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IRS Announces E-File Open Day! Be the First In Line for Your Tax Refund

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Mark your calendars! The IRS will start processing tax returns on Monday, January 24, 2022. But don’t wait. File today with TurboTax, and be first in line for your tax refund!

TurboTax is already accepting tax returns and will securely hold them for transmission to the IRS and States once they begin accepting e-file. Whether you want to do your taxes yourself, get help along the way, or just fully hand over your taxes to a tax expert, TurboTax is open and ready to help you get your biggest refund.

Last year, more than 75 percent of taxpayers received a direct deposit tax refund of more than $2,700. We know that your tax refund can make a big difference in your financial life, whether you need to pay down debt or save for something special. 

Combined with e-file, direct deposit is the fastest way to get your tax refund. Overall, the IRS anticipates nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refund within 21 days or less when they file electronically with direct deposit if there are no issues with their tax return. 

The IRS encourages all taxpayers to file as soon as possible and reminds you to keep copies of your prior-year tax returns for at least three years. The filing deadline to submit 2021 tax returns is April 18, 2022. If you live in Maine or Massachusetts, you have until April 19, 2022 to file your tax return due to the Patriots’ Day holiday in those states. 

Check back with the TurboTax Blog this tax season to get the latest news for all things taxes and saving money!

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  1. I didnt file my 2012 return. I sent documentation for my 2012 return approximately 2 weeks ago. Any idea when my 2014 refund will be directly deposited? Also is there any way I can speed up the process?

    1. Hi Kristopher,
      Your 2014 tax refund may be held up if you just filed previous tax returns until the IRS approves your previous years tax return. If you owed back taxes they will offset or apply your 2014 refund to your previous tax liability.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  2. I filed my 2014 raves us and state yesterday , I got an acceptance notice on both. Should expect to see an approval notice too? Is so how long does it take from acceptance to approval? Thank you

  3. i have used turbotax the past 4 years – however as submitting this year 2015 it says can not efile please print and mail- why? whats wrong? what does this mean? this have never happened before?

  4. Why when I put my gross from 2012,I’m always getting rejected..I filed on….my gross of 2012 is $14.804….so why I’m getting rejected

  5. Due to lengthy illness i owed back child support that was satisfied by part of my federal refund: how much longer does one have to wait for the balance to be directly deposited or mailed… I E-filed & requested direct deposit…

    1. Hi Martha,
      I’m not sure exactly what you want. Are you waiting for your TurboTax product or tax refund?
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  6. I filed yesterday and it came back rejected, that someone else used my SSN. I don’t know how that would be possible. I refilled and am awaiting confirmation. Will I have to pay a penalty for being late?

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Sorry that happened to you. Your rejection notice is from the IRS. If you input the correct social security number and you still received that message then you will have to paper file it and contact the IRS to let them know someone used your social security number. The IRS should show record that you attempted to e-file by the deadline so you shouldn’t receive any penalties. I would send your tax return certified return receipt and request a signature so you have confirmation that it was received.
      Here is more information from the IRS on how to report someone using your social security number
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      1. Hello I just filled on Turbo tax and I’m trying to get my state taxes back. It says I need a E-filing pin and when I try to put my information on the IRS website it says I’m not putting in the right information. I guess I forgot my information from 2013 How do I fix this problem? When I try to call the IRS it’s always busy and I don’t know what I should do

  7. I filed with TurboTax yesterday and it came back rejected. I re-did it this morning. If I do not get confirmation today does that mean I will have to pay a penalty?

