extra 5% of your refund; when it IS NOT. It is the opportunity for the customer to purchase Amazon gift cards in increments of $100.00; and the customer gets an extra 5% of what they purchase for a gift card. So if they purchase a $100.00 Amazon gift card, then they will get a gift card for $105.00 instead of $100.00. 100.00 x 5% = 105.00. I found this to be a very deceiving way to lure customers that way. That is the only negative thing I can say about Turbo Tax. To me, it’s like false advertising. Other than that; I love everything else about TurboTax. They go above and beyond when you have an issue. I dealt with Anto and Shabora in Customer Service. They were both totally awesome! I am referring and getting TurboTax many new customers this year because of my experience. My husband and I will be customers for life! Awesome company! Just please fix that one issue. Thx. :)
        Cindy :)

      • I made a mistake and used the home and business software instes d of using the basic version for 29.95 would that get me audit or affect my return ? Or did I just take a 70$ lost

      • Hi Atika,
        You will not be audited for using Home and Business. In addition depending on what your tax situation was last year Home and Business may be the best product for you to maximize your tax deductions and credits.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • But I do not own a home or business that’s why I was wondering if it makes a difference

  111. This only works if you receive your W2’s early and have no itemized deductions. Yeah you can do an amended but who wants to file their taxes twice? I’d rather wait until I have everything and do it right the first time. By law companies have until 1/31 to send out their tax forms and most wait til the last minute.

  112. I filed my taxes early even though they were rejected but its good to know they are doing it early. I filed mine on 1/9/14

  113. How long does it take for it if you choose the pre paid card?…I normally have it direct deposited, but just had an identity theft so closed my account :(

  114. Ive filed using Turbo tax the last few years and its a great program !!! As for the IRS no complaints there either I filed last week and it said on Jan 31 it would be accepted by IRS . Just received an email stating that it had been received Look forward to future emails stating acceptance and check to be deposited a few days into Feb.

    • I totally agree, I went to H&R Block every year for 6 years, then they stopped doing that “leave here with part of your refund” thing and paying almost $250 didn’t seem like a smart thing to do when I wasn’t getting part of my refund. So last year I used turbo tax, and my in-laws went to H&R Block, I got my refund 9 days earlier then they did, and I paid $200 less than they did. I will use turbo tax for the rest of my tax years

    • You have to wait till the IRS opens on the 31st. Its like we are waiting in line for a store to open. We will be in the front of the line when it does.

    • I have filed with TurboTax for the last 5 years and never had a problem. I always receive my return within 5 days of receiving their ‘accepted’ email. Direct deposit is the quickest, easiest way to go!

  115. last year for my was the same, I sent my refund on Jan 22 and if I don’t recall wrong I got paid on Feb the 5th very fast, that’s why I being using turbo tax for the last 9 years

    • Last year I was accepted on January 15 and got my refund 2-26 thanks to turbotax :( my return was with thousands of other returns that Tt sent through too early then their system retired out and so I was reaccepted 2-20 hate Tt all the people who filed after me had their returns for weeks before I was accepted. I finally had to get a tax advocate. Hoping for a better year if not it’s back to tax act.

    • they said its physically impossible to accept them. the machines dont even open until midnight of the thirtieth. Are you sure/

      • Yes I did mine on 24 and got accepted on 27th. But keep in mind that they only selected a certain amount for a test run. We still have to wait until 31 for processing like everybody else. Some of us will probably recieve ours a little earlier that’s all.

  116. i just finished doing my taxes on turbo tax about 15 minutes ago and already received a text saying the state accepted my return.

  117. The IRS wasn’t accepting returns last year until Jan. 30th, but I submitted mines early last year and got minds back on the Feb 1. This year I submitted my returns early and now TurboTax will not send them in until Jan. 31st.. That sucks! Won’t used them next year!

  118. Just know that if you have children you can only claim them until the age of 17. Then they become a different dependent category. I didn’t know this until last year. I thought they were EIC qualified until 18. WRONG!!!!

  119. I have been useing Turbotax for several years now and I am very happy with y’all. Keep up the good work.

  120. I got my email today 1/24/2014 saying I was accepted by the irs just like last year a week early I’m sure others got there emails today too I can’t wait

  121. Mine said it was accepted today(1/24), but the IRS was still not processing until 1/31.

    Honestly I’d be surprised if I saw a deposit before the 2nd-3rd week in Feb.

  122. I just got a text saying my efile was accepted from the IRS…so I think they are doing it earlier than the 31st this year!

  123. I have always used Turbo Tax and as always, it’s the best. Never had any problems, I e-filed on January 22, 2014. I received an e-mail stating that I could e-file on January 22, 2014. I was surprised that I received the e-mail because I thought no one could start filing before the 31st of 2014? Surprised me, but I did file it, it says pending!

