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Dogs vs. Cats: Which One Cost You More? [Photo Infographic]

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The average cost of dog and cat care can reach at least $100 thousand dollars over their lifetime, so next time you wonder “How much is that doggie or kitty in the window?”, consider all the costs.  We thought it would be eye-opening to visualize the estimated minimum costs of dogs vs. cats.

How much do you spend?  Do you have any pet care savings tips?

Infographic by Column Five Media

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5 responses to “Dogs vs. Cats: Which One Cost You More? [Photo Infographic]”

  1. I have 6 beautiful dogs. They have shots and have a permanent Vet. I don’t think pets are included on deductible expenses. It would be nice but it doesn’t matter. They don’t complain, they just love me as much as I love them.

  2. I have three cats and my vet has an app with coupons and a multiple vaccination deal. It has saved us so much money finding a vet that has great monthly deals and packages.

  3. I knew a cat was a good investment.. Since my cat is indoor i do not have to worry about shots such as rbies etc…I did not see those costs or was that the intitial medical costs?
    T Whitaker

  4. $120 a year on food for one dog? Maybe a teacup chihuahua, but I have a 30 pound hound mix that goes through a $40 bag a month. That’s high quality food, but even beneful and pedigree still cost between $25 and $30 for the same size bag…but cat is pretty spot on. I would say I spend about that much on high quality cat food for my cat annually.

  5. I do have to say, the licensing issue does vary state-to-state, and city/town-to area. i.e. where my parents live in Central NJ it was $120/dog, plus other associated costs/fees. Out here, a ways from the … village … of Klondike, WV, it is far less to say the least (I think it was $5 or $10). I’m sure several others also vary area-to-area, but a good comparison nonetheless (just saying, don’t expect your costs to exactly match up number-to-number with these). Plus, it varies breed-to-breed (our golden retriever had a softer bite, and we used the same $10 toys for 15 years, then got three terrier puppies … and it went up. I think they DEMOLISHED a toy every other day, I’m not talking about taking the squeak out of it, I’m talking until there was nothing left, or to quote a friend of mine “There were no survivors”.

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