  8. Lisa, the internet confirms that turbo tax has a glitch with the 1041? Is this true? If not…why did turbo tax need my daughter to complete a 1041. She is neither a beneficiary or fiduciary??? This pop up occured when she was completing the retrun just prior to e-filing. It showed up while analizing….showed a “federal error check”. Very difficult to work around this error …AND e-file. Suggestions on the internet were to type in bogus numbers and go back to the Home Page (and or summary page) and then click on the K-1 …and “delete” form. This could not be done with the Free Form. BTW Turbo suggests to filiers that they may just “continue w/out fixing the error if sure return is correct”. Yes, a filer may continue. However, when ready to file the error shows up AGAIN during a 2nd analyze process and tells the filer to file via THE MAIL …OR fix the error. ??? The (real) error is that this shows up erroneously on tax returns without being prompted. My daughter, myself (mother) and grand daughter are ALL living. My daughter is not the executor or anyones estate. What gives?

  9. After I filled out my bank name, routing and account numbers, I did not receive any indication that my payment would be processed. The efile page (where Turbo Tax also asked me to buy protection) Stated $0. How do I know that my payment information has been accepted?

  10. It continues to ask me for a PIN? I called the number and it said that I don’t need one I just need to put 0 where the AGI goes. Each time I have done that my Efile has been disconnected.

  11. I efiled my taxes this morning (4/12) through TurboTax. Within an hour, I received a rejection notice saying that my SSN is being used as a spouse on another tax return. I double checked. I filed Single with only my SSN. Nothing is in a wrong box. Is this a TurboTax glitch?

    1. Hi Neal,
      No, sorry unfortunately it sounds like someone used your social security number. You will have to paper file your tax return and contact the IRS. Since its close to the deadline send your tax return certified return and request a signature.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

    2. Mine had the same problem and I had accidently checked a box (on Federal return)that stated I had previously submitted a return. I thought it meant last year. I went back in (through fix it) under Turbo Tax, and checked the correct box below that and refilled. It is now pending. Good luck!


    1. Hi Cilla,
      You did the right thing by printing your taxes and mailing them. Next the IRS will process your tax return and give you a tax refund if they think you are entitled to one. They will also contact you and the other person who filed and claimed your kids to determine who was eligible. You can also contact them as soon as possible and let them know someone claimed your kids on their taxes.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  13. If somebody filed my son on there taxes but they were not accepted can I file my own an carry him or is it too late??

  14. I efiled on 2/22, accepted by IRS the same date, then it indicated “changed state to SUCCEEDED AGENCY”, what is that? I requested a money card but when I checked further, the update says that my refund was direct deposited in my bank on 3/5. Never gave my bank info, and printed my return to find a routing number and bank acct # inserted! Not mine, what is going on? Anyone?

  15. I filed my taxes with efiled on the 27 of febuary 2014 and its been two weeks and it says processing how long will it take till I get approved?

  16. My tax person put the wrong age for one of my son’s and the wrong sex for the other. Will this be problem for me? Can I just contact the Irs to fix it?

  17. I filed my taxes with someone other than Turbo Tax before the end of January 2014. It is March and I just found out that my return was rejected due to not having a Filing Pin number on my return.
    So I refiled with Turbo Tax on 3/10/14. It is now 3/13 14 and I still have not received the confirmation number that Turbo Tax promised me. I do however have the Filing Pin number.
    This has been a nightmare!!! I have never had so much trouble filing my tax return or receiving my refund. Needless to say, I am currently NOT a happy camper. I hope to hear from Turbo Tax that my income tax return has now been accepted and I will receive my refund shortly.

  18. Janet, our taxes were prepared by an accountant. The accountant placed XXXXXXXX on both spaces where the routing and account number were to go. Can I write in our account numbers on the paper that’s being returned back to the IRS. The prepared papers are nicely printed. Didn’t know if that would be acceptable.

  19. I filed on feb 22 its veen tqo weeks nd two dats ionly have 4-5 dats left till 21 days I didnt have these problems last year so whats the deal now everytime i check it says still processing it hasnt bern approved or anything yet nd Im getting really fustrated I need this money wats the hold up…

  20. Filed on feb 2. It was accepted same day. Have not received my taxes yet. I e-filed. It’s been over 21 days. Irs site says it’s still being processed. I checked my forms and nothing is incorrect. Please help. I have called every number possible and still no answer. And I haven’t been able to speak to an actual person. Please someone help me. My family and I really need this.

