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TurboTax Does Not Advertise on Rush Limbaugh

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UPDATE 3/7/12 1pm PT: We are aware a few TurboTax ads have accidentally been aired in conjunction with Rush Limbaugh shows. Per our statement, these ads never should have run.  We are looking into the situation in order to prevent any future accidental airings on this show. These ads aired in direct conflict with our media buying guidelines.  

We’ve heard from many of you about concerns about TurboTax advertising. We have investigated multiple reports that TurboTax ads recently ran on the Rush Limbaugh show. We have  confirmed that TurboTax ads did not air on the Rush Limbaugh show on Friday, Mar. 2 and Mon. Mar. 5, in accordance with our media buying guidelines.


We believe that TurboTax has been erroneously included in a list of advertisers because we do advertise on other Clear Channel Network programs. We take every possible step  to ensure our media buying guidelines are fully enforced.

If you heard first-hand, a TurboTax ad, please let us know the date, time, city and station so we can immediately investigate.

47 responses to “TurboTax Does Not Advertise on Rush Limbaugh”

  1. you just lost me as long time customer fools! I suppose you do not realize that you likely have more conservative customers than your average Liberal unemployed low income low intelligence Democrat buyers. They do not buy your product ! They do not pay taxes!

    • In response to “Gordon”: This “average Liberal unemployed low income low intelligence Democrat buyer” who does not buy your product and does “not pay taxes!” recognizes the excellent quality of the Turbo-tax products and thus has been a loyal customer for years. I am relieved that Turbo-tax is not supporting Limbaugh. I am your average liberal but can’t be too “low intelligence” since I hold a PhD in Economics and have been gainfully employed for years. Oh, and I have no need to insult those with whom I disagree.

  2. Turbo tax, by your policy path, you support the ongoing cultural change that puts the power into anyone’s hands who decides to be offended by something. Interestingly enough, it seems to be the politically correct that generate claims of offense.
    Of course you can discount my input because as you all know, a conservative such as me never went to college and is very unintelligent and does know know how to spel.

  3. We have used Turbo Tax for several years. Because they have decided that they are ashamed of Rush Limbaugh’s conservative views (which are the same as ours), we will not use Turbo Tax in the future.

  4. How could you possible drop Rush, because he made a joke about a women who wanted us to pay for her contraception, sponsor him

  5. How could you possible drop Rush, because he made a joke about a women who wanted us to pay for her contraception. Please sponsor him because we cannot let the very very far left control free speech in America.

  6. I’ve been using TT for at least the last 7 years. I use the business version, which makes your company around $100 a year. I won’t be using TT this year.

    It’s really silly for you to alienate your best customers this way. The ‘boycott Rush’ protestors all file 1040 EZs, if they file at all.

  7. Just a thought… I like others listen to Rush and also use Turbo Tax…. Anyone who listens to Rush know that he is a BIG defender of free enterprise and minimal government regulations.
    Now he is also for simplifing our tax code… National sales tax or Flat tax… Now where are Turbo Tax / Intuits interests??? Intuit also sells Quick Books and who are the big users of Quick Book??? Business’??? or occupiers???
    I personally have never heard a Turbo Tax ad on Rush’s program BUT if I did and it was canceled, Goodby Turbo Tax and Quick Books…Be careful!

  8. I don’t care if Turbox tax advertises anywhere. It saves me from hearing commercial garbage.

    I, however as a long time Turbotax user, will no longer be using your product or any Intuit product because of your reasons for cancelling.

    If you want to stifle free speech, you won’t get my money in support of such tactics.

  9. I will find another tax software. Rush speaks the truth. Where was the outrage over remarks made by liberal Dems about Repubs children? This is TurboTax bowing to political pressure. Shame on you TurboTax. What a double standard.

  10. I support free speech; apparently Turbo Tax does not. No one (yet) requires me to buy and use Turbo Tax. I still have that freedom.

  11. I am amazed that TT and Quicken have decided not to advertise on Rush’s show. The left wing organizations driving this boycott brag they have 500,000 members, Rush has 20,000,000 listeners. I cannot possibly use TT this year.

  12. The boycott goes both ways. Bill Maher was far worse, no outrage there. I’ll be using another product. I’ve used turbo tax for over a decade. See ya!

  13. Instead of worrying about whether Turbo Tax ads appear during a politically oriented radio show, how about working harder to ensure that customers use the right Turbo Tax products and that those who choose to use the Refund Cards actually get their tax refunds?

    The Rush controversy will be over – it already is over – and, in the meantime, Turbo Tax competitors will continue to take away customers with cheaper options and less hassle. I have used Turbo Tax since it first came out on a floppy drive – I still have that old software – and I am willing to stick with Turbo Tax even though I am aware of a lot of people who did their returns for “free” and ended up paying far more than they expected to complete their returns with Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax needs to work to be a lot more transparent.

