What Tax Forms Do I Need To File My Taxes?

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The first step to starting any tax return is to gather all the right tax documents to ensure you have all your information ready when you sit down to do your taxes. With this TurboTax Tax Forms calculator, just answer some simple questions about your income and expenses and based on your situation, the calculator will determine what forms you will need to get started on your taxes!

11 responses to “What Tax Forms Do I Need To File My Taxes?”

  1. What form do we need to file about Helth insurance for taxes 2016. I only had insurance the first couple of months in 2015??

    • Hi Michael,
      I’m not sure what type of form it is. If it is a 1098-T, TurboTax will ask you if you were a student and ask you for information from the form and put it in the correct place on your tax form. If you could give more specifics on the form number that will help.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  2. Can the “TURBO TAX” DVD be used by more than one person? I bought one. Can I do my dad’s taxes on it too?

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