IRS Update: The Government Shutdown and Your Taxes

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The government shutdown that took place on October 1 left everyone with questions about how the shutdown will impact them.

If you are one of the taxpayers that filed an extension, you may be wondering if the shutdown impacts filing your taxes.

Don’t worry.  We have you covered and have answers to your burning questions:

Should I still file my extended tax return in light of the shutdown?

Yes, you still need to file your tax return by the October 15th extended deadline.  E-filing your return is the fastest way to have your tax return processed.  Returns filed by mail will not be processed until after the shutdown is over.  Acknowledgements will be issued by the IRS for e-filed accepted tax returns.

You said paper filed returns will not be processed, but I have to mail mine.  Will it be considered timely filed?

Yes, although paper tax returns will not be processed until after the shut down is over, the postal service will still post mark your paper filed return.  Any tax return postmarked by the due date will be considered filed on time by the IRS.

Will the IRS shutdown exclude me from late filing penalties if I don’t file by October 15?

No, the IRS still requires that you file your tax return by the extended deadline.

I owe money on my 2012 taxes, what should I do?

You should submit the balance owed electronically when you e-file your taxes.  Payments received will still be posted to your account.

If you have a previous balance due, you should submit the payment as you normally do.

Will the government shutdown affect my tax refund?

If you e-file your tax return, the IRS will still process your tax return as it normally would.  If you are due a tax refund, it will be issued when the shutdown is over.

Can I still check the status of my tax refund?

If your tax return was processed before the shutdown, you can use “IRS Where’s My Refund?” to check the status of your tax refund.  If you e-filed your tax return after the shutdown your e-filed tax return will be processed, however you will not be able to check the status of your refund until after the shutdown is over.

I need to contact the IRS, but I can’t get through, what should I do?

During the government shut down, IRS agents will not be there to take your call.  At TurboTax we have you covered and are up to date with the latest tax laws.  Our tax experts are available to answer your questions.

For more information please view the IRS Announcement.

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