    So, how about Turbo Tax continue doing what it has done best for the past 20 years – keep tax filing transparent and fun. Stay out of the political correctness garbage. If there are Turbo Tax customers who will leave because they think they heard a Turbo Tax ad during a Limbaugh commercial break, then who needs ’em? Many are likely knee-jerkers, without loyalty to anyone but themselves, and highly likely to be total hypocrites, as they watch their reality TV shows and other TV dramas that portray women in the worst light every single day and celebrate such vile portrayals.

    I don’t buy Turbo Tax because Turbo Tax thinks it is protecting my ears from negative free speech. I buy Turbo Tax because it is still the best product on the market. Let’s keep it that way, or if Turbo Tax insists on getting involved in regulating free speech, I won’t hesitate to make my mind known and go elsewhere. There were no other options 20 years ago but today, there are many. None are as good as Turbo Tax – yet.

  14. Turbo’s loss as per the millions who listen to Rush. I have dropped 4 advertisers who dropped Rush and just told my daughter to return turbo. I did not do it out of loyalty to Rush but because I think businesses with that mind-set are not ones I want to support.

  15. As a result of of TurboTax’s choice to not advertise with Rush Limbaugh, I wanted to let you know that myself and my company will NO LONGER USE any of your products. I have been using them for several years and will incur an large investment to change everything over. You PR department felt it was a good idea to surcome to those who fell the need to protest and demand companies leave or boycott someone because they excersised their first ammendment right. I understand that TurboTax and its parent company does not care about my decision, but I know that I am not allow in this thought. The problem is that companies like this one make their decisions based on sound bites that are cut and put together and do not tell the whole story. I guarantee that the majority here who have commented did not hear Rush’s comments first hand, but from the media or a left wing political source.
    It is your choice, but do not complain when your exsisting customers change their software because someone in PR reacted on a “feeling.”

    • I have used turbotax for about 10 years or more I guess but this year will be the last since they have chosen to align with the hissyfitters. I am also an IT consultant and consult with several small to medium businesses and several non-profits. I will not longer recommend your products as a first rate choice. I will now be re-evaluating several of your competitors, Wolfepak pops into my head, for a better fit aligned to my personal First Amendment choices. Everybody look at Wolfepak Software for a true and real accounting software choice without a political agenda.

      • Thank you, If it turns out that Turbo Tax canceled advertising because of a appologized for statement I will be trying your recommendation next year and will pass that info on to all my Tea Party friends…

  16. Those getting worked up over TurboTax dropping their support for Limbaugh need to realize it was a simple business decision made in the best interest of the company. The number of customers they would have lost had they continued supporting the show with Ads far outnumbers the number they’ll lose by pulling out. It’s a simple matter of who their target demographic is.

  17. I was relieved to learn that TurboTax ads will not be aired on the Rush Limbaugh show. I have used TurboTax for years and really like it; I didn’t want to have to change, but I am determined not to patronize any company that financially supports his digusting personal attacks on women. It was all unacceptable, but the most egregious part was his sex tape comment – and he never apologized for that. He pretended he hadn’t said it, and later scrubbed it from the show’s written transcript.
    So Bravo, TurboTax – you did the right thing.

    • I will bet that you watch or listen too Bill Mahre, Keith Obermann, Ed Schultz, Chris Mathews all who have said nasty things about Conservative women but unfortuately many on your side have a deaf ear to that…

  18. I’m delighted they don’t advertise with Limbaugh. I pay taxes, too, and have been with TurboTax for years. I’d heard this and started looking for a different tax service. I’m glad I won’t have to change.

  19. Ever wonder why Abortion and Controception are so politicalized?

    READ “Red Families, Blue Famlies” it is an Eye Opener!

    It is all about Class & Money & Power in America and nothing to do with “morality” or “family values”.

    I am morally opposed to abortion or controception that acts to cause any kind of abortion – IUD, Mini Pill, Plan B, etc. That has nothing to do with why Republicans and Democrats take sides on these issues.

    Follow the $$MONEY$$ – It is simple and never spoken about – Who really benefits from pro-abortion and who benefits from anti-abortion policies? The MONEY & POWER resulting from either way is the REAL issue.

    In the meantime, no need to muddy issues with such inflamatory and reckless talk. Regrettably, there are people who do listen to Rush Limbaugh, he should held responsible for the vulgar disrespectful nonesense he spews.

    • I will bet that you watch or listen too Bill Mahre, Keith Obermann, Ed Schultz, Chris Mathews all who have said nasty things about Conservative women but unfortuately many on your side have a deaf ear to that…

  20. NPR Listener here … Good to know TurboTax supports individuals and their doctors, not employers, making healthcare choices. Basic healthcare coverage should be universal and standard. That is what is best for everyone. Controception is basic healthcare for women. People should have the right to decide for themselves in private. It makes me feel good about being a loyal TurboTax customer for the past 12+ years to know that you do not want to be associated with Rush Limbaugh, especially considering the events of the past week.

