5 money saving tips for Valentine’s Day

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To help you through Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank, here are five tips to make your Valentine’s Day special without the price tag– now that’s a real gift!

Couple making a heart shape

1. Make a Gift-giving Budget and Stick to it. As a couple, you should set expectations to how much you each will spend on gifts for one another. Whether you want to splurge on your sweetie or show how much you care with a DIY gift, make sure to set a budget and expectations so there’s no disappointment come Valentines day.

2. Give from the Heart and Hearth. Happy memories come these special times, not from spending a lot of money on this day. Bake cookies, knit a scarf or make a personalized scrapbook. A handmade gift or baked goods tells your significant other you invested time (not to mention love) in the gift – and that makes it priceless!

3. Gift Wisely. You are spending your hard-earned cash, so be sure that your honey is getting something they value. Instead of giving flowers and chocolates, try giving something they could use like a piece of technology or something they’ve wanted. They’ll surely love that more than the calories from the sweets they normally receive.

4. Dine In. This may be the national day for spending a fortune on a fancy dinner out on the town, but you shouldn’t shy away from staying home with your Valentine. They’ll not only appreciate a home cooked meal, but you can also save quite a bit by preparing dinner yourself.

5. Donate to a Cause – and don’t forget the tax break! Make a donation to a charity close to your Valentine’s heart. Not only will it be a meaningful gift, you’ll also get a quick tax deduction to boot.

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