    1. I am having the exact problem I filed 2/21 accepted 2/28 and still have not received mines but I did get to talk to someone.Heres how::::

      Call 18003291040
      Press 1 (For english)
      Then 2 Then 2 Then 4 Then 1

      Youll be directed to speak to someone .Be ready to hear elevator music for at LEAST 30mins .Charge your phone !

      They did tell me I have to wait an additional 6-8 wks to get my refund.The irs is ridiculous!

    2. The first person that answers tell them you’ve been waiting more than twenty one days and they’ll have you hold and sent to Accounts where you can explain in detail and have someone actually look up your file =) Hope I helped. Sorry for the length of this.Hope u get your money soon

  21. I filed my taxes on Feb 2 and it was accepted Feb 3 for both federal and state. The following week I got my state refund but I have yet to get my federal refund. .your website said expect it after the 24th of Feb and now it is march 7th and still nothing! This has never happen to me and I know people who filed the same time and got all of there money..I Called IRS and they said it is still processing? ?? Can u please tell me what the H is going on cause I’m really annoyed and I don’t think I should get charged for using your service or having it put in my account since it has been over 30days..

  22. I filed my return and accidentally have my CARD # instead of my ACCOUNT #. What should I do? Will I get the return Anyways or will it be rejected?

  23. I filed early and irs received jan 28 still waiting all it says us syill processing no date given I know people that filed 2 weeks ago and already direct deposited ??… not too happy I did mine early and now its been over 30 days

  24. I filed my federal and it said excepted on Feb 14,2014 but all I keep getting whe I check my status is “still proccessing”. Why is that, should I have a date of when I should get it by now?? Tomorrow will be 21 days!! Please help

  25. I have filed Taxes on Feb 8th and its more than 21 days, but they is no information on what is the problem for my tax retuns

    1. Omg me to on Feb 27 its been ova 21 days it is still pros sing omg nervous o boy what’s the problem

  26. i accidently gave my old bank acount number to irs now they say its gonna be five to six weeks before they send me a check could i posibly give them my right account number so i dont have to wait so long

  27. Can you cancel your tax returns even after its been efiled and excepted by IRS? There was an error and need to redo them.

  28. I filed my taxes it was amongst the ones accepted early. I had it directed deposited onto a card Bt knowing that being that my info was not on the card that it would reject it. My refund was sent Feb.6,2014 back to irs. How long will it be before I get my refund?

  29. Hey this is kawanna bascomb I hate 3 weeks or 21 days took long from taxes incomes in February I never have taxes before so this my first time taxes in February but im wait For my account deposit card didn’t show up but I need help….thank you

    1. Of coutse like everything else! Theres ur Obama government. In action! U can bsrely live and Irs All coincide to keep getting worse til we get a president who stop.making it hard For the USA! Bring back Clinton, kennedy, or Hilary

      1. Sorry for your trouble, but please don’t blame Obama. You are swallowing the poison of republicans who are to blame for cutting funding to the IRS . Mthis is what “small” govt means…no money to get things done.

    1. Me to but nothing yet I filled Jan 27irs accepted it on Feb 3 its been 21 days I am nervous o boy!!!!!!!!!

  30. I efiled on feb 11 2014 it was rejected from bank an had acc numb wright but put my check numbers with it i made mistake well it was sent back an said irs will cut me check when do they cut thm an what day they mail them how long do you think frm wen they got it back do they let it sit or get it out one more thing i check dd date is feb 11 but wen will it show when check sent or does it change help me please…

  31. I checked my transcripts last night and they were finally there. Instead of a $2698 return I am only getting an $880 return. I knew I had an old debt from 2007 of $1016. My transcript says I had one from 2008 of $880. In 2008 I only filed a W2 for $1199. How do I owe $880 from that year? Someone please help me. I thought my return was going to be $1986 and I was counting on that.