    • The reason they charge people is because it is a business, They are offering a service that is updated yearly and that requires people and time. That and for the people that are in such a rush to get their refunds. WOW take a chill and relax its on its way mine said that it would take up to 21 days for completion after the 31st. Every year is different.. Stop posting the same questions over and over again.

  124. this is my first year filing taxes. i used turbo tax also but not sure if i done it right it says i couldnt go any farther till i paid twevle dollars.

      • You can use your last pay stub to file but it doesn’t have all the info you need like retirement contributions and codes and the employer ID number that you will need. But you can get a pretty accurate estimate of your refund though

  125. I had a problem with IRS last year. THEY STILL HAVENT GAVE ME MY FEDERAL REFUND! I keep getting excuse after excuse.

  126. Last year I filed early and they told me that the IRS wouldn’t accept it til a certain date. It was accepted early and i had my return by the 10th of Feb. I am hoping this year will be the same.

  127. I work with someone who went to a less popular site on Jan. 12th and he was able to submit his return and it was filed with the IRS at that time..Turbo Tax says mine is still pending and cannot be transmitted to the IRS until Jan. 31st.

  128. I submitted my return last year early and the IRS accepted and processed it about a week before opening day. I got my refund within a few days.

  129. I have used Turbo tax for the last seven years and I think it is great and easy and user friendly. I have never had a problem!! I recommend it to everyone I know!!

      • I got the accepted email and my refund in the same day February 1 and Yes I used turbo tax. I have used Turbo tax for 3 years now. I really like turbo tax.

    • Has anyone received a notice that this year taxes has been accepted and processed. I filed mine on the 17th and it says its pending. I know the IRS doesn’t open up until the 31st but last year mine was accepted early even though they wasn’t processing anything until the end of January. I had my return by February 1st.

    • Amy i also filed around the 15th and received my taxes back on Feb 2. i have been filing that way for about hree years and i always get mine back around same time.

    • That’s because TurboTax submitted them in before IRS accepted date. Which was Jan. 30th last year. Tou won’t get them back this year that early.

  130. Is TurboTax going to have a place to submit the Pin # the IRS sent me to use on this year’s return so I don’t get caught up in the identity theft investigation again?

  131. I for one will never file early again. Last year early filers are the ones that the irs pulled for a closer look. As a result I got caught up in the identity theft investigation then the irs deleted my e-filed return. I had to paper file and get a tax advocate. I got my return in November 11 months later

  132. Has anyone filed early last year with turbotax? If so did they receive that email that said it was accepted early? I guess what I’m trying to say is, is there an advantage to filing early with turbotax because last year I did a different software.

    • The IRS will NOT accept any tax returns before January 31, 2014, so filing early just means you will be ahead of the pack.

    • We did. We got ours back a week earlier than projected. Turbo Tax is great and our last two years as well, both times we had our return by the second week in Feb!! Good Luck!!

    • well i had mine filed by jan. 10th last year and it was accepted jan 28th and my deposit was made to my checking acct on feb 1st so i was very happy

    • Yep. I got my refund fast. Last year was my first time filing my own taxes and recieved my refund before the one that went to a tax preparer. I was please and yes I did recieve notifications about my refund…. I will forver file my own taxes, no more giving a tax preparer FREE money of mines!!! THANKS TURBO!

    • Last year I flied early, 1/15/2013. The IRS was due to start accepting returns last year on the 30th but did accept some early. I was one of the ones they accepted early and got my refund on 2/2/13. I spoke with Turbo Tax earlier this week and was told the IRS will do some test batches and will be accepting a small amount of returns early this year. This will start on 1/24/14. Again, it will only be a small amount.

    • I have filed with turbo tax for the past 9 years. When I say the money is in the bank ,it be in there before or when they say it’s going to be in there. I love turbo tax!!

    • I filed early last year and I think it is wise to get ahead of the waiting list… Last year I had my refund in my bank on feb 2nd, I was a very happy camper! I love turbo tax, I have been using them for the last 4 years and never once had a problem! I highly recommend!

    • Last year, IRS was supposed to start processing returns on January 30th. I filed mine using TurboTax on January 16th, the same day I got my 1099-R. TurboTax submitted it that day and I was told not to expect an acceptance response until the 30th. I got the acceptance email on the 24th and I had my return direct deposited on February 6th. Had I gotten my 1099-R on the 15th, I’d have gotten my return on February 1st like Amy did.

    • i filed mine on jan 12, 2013 (last year) and got a accepted email on jan 25th and money in the bank on feb 1st. turbo tax is the best!

    • I filed on January 17th last year, and the refund was in my account on February 1st. This year, I filed on the 14th, and haven’t received any news as of yet. BUT my fiancé filed on the 7th, and he just got confirmation that the IRS has accepted his return for processing (a full week before their published date of the 31st), It is possible his refund won’t be authorized until the 31st, tho’. I’ll let you know. :)

    • Actually yes our return was efiled early with turbo tax and was accepted as a test return for the new system changes they had last year. Was crossing my fingers for the same this yr but no such luck. We got our return back last year direct deposit about the time they started taking all returns.. That was so nice.

