Top 10 Procrastinating Cities

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Have you filed your taxes yet?  Well if you haven’t, you aren’t alone!  In honor of all you tax procrastinators out there (that’s 28% of taxpayers), here is the TurboTax annual list of the Top 10 Tax Procrastinating Cities.

Last-minute Tax Tips for Procrastinators

With only 3 weeks left until the April 17 tax deadline, there isn’t any more time to procrastinate though.  Here are a few tips to help you get your maximum refund quickly, easily and, of course, with TurboTax 🙂

  • Go online – It’s easy, convenient and fast. Many taxpayers can finish in less than an hour. And if you have a simple tax return, it may even be free. Go to to start today.
  • ItsDeductible – Don’t forget charitable contributions. This includes cash and non-cash – household items such as clothing, electronics and toys that were donated. For those taxpayers that itemize, these donations can add up to tax savings. Mileage to and from charitable events, even babysitter fees while volunteering, can be deductible too.
  • Sock it away – Contribute to an IRA. In the rush to file, don’t miss on opportunities to reduce that tax bill. Even procrastinators can save money on their taxes. You have until the April 17 deadline to contribute to an IRA and get a deduction on your 2011 tax return.
  • Extend the deadline – Taxpayers that aren’t going to make the deadline need to file a tax extension, free with TurboTax. And remember: An extension to file isn’t an extension to pay. Taxes owed are still due April 17.
  • File now – Even taxpayers that owe Uncle Sam, but don’t have the money,  should still file now and pay what they can.   The IRS has payment plans available.

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