  32. question, my husband always filed our taxes jointly until we got divorce, so this year I file my taxes myself online, but at the end of the appl they ask for PIN number or AGI, I dont have it because he is the one filed taxes for me, there are 2 question to choose, 1-I filed taxes with irs 2012 or 2-did not file taxes on 2012
    so should I click on ! did not file taxes on 2012!!??

  33. My childs father took my social security number and my daughter’s social security number and filed under his taxes without asking me… I always claim me and my child what can I do about this?

    1. If u not married nothing , until divorce is final with documentation,and if you and ur childs father have a joint custody order,or if he is on child birth certificate he can go to social security office and get a copy of the child social for the rest of the childs life if he wants,if y werenever married u shouldnt have shared ur social with him, even if he is not on childs social security card if he took care ofher for 6 months out the year he has a right by law to carry child especialy if father has supporting documents to prove so, also they have i believe a 60/40 to were both u guys can carry child but it has to befilled that certain way……withurs contact Irs …if u are married u are in a jam paper work will be involved …..a lot and ur return will have tobe mailed in, fathers have legal rights be ware it can be a out going process

    2. This happened to me, I called the IRS and they told me to file like normal, I had to mail it in though, I could not file electronically. My brother in law had claimed my kids (i found out much later)– I am not even sure how he got their socials. .
      You may need to call them and get the information local to your state. I had to send in a dispute after it was rejected. It took 18months for the investigation. Almost 2years to get my refund back.

    3. File yours adding you & your child one of you will get a notice that social was used twice one of you will get a letter to show proof who child lives with as long as you can show you are living on your own & child with you You have the right to claim & most likely he will be audit . I know it happen to me.

    4. File by mail and send in any custody papers that show you can file for the child. You can also look up # for IRS advocate serv and try to get hold of someone there.

    1. I e-filed mine on 2-02 and have yet to get my fed refund . got my state but not my fed.refund. why is it taking so long????

  34. I just efile my tax return 02/17/14. I changed my last name when I became a citizen last year in March 2013. I forgot to change my last name on the form. Would this be a problem? Or they only go by SS#.

  35. same here, my return was rejected my pin and adjusted income was accurate but not accepted I want answers!turbo
    got my fees and I’m pissed!

  36. I filed my tax return on 2/8 and I got an email this morning that my state return was rejected, I had help from my dad because my tax return this year was confusing he said it was a problem with turbo tax and that I needed to refile it on 2/13. I was wondering if I would get money for federal return before my state return or if it all came in at once? and if I had re-put my w2s in if it would mess up my taxes, I had rechecked it this morning after I got the email saying state was rejected so I went back in to fix whatever I could find was wrong and I noticed that all my federal information had disappeared from my account.

    1. i filed with efile 3 times and they keep being rejected over a pin number i put in the agi number still wrong ok so now i want the irs to fix it how long will that take i am so angry this turbo tax was suppose to been the easy way

      1. If u filed last year you should have a PIN number. If you can’t find your PIN number u can call this number and they can give it to u:1-866-704-7388. This number is basically like an electronic signature, it’s a safety feature to secure your identity. If u did not file a return for last year you will not have a PIN number! You have to put a zero in, and they will issue you a pin for the following year. You will recieve your PIN number via mail/e mail. Always ask questions or be sure when filing taxes yourself otherwise your return will be delayed due to errors. And I’m sure after you’ve made errors they probably flag it so then they have to thurally review it :-/ hope this helps!

      2. Gives you the link below asking to request ur pin from previous tax return if u click on link will ask for ur full info ssn and full home address. Once u have submitted the request gives you 5 digit pin. Its also good to pay for the Odit upgrade for that and tells you exactly what is being inputed incorrectly. Its not that bad if you use walk through/ step by step.

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