  133. ive used turbo tax for the past few years great experience this year im glad to use them again ive done mine early only cause im planning a wedding and have a list to do and filing taxes as one of them I can mark off!!!!!! thank you turbo tax for being convienient!!! ;)

    • IRS will accept your tax return without a form w-2 on February 15, 2014. You will have to explain your efforts to obtain the w-2 and why you were unsuccessful.

      • Honestly stop giving tax advice I’ve filed my last 3 years tax returns with my last pay stub its simple. And they do accept them and process earlier than projected date Please DO NOT listen to southern bell

      • Legally, yes. But if you know your tax situation and can figure out what your w-2 will say by using your last pay stub and have worked at the job previous years to know all their tax numbers, then you shouldn’t have a problem.

    • Yep me too… I am thinking because I owe the state this year for the very time. I think because I made too much money for 2013!

      • Nobody can answer that u need to find out why…..u should have did that earlier….anyone can file state unless they owe someone,childsupport, garnishments

      • That is incorrect it is a program problem I have used Turbo Tax for years and never had a problem until now

    • if you have your w2 info and put it all in there for federal it should have all your state info already in there for the state taxes

  134. I hope that turbo tax let me know when I will expect to receive my return and if they can use the turbo tax debit car to receive my return in cash.

  135. I Have Used Turbo Tax The Last Few Yrs. When I Done them This Yr it Says $0 Pending I Saw That A Few Othr People Have The Same Thing.. Is This Ok Will It Say the Amt When Its Accepted??

  136. Unfortunately it is the identity thieves who are doing a lot of the early filing these days since the IRS has a habit of sending refunds without checking the return against the tax data they have on the individual or even the address specified for the refund to be sent to. Last year my wife got a note from the IRS acknowledging her filing even though we have filed jointly for decades and the address was in the deep South. Of course, once someone else files with your SS number, the IRS will delay sending your refund even if you stopped them from sending a refund check to the crook.

    • on a norm, there is a tax refund cycle chart that shows when a return is accepted by the IRS and when a refund is “expected” to be deposited. If you ever get a notice that says it will be deposited on a TUESDAY… be prepared as it will not be there. In stead you will have questions to answer before the funds are released.

      • Not true. I filed last year on the 11th, processed on the 23rd as a part of their early testing. It was processed the 30th and in my account on the 31st.

    • That is not a fact. Last year the IRS started processing returns on the 30th of Janurary and I received mine on 2/2. The new system allkows returns to be processed 24-48 hours after acceptance.

    • did you not read this? NOTHING is even sent to the irs before the 31st of jan, so why would it be accepted on the second of jan?

      • i think when it says turbo tax will start accepting returns, it means they will let you do your taxes but as stated nothing will be sent to the irs until the 31th, it doesnt matter when you do them, none will be sent to the irs until then so they cannot be accepted until at least then.

      • Kimberly,,,The IRS has accepted some returns. They began accepting some returns filed electronically on the date that they started accepting the IRS FREE FILE..Check the IRS.GOV website for that date. I filed last year AND this year on Jan 20..ALL EFILES ARE SUBMITTED TO THE IRS WHEN YOU HIT ENTER…THEY JUST DO NOT ACCEPT THEM TILL LATER. Therefore many people will have their refunds by direct deposit on Jan 31 IF they were accepted earlier.Last year I filed on Jan 20, and my refund was in my bank account on Feb 2! YES IT DOES HAPPEN..and I have my fingers crossed for ALL of us!!Just to be clear, once you file pay and push submit..IRS has your return in their limbo..NOT Turbo tax, or any other preparer…Its all about when the return gets accepted. NO refunds will go into accounts, though tillON/ after Jan 31..hope this helps!!

    • accept and approved, not the same. must be processed then approved then to your bank.accepted means only Irs has it and did not reject for you basic info. SSAN, EMP tax id , anything that was not right, a Jr. left off a name any error in text.

  137. My daughter turned 24 May 30, 2013 and she was a full time student can we get the earned income credit on her…..

  138. You are kidding about the help right? Last year I kept emailing for help and I never received a response. Therefore I did my taxes wrong and ended up with a lesser rebate. Am I doing this this year, not sure, too stressful.

      • U can make plenty of mistakes examples wrong ein, social wrong, if u file with one or two last names, a lot you can Google some reasons

    • Janet- I don’t know that there is an email option…. there is a chat or phone contact option for assistance! Just go to the help section.. easy peasy!

    • Janet, you can always amend a return to make corrections based on new financial information you receive after you file in order to possibly get a bigger refund.

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