  21. I;ve been a TT client since in was a DOS program and I am smart enough to still use it. Also I am smart enough to expect TT to insure that it does not advertize directly or otherwise with a devisive entertainer like Limbaugh. Finally, anyone smart enough to use TT is too smart to admit listening to Limbaugh’s tripe. This guy is fibbing!!

  22. Its okay for you to advertise on Limbaugh. He speaks the truth. He may slip up at times but Turbo Tax isn’t perfect either. They have proved it this year with their mistakes. I for one have used turbo Tax for years and have listened to Rush Limbaugh. Which one should I quit for the making mistakes. Neither I hope. You people need to get a life.

  23. Per your request, I am leaving a comment to let you know I *personally heard* your ad TODAY at 10:49am PST during the Rush Limbaugh program on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles.

    Moreover, I made an audio recording of the ad, so I have proof I would be glad to provide to you, if you’ll let me know where to send it.

    • Hi,
      Thank you. We are giving this information to the advertising team to see what happened.
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Since I haven’t heard a turbotax add on the Rush Limbaugh show, I will not be using it nor recommending intuit’s products to any of my IT consulting clients. Thanks.

    • Hi,
      Thank you again for the information and recording the clip. We have forwarded the information for further investigation.

      If we could get the recording that would be very helpful. Can you please send it to our facebook email @ turbotax_facebook@intuit.com?

      Thank you! We really appreciate it.
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      • Hi Lisa, just emailed you the audio file. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  24. Sometines a radio station will run ads in any day part if they get paid to run them.. also some times they will do a “make-good” in a show that wasn’t purchased. Turbo Tax need to be very specific with radio outlets on where their ads run and where they can never run.

    I understand the problem but maybe you should simply not buy time on stations that air the Rush Limbaugh show ?

    Then the errant ad won’t backwash against Turbo Tax. – problem solved –

  25. Thank you for ensuring that your ads will no longer run on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Ad dollars provide him a platform from which he has spent two decades spewing racist, misogynist filth on the public airwaves. Enough is enough.

  26. Yeah William Garbage in Garbage out, what he did was reprehensible in most peoples minds. And his apology was not and apology but him trying to talk his way out of a bad situation. He sounded like a kid that was caught with his had in the cookie jar…. If you want to listen to his crap go right ahead the rest of us will go on living as humans not as animals. And upstanding companies like TurboTax will get the majorities business if they stay away from spreading the vile that passes as discourse in your circle of friends.
    Have a great day.

  27. Nicely done turbo tax! – good to see that your aligning your actions with your values.
    Sad to see Limbaugh apologize only because he didn’t want to lose sponsors – plus he only apologized for saying 2 words, and not for the lies he stated to his listeners. Great to see you’re supportive of women’s dignity!

  28. Why not advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program? Millions of people listen to that show, myself included. Most of them PAY taxes and, therefore, file tax returns. Don’t remind me of what he’s said. He also appologized for any inappropriaate remarks. That still has nothing to do with filing tax returns. His listeners also pay for what they buy.

    • I can answer that. Rush Limbaugh’s insane, rabid, seething, foaming-at-the-mouth style of hate speech does not reflect well, either on TurboTax or its customer base.

      During each broadcast, Rush Limbaugh demonizes and ridicules large segments of America’s population: women, minorities, children, people of lower economic status, etc. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that ridiculing Americans is Rush Limbaugh’s bread and butter — his trademark, his modus operandi.

      As it happens, these very same people that Rush so frequently demonizes are required by law to file federal and state tax returns. Thus, it would actually be fairly stupid of TurboTax to alienate these hundreds of millions of potential customers by supporting Rush Limbaugh, given that he makes his living by spewing hate speech about TurboTax’s potential customers each and every day.

      Hope my explanation helps.

    • Seriously? It’s called tarnishing their image to associate with hate speech. It’s a relatively easy concept, and one which no advertiser can ignore.

    • I totally agree with C. William Kleifgen.
      Each person has thier own opinion on what is appropriate. Should I boycott Turbo Tax because they ran ads on a TV show I dont support?

      • You can always turn off the channel and not listen,but boycotting is appropriate as well and in conjunction with not listening is very appropriate. thanx

    • Nicely done turbo tax! – good to see that your aligning your actions with your values.
      Sad to see Limbaugh apologize only because he didn’t want to lose sponsors – plus he only apologized for saying 2 words, and not for the lies he stated to his listeners. Great to see you’re supportive of women’s dignity!

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