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Cooking vs. Dining Out [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Everyone is looking for ways to save money and with Americans becoming more budget conscious, about 71% find themselves saving money by cooking at home instead of dining out. This infographic takes a look at how often Americans go out vs staying home to cook and how dining habits of Americans are different by generation as well as gender.

Infographic by Column Five Media

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  1. I cook because I control who handles my food, Hep A, B, and C are prevalent with food handlers here in California….

  2. On the flip side, I’ve noticed a trend in home baking, gardening (growing your own), and people generally getting better at preparing their own food. There’s also a growing mistrust of what’s being served (though not as much in so-called fine dining). I prefer my own cooking because it’s better, it’s fresher and I can control what’s in it. 🙂

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