How TurboTax Helps Protect You

TurboTax News How TurboTax Helps Protect You


Keeping your personal information safe is our top priority at TurboTax. For the coming tax season, we’ve put in place enhanced security measures to strengthen account authentication to make sure its really you signing into your account. You’ll also see new notifications when certain account information is changed.

Here is a quick look at our new security enhancements:

Account Authentication: When you create or access your account, TurboTax has implemented additional security features to authenticate your identity:

  • Expanded multi-factor authentication: New this year, if you’re a TurboTax Online customer, you have the option to set up your account to require multi-factor authentication every time you log in. This expands the existing multi-factor authentication that was enabled for all TurboTax Online and mobile accounts earlier this year to help you authenticate your identity and securely sign into your account. When you access your online account, TurboTax will automatically send a unique, six-digit code to your pre-designated, trusted device to be used in combination with your password to access your account.
  • Touch ID: If you have an iOS device, you can now use Touch ID to link your unique fingerprint to your TurboTax Online account authentication for added security.
  • Soft token technology: You can install a soft token application on your mobile device that will deliver a randomly generated, six-digit number that is needed to access your TurboTax account. The number, which changes periodically and can only be used once, provides an additional security option.

Login and Device History

Intuit’s new Security Center will let you manage your account and see all of the login activity and devices used to access your account, giving you real-time insight.

Real Time Notifications

TurboTax will send you a notification whenever certain changes are made to your account, such as signing in for the first time on a new device, updating a payment method or changing a password.

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