Race for the Gold: Endorsement and Medal Winnings by Olympic Sport

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The Olympic trials are over and the 2012 London Olympics are just days away.  We will all be glued to our TVs(or computers) as we get to see some of our favorite athletes march into the Olympic Stadium during opening ceremonies on July 27th.  This has always been a time of great pride for Olympians as they represent their countries as the world’s elite, but American’s who race for the gold in London will also receive a nice bonus for their winnings.  Our infographic shows how the race for the gold will pay off and has paid off for athletes in the past.  Not surprising, 24 of Forbes’ highest paid athletes are Olympians.

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  1. But most of the athletes listed would have made this money without playing in the Olympics. I don’t see the Skeet Gold Medalists ranking at the top and this is like her fourth time winning.

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